Outfit of the Week

I’ve been wearing this outfit quite a few times this week and it’s safe to say it’s my favorite for the week! It’s getting a bit cooler now and the vest is totally appropriate for those chilly days sitting underneath the air conditioner in a lecture theatre. Warm enough, but not so much that you’ll need to take it off because you’re baking in your outfit! This is another bargain miracle, some elements from eBay, some from Dotti, and some from the children’s section at Target ;).

Hairband – Diva, $1 (I’m too addicted to these for my own good..)

Tiny Heart NecklaceeBay, $1.80

Rhinestone Deer NecklaceeBay, $1 (The seller that I got the necklace from originally a year ago is out of business now—at those prices no wonder—but you can get the same necklace at the aforementioned link for a little more)

Jacquard Vest with Sherpa Trim – Target Kids, $17.60

Dress – Dotti, $20 (I have two of these, one bought for me from my ‘pimp’ Andy that cost $79 or so, and another that I got from the reject bin at DFO because it had a rip in the collar. The entire dress is actually pretty flimsy and I had to repair a hole in the seam on the sleeve this morning before I went out, but it’s still so cute!)

Belt – Dotti, $6.95

Stockings – $2, Woolworths

Total is $50.35!

My tip of the day is to go to a direct factory outlet near you and comb through the damaged goods corner for things that you can repair yourself when you get home, like my Dotti dress with the detached collar. It only took about twenty minutes to stitch it back up and I got a brand new dress out of it! The belt was also in the bargain bin but I figured that since I already bought one, I wouldn’t need another broken one—but go figure, it snaps a few days later and I had to fix it anyways!

I’ve since learned that Dotti may have high prices, but some of their clothing isn’t particularly better quality than the stuff you’d find direct from China on eBay..

Happy (and smart) shopping, guys!

Party like it’s…


When I went to uni today, I decided to re-live an old outfit of mine. It was featured on No Name Style a year or so ago, and I figured that it had plenty of uses in it yet! This time though, I swapped in some different accessories—the chunky bronze watch and the brogues!

The brogues I recently bought from Kmart for a killer $15! By killer, I mean that literally, because they were killing me all day. They’re the kind of sneaky shoes that you put on and are tricked into believing they’re comfortable, but then you slowly start to realise throughout the day that they’re gently and progressively rubbing a blister into your heel. Of course, this is partially my fault too. I have a minor compulsion with my foot size and try to squeeze them into as small a shoe as I can. Case in point was a pair of red Homy Ped flats that I bought last year. They were on sale for $50 and they were half a size too small, but I figured I’d be fine with them. What ended up happening was the first time I wore them was on a first date with someone and I had rubbed the back of my heels raw with use. Talk about a bad day!

So I bought a pair of brogues that were just bordering on the threshold of comfort before “uncomfortable”.. bad idea. I also can’t wear socks with them because that makes them tighter, so I popped into Target and bought myself a packet of sockettes that were on sale (2 pairs for $4!) and that made the experience much better for me. I’ve definitely learned my lesson though.

The watch is from my mother and it doesn’t really work. Well, it doesn’t work at all. (I partially feel this is the only reason she gave this watch to me) But if it doesn’t keep time, at least it goes with my outfit! Memo to self: Need a new watch.

Here’s the rundown:

Hairband – The Reject Shop, $2 (it was further discounted because it was extra rejected)

Elephant necklace – Vintage, from my mother, who bought it in Germany in 1988, thus I have no idea how much it costs.

Watch – Haven’t the foggiest, also a “mum” item

Owl RingeBay, $1 (I also have it in silver!)

Belt – Vintage, a “mum” item, real leather and reportedly cost a fortune (I imagine this is true; from the sheer weight of it, I estimate that it took at least 8 cows to make this belt.. it’s like a fashionista’s equivalent of a WWE belt)

Top – Valleygirl, $15

Pants – Cotton On, $10

Brogues – Kmart, $15

The known items total $43, but from estimates I’ve received from a rather unreliable source, cough, mum, cough, the outfit’s real total would be somewhere around $150 (mostly from the belt). You can swap the belt (which is a one of a kind, so it’s pointless even listing it) out with this belt from eBay, or any similar brown waist belt, and voila, an entire outfit for around $50!

Gold Class Style

My mother and I had gold class tickets to Event Cinemas booked for quite a few weeks now. They were gifted to us by a sweetheart called Andy, and it had taken us almost a year to use them up, but with the expiry date just on the horizon, we knew we had to either use it or lose it. This was fine for me though, because it gave me the opportunity to wear some beautiful clothes that I bought recently!

Here’s the countdown, from head to toe:

HairbandDiva, $1

Omega NecklaceJezebel Jewellery, $2

Fur vest – Kmart Kids, $15 (more on this steal and other fabulous Kmart bargains coming soon!)

Dress – Target Kids, $25

Belt – Target, free with another dress

Stockings – Big W, $5 (in a 2 for $10 pack!)

Ring – eBay, $1

As usual, we don’t count the gifts from others, which include the bag from Dotti (priced at around $35, I believe) and the watch from Prouds (I believe somewhere around the $140 mark).

So there you have it, another fabulous outfit that falls just a dollar under $50! Go buy yourself two soft serve cones from McDonalds with that dollar ;).

Also, for those who have noticed, I took the first photo in the reflection of a brand new jewellery cabinet from Target! My mother announced that she had bought me an early present for Easter and lugged this thing of beauty into my room. No longer must I resort to the usage of empty deodorant cans to store my millions of bracelets, I can now tuck them away with the rest of my jewellery in a completely secret hideout. Boy do I have a lot of jewellery, too! Luckily enough, I don’t have pierced ears so that leaves more room for necklaces, but it was tough fitting this stuff all in!

If you want a cupboard like this for yourself, they’re currently on sale at a special $99 in Target. If you’re a jewellery fiend like I am, no doubt they’ll be of much use!

On-Target at Target

(Note my seamless image editing. Those are bad-ass skills right there.)

This season, Target (next to my other favorite, Kmart) is a bargain hunter’s mecca. I am a bit late in posting these photos, but I checked a couple of days ago and the sales are still on, so this post is still valid! Hoorah!

From shoes at $5.46 to bags $9.83 and below, Target is definitely worth a look at the moment. I can’t guarantee that your bags will last forever and end up your best, lifelong companions, but they’ll last through the season and (depending on how good you treat them) probably beyond until you buy their fashionable replacements.

Today however, we’re going to be focusing on bags. Remember the doctor’s bag trend coming around? Target have you covered here, with canvas doctor’s bags, and pleather doctor’s bags (pictured in a previous post of mine). There are a few other bags available for nutty prices, but I’m not giving everything away. If you want to see their range, just check it out yourself!

Outfit of the Week

This outfit is pretty expensive, but I used pieces that I bought several years ago (as well as pieces that my mother bought several years ago) and it ended up not costing me very much at all. A classic Demi-look!

Shorts: Dotti, $29

Blouse: My mother’s, Myer, $50 (reportedly)

Knee-high Socks: Rubi, $2

Shoes: (Unseen) Homy Ped, $140 (Worn a million times, so it ends up frugal in the end, right??)

Satin Ribbon: Free, from a hat, I think.