Vintage Variety

I should really be resting in bed. When your throat looks like you’ve gargled with your breakfast oats instead of eaten them (isn’t that the best of images?), you know that your time is probably best spent under those covers.

But when I went to the doctor’s yesterday near Coorparoo Mall, I was so starved for shopping that I did something totally unexpected of myself—something I swore I’d never resort to—Vintage shopping at Salvos. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

The sales weren’t bad! I picked up an awesome boyfriend blazer from some brand called Le Petites or something for $15 that I intend to DIY to perfection (stay tuned!), and also the funky white bracelet pictured above for 50c. Fifty cents! eBay, you’ve been outdone. To top it off, I didn’t get any infectious diseases from shopping there, which my hypochondriac mother was insistent that I would pick up the very second I step into a Saint Vinnies store.

There’s also a closing down sale at Coorparoo Mall where I picked up this amazing buy—A brand new Mickey Mouse watch with genuine leather band! I love how vintage it looks, I was very pleased with my purchase. There were pretty cool things at Coorparoo Mall that day—all leather shoes were half price, with some being as cheap as $15 a pair, but alas, they were too uncomfortable for my wide foot, so I had to leave them behind. If you’re in the area though, I implore you to take a look!

Here’s the rundown for the day:

Cream top – Temt, $5

Marigold cardigan – Mother’s, vintage!

Jeans – Target, $15 (I wear these all the time!)

Geometric necklaceeBay, $2.70

Geometric bracelet – St. Vincent De Paul, 50c!

Leather Disney watch – Coorparoo Mall, $5 (Yes that’s right, it was also haggled down for good measure, haha)

Brown desert bootsTarget, $25 (I’m pretty much wearing desert boots 24/7.. need more shoes.. but they’re so comfy!)

The total? $53.20. The verdict of the day? Vintage shopping is pretty amazing.

Go Back to School

Today was so cold that I barely wanted to get out of bed, let alone the 32-or-something layers that I had bundled over my body and called “my pajamas”. My mother disagrees, she says it’s my Michelin Man outfit. Thanks, mum.

In the end, I ingeniously propped up my hairdryer on a stack of towels and had it on at full blast while I stripped off and changed into my outfit. Luckily, hats make you super-warm, and during my day at uni, I was as snug as a bug in a rug in my cap and fur vest. I think I did quite alright with this outfit, though forgive me, I’ve reused the concept from a few weeks ago, albeit a bit more polished up than then.

School chic is in, and I intend to have a thorough play before the trend dies off!

Here’s the rundown:

CapCotton On, $2

Shirt – Big W, $3

Ribbon – Just an ordinary satin ribbon stolen from an old hat or something

Fur vest – Kmart Kids, $15

Belt – Dotti (DFO!), $3 (can’t exactly remember, but it was thereabouts)

Jeans – Target, $15

BootsTarget, $25 (I got them in the 50% mid-season clearance sale!)

Total: $63.00!

I finished off this look with my school rucksack from eBay ($15 when I bought it a year ago, about $17 now) to chuck all my stuff in, and I was stylin’.

This outfit could have also gone with one of the black jackets that I bought from Target, but it’s not quite cold enough for that yet! I was sweating enough wearing a t-shirt under this outfit and discarding the vest later on, but I love how the elements work together. I always said that I can’t pull of androgyny, but I must have been doing it wrong before, because I don’t mind this outfit!

But I’ve always been a fan of the school look; it comes with the territory of being best friends with Ellen, my sweet, all-manners-of-the-word-“kawaii” childhood friend. We even went to Supernova one year dressed at Japanese schoolgirls. Kitsch, but we had fun anyways!

The outfit below is one of my Summery approaches to something a little school-girly, and I know it’s a bit eccentric of me, but I just loved wearing this around. (Quickly, because this wasn’t the original point of the post, I’ll give the rundown: Sunglasses – eBay, $2; Necklace – Vintage, mother’s; Stripe dress – Cotton On, $5; Belt – Vintage, mother’s; Skater skirt – Ally, $10; Socks – God knows; Shoes – Homypeds, $140). It’s pretty thrifty but those orthopedics were expensive!

Anyways, I’d better leave you guys with that, and my personal recommendation to try your hand at school chic. There’s no better time than the present!

Recent Style Savings

I know some people may think that saving money by spending money is completely hypocritical but sometimes, honey, knowing when to spend and when not to spend is the key to success when you want to look good on a budget.

So today I’ll take you a few of my recent purchases of mine that are didn’t cost much, but are nice investments for the future.

First of all was the Geometric necklace (eBay, $2.70) seen on the previous post.

