We’ll Run Wild

We’ll be glow-in-the-dark..

I have a confession to make: This is the third time I’ve worn a variation of this outfit this week. Yes, I am a serial repeat (outfit) offender. It’s not my fault, I just love this colour against my hair and skintone! Neon is a very “now” trend of Spring and Summer and I’m currently going through stores in Australia, looking for other tops in this bright tone. Not very easy to find! Target has a great sorbet range with this colour in it, but I’m waiting for sale time to roll around. My mother just jumped the gun and bought jeans in this neon shade and when we met up in the city one day, she was wearing the jeans and I was wearing this top and we were both wearing black accompaniments and.. yeah. Shopping with her in matching outfits. SUPER!

I digress though. This top is brilliant. It’s crafted in a stretchy spandex sort of material with little cut outs in patterns across the fabric and it feels kind of tribal, too! It was an absolute steal at $10 from ASOS! As the weather gets warmer, it made sense to pair it with a cute pair of structured pleather shorts, and I added a little studs and spikes to the outfit for a more edgy feel.

Here’s the rundown:

DIY Spike Hairband!Tutorial here

Gold Choker – Equip, $5

River Island Neon SingletASOS, $10 (with coupon code!)

Neon Skinny Belt – Target, free with another skirt

Gold Spike BraceleteBay, $2

Triangle RingeBay, $2.30 (came in a set; Topshop replicas)

Pleather Shorts – Cotton On, $5 (On sale because they fit really badly–lucky I have a sewing machine!)

(Leather) Bejeweled Stiletto Peeptoes – L&J Shoe Gallery, $25

Total: $49.30! If you’re ever likely to catch me out shopping, this is the outfit I’ll be wearing this Summer.

Speaking of Summer–I’ve started an exercise regime on the bike to try and get my legs slimmed down for the Summer. Hopefully, you’ll all note the shrinkage of Thunder Thighs, and if all goes well, I’ll even be showing off where I got my amazingly beautiful swimsuit from for only $20! Look forwards to that in a few months.

And for those who have a keen eye, you’ll notice that I’m sporting my new haircut in this outfit post! Like it? More details on that coming up later. ;)

My Week With Instagram

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted, and I mostly have uni to blame–I’m trying to nudge my GPA to 6, and it’s a lot of tough work!

One thing you may be happy about though, is that I’ve started to embrace social media a bit better and opened Instagram and Pinterest accounts (both under the name CarbonChic). The link to my Pinterest is over to the left amongst my social media buttons and I still have no clue how to link my Instagram account–it being a phone app and all. But while my Pinterest account mainly consists of images I’ve put up on my blog, I’ve really embraced my Instagram account! You can follow me there, or if you follow my blog on Facebook, there’s an Instagram app installed there that’ll let you go through all my images in full-size. I’ll hopefully be making these posts a weekly occurrence and put up 9 of the best images out of my week to share with everyone. It’ll give you a little insight to the girl behind the blog, and sometimes a few snaps of bargain purchases I’ve made in the week!

So without further ado, these are my first set of Instagrams!

CarbonChic’s first Instagram! | Celebrating free shipping by buying a Dotti Gold Peplum Top: $10 | Andrew’s 21st Party, 1940’s Theme | Makeup by Napoleon Perdis @ Target | Westfield Hunger Games Prizepack! | Protest at Parliament House | River Island Metallic Dress: $10 | Happy 29th Birthday to Mikey <3 | River Island Pink Skirt: $10

Are you guys finding an addiction to Instagram or Pinterest as oh-so easy as I am?

Carbon Copies VII

I love bags. You get a nice bag, you throw all your junk in there (all your ketchup packets and tampons and medicated deodorant are safe from prying, judgmental eyes), and you’re ready for anything. It’s even better when you find yourself a nice bag to coordinate with your outfit; that’s just like the cherry on top of the cake for me.

But bags are so damned pricey in Australia! Even Target is guilty of selling overpriced bags (at full price anyways) every now and again. When it comes to bags, they’re like jewelery to me–I like to mix and match them around a lot so it doesn’t matter if they’re not of the utmost quality. I’m not carrying laptops in them, I never shove them on the ground and kick them around and mistreat them. Though they’re cheap, I take care of my lot really carefully (and you should too!). I still have bags in practically pristine condition from Target 3 years ago that I wear all the time, so it’s not like if you buy a cheap bag, it’s gonna fall apart after a few wears. You hear worse stories on Vogue forums about Mimco bags coming apart at the handles after two wears, and so on!

