April Update

Just a quick shout-out to all my followers, I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while! Uni deadlines have been riding me really hard and it’s been difficult to squeeze in time for shopping (I have been chained to my computer and the only form of shopping I’ve done is.. sadly.. ASOS shopping) and blogging outfits.

Not only this, but all of my eBay shipments have been delayed (for reasons that are beyond me; does anyone know what’s happening with shipments from China recently?) and I haven’t recieved any accessories I was counting on to complete a few of the outfits I’ve bought several weeks ago! Very annoyed about that.

I’ve also taken some time out to do some sewing. I’ve sewn up two of my old tomboy jeans and converted them into skinnies! I plan to do a lot more sewing because I’ve noticed that it’s a lot more affordable and worth my while to repair cheap, badly-fitted clothing than it is to buy clothing that fits like a glove but costs 20x more.

With that in mind, I’ve bought a couple of men’s shirts from Kmart (lovely patterns but obviously ill-fitting) for $15 and after I alter them up, I’m going to show my readers a few corporate chic looks on a budget.

Stay tuned!

Awesome ASOS

I’ve been buying things from ASOS like a crazy person. Who can blame me, when we have the prices we do in Australia?? Among my most recent purchases which I have yet to bother to photograph and put up, I bought this abso-freaking-lutely amazing 60s inspired dress. The 60s is in right now in Australia, with block colours and chunky jewellery being a favorite amongst stylists lately, and I just love looking retro, so there was no way I would pass this bargain up.

For around $20 (I had a coupon code for 10%, also)!!

It’s a size 10 dress and a little large for me, but the belt covers the gaping in the waist very nicely and you could hardly tell that it was too big for me (for once, I thank you, oh childbearing-hips-that-fill-clothes-up).

And does anybody recognize the necklace around my neck? It’s the choker from Equip. Just like I predicted, when sale time rolled around, they had a whole bunch of stock left and reduced it from $25 to a measly $5.

So I quickly snapped it up for myself and now I have a beautiful choker! With the long pink and gold chains that were hanging from the tags at the front, I’ve replaced some blackened chains from the necklaces that I bought from eBay, and now I’m able to wear my old necklaces all over again. First point of order was to replace the reindeer chain (see the necklace with the new chain in a previous post in Carbon Chic).

So here’s the countdown:

Gold choker – Equip, $5

Chunky black snakeskin bangle – Target, from a set that cost $5 altogether

DressASOS, I paid $21.17

Black patent belt – Target Kids, Free (from a dress that my mother bought for herself)

Black patent heels – Aldi, $20

Total: $51.17!

Now to backcomb my hair and drive off into the night in my man’s Cadillac!


ASOS up to 50% off sale

I normally hate to promote brands that I’m not 100% comfortable with, but ASOS’ fabulous service has me down as a customer for life.

A month or so ago, I ordered a dress from ASOS after asking their department whether the dress was reversible (it showed two pictures under the “black” description, one black, and one black-and-white (a color that wasn’t listed on its own), and also said something about a zip fastening to reverse, so I assumed it was reversible and asked them to confirm it before I purchased it). I got the okay from their department and went ahead to confirm the purchase. It arrived pretty quickly and lo and behold it wasn’t reversible. I was annoyed because I wanted a black and white dress more than the black variety (I have so much black in my cupboard and I don’t really need any more) so I emailed them and asked them to return it.

I had a sleepover at someone’s house the following night and left the dress on the table, and my mother had grabbed it and stuck it in the washing machine (she does this with all new clothing, just automatically). So I emailed ASOS back and I said nevermind about it because my mother had washed the dress and obviously I couldn’t return it anymore.

They immediately issued me a full refund anyways! I was absolutely amazed and immediately hopped onto their site to order myself something else with the money they’d returned to me. So yeah, I am one very impressed customer—Go check out their sale stuff!

