Mulberry Madness


Just a few days ago I went shopping with my boyfriend Daniel and somehow we both ended up in matching outfits. It was quite a hilarious, albeit embarrassing situation, but I gotta say, the absolute highlight of the day was when the store assistants in Y.D. broke into giggling hysterics about what a “cute couple” we were, with our “coordinating outfits”. I think the next time I go out with Danny, I’m going to have to ask him what he’s wearing so we can avoid this from happening again.

To be fair, since we’re both redheads (he is a natural one, of course), the same colours tend to compliment us quite well (although don’t expect to be seeing Danny in magenta any time soon). This is probably why it’s so fun to go shopping with him; because if it suits me, it’s bound to suit him too.

I couldn’t resist using this opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot under my little mulberry tree. I would do this with more men in my life if they would let me; you’re all very lucky that Danny was quite accommodating regarding having a camera shoved in his face!

So without further ado, here’s our rundowns:


Danny wore:

  • K&L Mirror Aviator Sunglasses – Who knows?
  • Skagen Watch – Who knows?
  • Contrast Raglan Top – Kmart, $8 (I must add that the store assistant at Roger David incorrectly identified the shirt as one of their own, ehehe)
  • Leather Belt – Salvation Army, $7
  • Wine Jeans/ChinosGeneral Pants Co, $40 (Sale only in-store)
  • Navigator Blue Suede ShoesWilliams, $60 (25% off – Sale only in-store)

Total: $115

To be fair, this was all the information I had about the outfit so the actual total would probably be higher, but neither sunglasses nor watch (as much as I love it) are necessary to complete this outfit. I do love the watch he’s wearing though – I have a soft spot for those particular types of bands and there’s nothing classier than a man wearing a low-profile elegant watch.

Hugo loves Danny, by the way, so that’s why he’s photobombing all these photos.


What I wore:

  • Simple Gold ChainAliExpress, $2.10
  • Contrast Breton Striped Top – Big W, $12
  • Wine Bangle – Rubi, $2
  • Gold Croc BeltDotti, $3.50
  • White Pleated SkirtAlly, $20 (One word: POCKETS! With the pockets, structured shape and full lining underneath, this seemed like a great buy to me)
  • Patent Wine MaryJane Heels – Zu, $30

Total: $69.60

Not bad, it took me a while to find all these pieces but I feel like my collection is getting closer to completion! Next step, finding a dark navy skirt exactly like this one. Considering dying the purple one, but that’s probably a bad idea for polyester..

My life has been drama after drama recently and that’s why I’ve been so slow to update this blog. I’ve been very introspective about my journey so far, writing plenty of entries in my diary, creating lists, making new plans. I’ve picked up a new hobby (which I will tell you about later!) and made so many new friends, met plenty of cute guys, and had an absolute blast along the way. I’m also beginning to learn the important lesson that sometimes, other people’s problems have nothing to do with me and I can’t contribute to them any more than I can repair them, and that’s okay. Everyone has their own stuff to deal with, we’re no exception to the rule.

I am doing well at work, about to start jury duty the following week, and I’m smack bang in the middle of figuring out when I will be financially able to move out.

Living here is driving me crazy.  Well, crazier.