Anyways, I do digress. These bags above are my hottest picks for the current season. It’s all about the little things; studs and skulls and zips and printed panels! Check these babies out:

1. Zara Gold Sequin Clutch, $60 | eBay, $6.60 (comes in pink, black and gold)

2. Cheap Monday Envelope Bag, $55 | eBay, $9.50 (comes in lots of colours–more colours in different listings)

3. Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel, $720 | eBay, $26

4. Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch, $900 | eBay, $19 (n.b. don’t buy from a listing with “knuckle” in the title or the bag may get seized at customs because of the description)

5. Sportsgirl Leopard Panel Duffel*, $30 | Target, $13 (See the bag in my other post here)

6. VirginBlak Studded Envelope Clutch, $44 | eBay, $9.30

Phew! What a rundown. Don’t mind me, I’m just rushing off as we speak to buy that gorgeous sequin clutch..

And for those enthusiastic creatives out there, I’ll be turning one of my newly bought duffel bags into an Alexander Wang inspired masterpiece soon; just keep an eye out for the how-to coming soon!

*Picture and price info from T for Thao Nguyen, thanks!!!

Mint Condition

Picture overload!! I know, I know, you must be thoroughly sick of seeing my mint jeans. I can’t help it though, I’m completely mint-mad! Every time I find an outfit that wouldn’t work well with black or blue jeans, I reach for my good ol’ mint pair. Unlike the other mint-paired outfits, this is a very neutral outfit, which comes just in time for the trend of neutrals sweeping into Australia for Spring. Neutrals and pastels can be paired quite successfully! On that note as well, navy makes a good substitute for black as far as neutrals are concerned.

These shoes were a special buy; I bought them in the Payless Shoes sale with the wine heels in my previous lookbook post, but unlike those heels, these are 100% leather and cushiony to boot! The name on the box says “Ezywalkin”, and it ain’t lying. Another thing I like about these suede shoes is that while they’re actually black, they can be worn with dark navy accessories too, because in different lights, the color of these shoes change from blue to black. Pretty neat, huh??

Here’s the rundown:

Burnt Orange Wool Hat – Dotti DFO, $10

Bow Neck Top – Mix Apparel (Coles), $12

Gold Studded BraceleteBay, $2

Gold Cat Ring – Colette, $2 (some still left)

Black Ponyhair Duffel – Target, $13 (down from $39, sale on now!)

Oversized Navy Leather Belt – Mum’s, vintage.. it used to be navy but it’s been worn so much by my mum that it’s turned more black!

Mint Jeans – Kmart, $15

Ezywalkin Leather Heels – $29 (down from $59, sale still on!)

Total: $83, including the bag and all-leather shoes. I’d been waiting for the bag to come on sale for quite a while now–When it dropped to $22, I analyzed the amount of stock left in stores over the period of a couple of weeks to calculate the depletion rate of the bag and I found that the bag was selling so slowly that it was bound to go on sale yet again, and my patience paid off (but then again, it usually does)! There’s also a leopard-printed panel version (I snapped up that one too) on sale too, right now, so head on over to the Target end of season clearance sale and check it out. So many bags. SO MANY BAGS. I struggled to walk away with only 3, but frugalistas are supposed to have limits, you know!

Salacious Sales

Of the very best kind!

Everything in this post is still on sale, right now, and still available, as well as many other bargains so you gotta hurry on down to the Myer Centre, Brisbane, and pick them up while they’re still there. Forget going online, these are deals so good you have to walk, run or crawl to get your hands on them!

I know people like to think that I buy crap for a living (I forgive them since they’re usually only trying to justify their own overpriced purchases), but I am really loving my swag today. Even for me, it’s not often that I find 100% genuine leather shoes down from crazy, crazy prices.

The L&J Shoe Gallery has on right now the greatest type of all available sales, and that is the closing down sale. There are plenty of shoes l left, some discounted and some not, and most of the discounted shoes were available in the larger sizes like 9/10, so it was a miracle that I found these two beauties, in my perfect size, just waiting for me to try and buy them! My eye initially caught the gorgeous gold and silver shoes below–like walking on heaven, leather inner and leather outer, and the last ones left in my exact size–8.5. They were on sale at $40, down from $130. But there was no way I was walking out of L&J without taking advantage of the “second pair for $10” deal. So I tried on about 15 pairs of shoes until I settled on the black beauties you see before you. Fine steel, bejeweled heel, leather, and oh-so comfy. In my perfect size. It was meant to be; I had to grab them both. They were also $40 (down from $160), but because of the closing down deal, I ended up paying $50 for both; $25 each!

There was a similar story in Myer as well. I always give the shoe sale section a peek; you never know what bargain you’ll find on the 75% off table, right? It definitely paid off today. Down from $170, these Nude nude heels with a gold trimming and bow. Leather inner and outer, of course. A cool $22.75.

You know when you walk out of the house and you know you’re having a good shoe day? I’m having one of those right now.

In addition to these purchases, I bought some non-shoe things from Target recently (though I probably would have bought some Target shoes too if they had my sizes left on the sales tables), one of which you’ve already seen, but I figured they warranted part of a post regardless.

All down from $39, we have a $7, and two $13 bags. I’m digging the two gorgeous ponyhair duffel bags and will be doing a DIY with them later on to jazz them up a bit, stay tuned!