Varsity Blues

I don’t do androgyny very well. I’m downright terrible at dressing like a boy nowadays. As my first boyfriend will testify, I was the biggest tomboy three years ago, but nowadays I go by the mantra “If you got it, flaunt it”, and try to dress in a way that flatters my large, ironic, childbearing hips and small waist. So no boys’ clothes for me! As my mother always tells me, “Boys want girls that look like girls. Would you want to date boys that look like girls? No you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t even push them into the Brisbane River with a ten-foot-pole.” (This sounds way funnier in Croatian)

But it’s fun to experiment with manly clothes anyways (or as me and my friend Ellen call them, “assertive clothing” ). Dotti is all about androgyny this season, but I’m not even going near that place until their sales start to improve; it’s been slim pickings from there since last year! So off I go to Kmart and Target instead. Both these places are big on the Varsity fashions at the moment (it’s all Varsity and Aztec in there, seriously), so they’re worth a little peek, even if you don’t normally shop there.

Yes, we know they’re a little bit childish, but at $10.50 and $17.60 respectively, you have every right to join the department of fabulous..ness.

I found lots of things to buy at Kmart, but one thing that stood out in particular was the kid’s varsity jacket! For $15, it was a steal. Pair this jacket with any pair of skinny jeans and you’ve got yourself a rocking look. A few more bits and pieces completed my outfit, and the final price is pretty awesome.

Jacket – $15, Kmart kids

Mustard top – $5, Temt

Ripped black skinny jeans – $10, Jay Jays (bargain bin! Score!)

Spike Bracelet – $3.50, eBay (also available in these other colours)

Necklace – Free, from church :-P

Around $35 all up! To complete this look, toss on a pair of Wayfarers from eBay, available for only a couple dollars more, and you is stylin’. Baseball cap optional, usually impractical. With an additional pair of black boots (available at department stores such as Target, for example), this outfit is still available for way under $100 (and potentially a pair of shoes that will go with other outfits as well, reducing your “cost per wear” drastically!).

Magic Man-Chic

Target has officially done it—they have transformed their identity from the place where the fashionably unfortunate shop.. to the place where hipsters are just starting to dip their toes inside those comforting family-friendly walls.

I went on a trip to Carindale’s new Target store (I guess it’s technically not new since it only really “moved” from one place to another, but it has to count for something, right?) with my best friend Michael today, determined to find some neat things for my buddy to wear, and boy did we strike it lucky! In spite of several (some would call them frivolous) purchases that he made at Aldi (a fire extinguisher and a convection oven—I’m not sure he knows how to cook eggs on a stovetop let alone roast something in one of those), he left the shopping centre a true winner, and in the height of male fashion. Maybe not hipster material, but trendy nonetheless, and a steal of an outfit at just under $100!

He’s rocking a lovely mint green decorative t-shirt from Target, chocolate brown chinos from Target, and brown Navigator desert shoes from Williams (30% off all shoes at Mathers and Williams today!—And also Payless Shoes now that I think about it, but that’s another blog post altogether).

T-Shirt – $4, Target (Bargain-bin find, it was brilliant, and so amazing that the only one there was just his size!)

Chinos – $39, Target (not a bargain-bin special, but it is so hard to find pants that fit well—we once ended up splurging $100 on chinos from Tarocash that his ridiculously muscular, cyclist’s buns managed to break apart in a matter of weeks)

Shoes – $55, Williams Shoes (on sale from $79!)

At just a touch under $100, this is an outfit that he’ll be able to wear again and again. Guys who may be reading this blog—I know it’s harder to find bargains for yourselves than it is for us ladies because there just aren’t that many men’s clothing stores about, but if you stick to mass-produced department stores like Kmart, Target, Big W, Best and Less, and so on, and just keep those eyes peeled for bargain-bin specials, you can’t go wrong.

Retailers of giant these giant chains are picking up on the fact that they’ll be run out of business if they don’t adapt to these fashionable times, and you can definitely take advantage of that.