Now I bought this for around $3 on eBay, and it’s a pretty good replica of the House of Harlow necklace that you can buy from anywhere between $80 and $200 depending on where you go. In Australia, replicas of this style range anywhere between $15 and $20, which is still pretty expensive to me. Considering that large, statement jewelery like this is going to continue to be big over Winter, I’m going to wear this necklace several times before I have to put it away. It’s just that fabulous!

The next thing I bought is a little thing, really, but so far it goes with the mustard dress and the 60’s blue/green dress (I should know, I trialled it all weekend). Not only that, but it’s in this season’s hottest color—burgundy!

This burgundy bangle was only $2 from Rubi on sale! I prefer to buy these sorts of large pieces from Australia because it’s rare to find a bangle on eBay for cheaper than what you’ll find here. I find they incorporate shipping costs into the price which is probably the reason why you can’t find a single decent bangle there for under $6. So this was a pretty neat buy for me.

The last buy was also my best buy of the week. Month. Year? I found these beauties at Famous Footwear, and they’ve quickly rocketed up to my favorites list!

Black patent Oxford pumps. Classic, elegant, comfortable, and the heel is thick enough that I don’t start having hallucinations of death whenever I put them on, despite the fact they’re pretty damn high for me.

The best part of all? They’re brand-new, and cost me a cool $10 from Famous Footwear. They also came in ordinary pleather and suede, and there were at least 5 various pairs left on the shelves in Carindale when I bought these, and I kind of regret not buying 2 pairs. Or all of them. It was really the highlight of my day though, and proof that you don’t have to blow your budget on a pair of gorgeous-lookin’ shoes.

If there are any doubts to the accuracy of my data, read the box for yourself:

Famous Footwear, you are my heroes!

I hope this inspired some others to get out there and give bargain hunting a go, because there are amazing deals out there just waiting for you!

What are you waiting for, girls?

Free Fusion & Hot Options Sale

Free Fusion & Hot Options 40% off Sale

Their website is sometimes as dodgy as all hell but BEAR WITH IT, IT’S WORTH IT OMG. I went to uni today expecting that it would be an ordinary day, but I walked back home with my backpack bulging with wonderful, wonderful jackets. I probably would have picked up some other stuff too, had I the time, but for now, Winter was steadily approaching, and it was getting cold, and I needed things to warm me up.

I was wandering around Target like a madwoman, bursting into tears every time I saw something beautiful that was just out of my price range, but soon I settled on two things—

A plain black blazer for my work outfit at a neat $29 (a bit pricey, I know, but it was soooo worth it). This isn’t the exact style but somewhat similar (mine have shorter sleeves and gorgeous flap pockets and it’s also longer), it seems as though I can’t find my blazer on their website.

I also bought a plain black coat for a meagre $23.

These two are pretty much staple items for me; sometimes you need a plain black coat, and dammit sometimes you need a black blazer (my mustard one probably won’t cut it for impressing in job interviews).

Both of these were the lucky last in the size 8 department, so I believed it was probably fate. Or desperation to distract myself from my studies.

Anyways, this sale will only last for a couple more days, so GET TO IT! Target in the Myer Centre have the best range from what I’ve found, and still a huge range of coats (if you’re looking for those, that is).

Aldi Fashion Specials

Aldi Fashion Specials

So Aldi isn’t the fanciest shop on the block. It’s no Portmans, it’s no Dotti and it’s certainly no Target. But from time to time, you can find yourself surprised by the quality of stuff you pick up from there. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee isn’t going to disappoint either.

This Wednesday, you’ll find a pretty cool set of specials on at Aldi. Their ladies leather shoes are back for $20!

I’m only telling you this because they’re flats and I can’t wear flats because of the waddling factor, but you’d better keep your eye on the Aldi website, because when those leather pumps come back to stores, I’m keeping it a damned secret until I have at least four boxes of them in my closet. They’re that awesome!

And honestly, at $20 a pair, who could say no to some genuine leather, genuine cute, genuine versatile flats to go with your everyday outfits? (Except for me of course.. the aforementioned waddling..)

In addition to these, they also have stockings back, 2 for $6, which will make a great addition to any Winter wardrobe. They’re a little tougher than the Woolies stockings, too, which means less snags, but you’re already treating your stockings very very carefully, right?

There are also knee-highs for $5 for a 3 pack, and I can see these looking pretty killer under woolen maxi skirts or 3/4 trousers, but since I don’t tend to wear either, you guys will have to show me how you work them into your own outfits.

This is all from Wednesday the 16th of May, but if you’re intending to buy any of these, a word to the wise and get there as early as you can.

Sometimes even the most dignified of us have to queue outside Aldi’s to grab those fashion bargains.