Summer Bouquet

I know it’s not Summer anymore but whew does it feel like it. Just when I thought Summer was officially over, we had a little bump in temperature which has led to many days at a time spent basking in the air conditioning of my home and car. I’m still favoring the shorter black skirts at work because our air conditioner never seems cold enough. First world problems–seems like just yesterday I was bemoaning the frosty, arctic temperatures/temperaments at the office where I used to work and now I’m complaining that it’s not cold enough.

To be fair, I do a lot of running around in my current job and did a lot of sitting at my previous work.

Speaking of which, I’ll have to show you the kind of outfits I’m wearing to Mascotte at some point–it just seems too hot to be standing around the yard shooting pictures in black clothing.

Anyways, here is the long-awaited appearance of the Mombasa floral shorts! I didn’t wear them very much for a couple of reasons.

  • They were two sizes too big for me because I waited for a sale instead of buying them at $50 and they only had a size 12 pair left.
  • Th’heck am I gonna wear with lavender shorts–my least favorite colour?

That all changed when I bought these simple gold ballet flats from Mascotte. These are my default shoes if I don’t know what I want to wear on my feet. They’re honestly lifesavers. A cushy, buttery-soft, pair of lifesavers. Click on any picture to open up the lightbox for a closer look.

And here I am practicing my “Blue Steel” gaze–Not really, the sun was getting in my eyes.

The particularly observant will notice that my entire outfit is floral-based, from shorts to the leaf-shaped collar clips to the rings from ASOS and the gold-studded blouse from Temt. Once upon a time, I told myself I wouldn’t wear florals because I hated them, but it seems like I’m really becoming drawn to big blooms and patterns that emulate nature nowadays, and I love it.

What I’m wearing:

  • DIY Pink Leaf Earrings as collar clips – Big W, $2
  • Flower Studded Pattern Blouse – Temt, $10
  • Triple Ring Pack – ASOS, $5
  • Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)
  • Gold Bracelet – Graduation gift
  • Patent Leather Lilac BeltAliExpress, $2.30 (Lots of colours, but the “baby pink” is definitely lilac)
  • Floral Shorts – Mombasa, $25
  • Gold Leather Flats – Mascotte, $48

Total: $98.30

Until next time, readers, stay cool and keep a sharp eye out for that box-pleated skirt tutorial. Coming up soon! :)

Polka-Dotted Pleats

Hello again, readers! Sorry for the fortnight-long departure, I’ve been busy working hard and getting my craft on.

I just came back from Spotlight with a few bits and pieces to finish up my skirt here, including a clasp for the back (because invisible zips are beyond me) and a decorative button which I may or may not use. I have no patience for sewing button holes and they get in the way of my belts anyways.

Anyways, this is the final product you see before you! I found some really cheap fabric ($5 p/m from memory) at Spotlight and decided to do a draft skirt before I make a black jacquard one for work and this one didn’t turn out too bad so I thought I’d show it off to my readers. It features 4 belt loops, side pockets, sewn-in petticoat and a ridiculously complicated fastening at the back that I’ve hidden behind a pleat because, well, “invisible zips”–HA!

Things I’ve learned from this project:

  • Measure your darned actual waist, not the waist of one of your best-fitting skirts. That is why I now have 6 pleats in the front and 5 in the back.
  • Don’t sew on the belt-loops backwards.. don’t do that.
  • Make the pockets bigger and lower to compensate for gangly limbs.
  • Make a gathered petticoat underneath out of one piece of fabric–I wasn’t sure how to do one so now I have a patchwork petticoat. It’s invisible but it still annoys me.
  • Make the skirt 2 inches longer or 2 inches shorter, this is a frumpy length.
  • Six pleats are a lot of pleats. Four might be a bit easier.
  • Sew the zip in first and then make pleats.

I do love how this skirt turned out, but I think I’ll hem it once more and make it a little shorter. I hate mini skirts a lot and think girls look better wearing skirts that actually cover their bottoms but this is definitely a frumpy length on my figure.

I’ll be making the black skirt next and incorporate all of these details so that the construction will hopefully go smoother. I am a complete and utter novice when it comes to sewing, though, so it’s possible that I just need the practice.

I was thinking about documenting the steps and posting them up, would anyone actually be interested in reading an Idiot’s Guide to Box Pleated Skirts?

A Walk in Merthyr Park

It’s always a huge treat for me when I do a photoshoot. I promised myself a while ago I wasn’t going to be one of those bloggers who goes around begging photographer friends to take their photos or push a DSLR into a boyfriend’s hands unless either party explicitly offers. My rule with that is–Never ask, but always say yes if offered.

So when presented with an opportunity to participate in a photoshoot with talented photographer Hannah McCawley, I jumped on it! I’m very glad I did, Hannah was an absolute pleasure to work with (and a great conversationalist); I had a lot of fun and we ended up with some really pretty shots. For the shoot, we met at Brisbane’s Merthyr Park, which I had commonly associated with heartache, but proved a lovely setting nonetheless.

I’m hoping to replace those old memories with new, one day.

Here are some of the photos from the day.. (Click to open up the new and improved lightbox viewer)

I told you the bug brooch would be back! What I’m wearing:

  • Bow Neck Top – Mix Apparel (Coles), $12
  • Giant Insect Brooch – Chandler Markets, $5
  • Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)
  • Gold Bracelet – Graduation gift
  • Patent Navy Belt – Portmans, $5
  • Berry-Coloured Midi Skirt with Embroidered Hem – St Vinnies, $4
  • Ezywalkin Leather Heels – Payless Shoes, $29

Total: $61.00

I really love this skirt! This was a special buy for me as I found it in the small local St Vinnies where I usually never find anything and it was just big enough to fit me. I’m amazed that it did fit, especially since this skirt is a size 7–I genuinely had no idea that sizes like this existed, which leads me to believe that this skirt must be a fairly old make, maybe from the 80’s? It’s brand-less apart from the small number 7 tag stitched into the waistline, so I couldn’t be sure.

If you look closely, you can see the fan embroidery along the edges.

I could only include a few photos from the day, but check out Hannah’s blog to see the rest of them!

The shoot has kind of gotten me all inspired and I think it’s time to upgrade my little Nikon point-and-shoot with something a little fancier. Recommendations, anyone? :)