Big Sundays at eBay

Hello guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been wallowing around in bed with this something called “the flu”, although as it progressed, my friends have given it the nickname of “mad cow disease”.. I’m sure that’s not a reflection of my behavior during my illness. Anyways, I have been planning to do a review on some of the frames I received but I’ve been in no condition to take photos, so I’ll leave you with this instead!

ebay big sundays deals coupons
Big Sundays is a last ditch attempt by eBay to get some sales circulating in what has seemingly become a stagnant retail environment as of late. For anyone who is unaware, they just recently had 15% off all purchases on eBay Australia (which I should have reported on, I know, but I was at the height of my illness and the last thing my boyfriend saw that night was a second-hand Nintendo 3DS being flung at him when he made such an outrageous suggestion last week) and now they’ve come back a second round with 20% off purchases from certain participating retailers on eBay.

These retailers are:

There is a maximum discount of $200 per transaction & 5 transactions per person, and no minimum spend. Obviously this promotion doesn’t apply to gift cards.

For anyone looking for expensive technology in particular, this is obviously a fantastic deal. All you need to do is find your deal, and wait around until 10:01 am on Sunday morning. I’m assuming that a discount code will be released like last Sunday, but that’s not been confirmed yet so I’m waiting to see what happens.

Now, for the ultra frugalistas, you can save even more than 20% through a free-to-use program called Cash Rewards.

Cash Rewards cash back on online purchases

I’ve only gotten into this recently, and I’m ashamed I didn’t discover it sooner, but the jist is that if you create an account there and access eBay through their affiliate link, you’ll get 2% cash back with any purchase. That’s the very brief outline of that, since I mainly want to be promoting eBay’s Big Sundays here, but for those who are looking at purchasing big-ticket items, it’s definitely worth signing up. It’s only a little reward, but use after use, the return can start piling up. The other obvious benefit to this over things like, say, loyalty cards, is that you immediately get rewards after purchasing rather than having to wait around for loyalty points to stack up or some other such nonsense.

If you’re curious about this at all, I implore you to take a look at their website–they have hundreds of different stores you can profit from, including but not limited to, BooHoo, eBay, Hush Puppies, StrawberryNet, The Iconic, and so on and so forth. This is a very legitimate way to save a little bit on your purchases in addition to any coupon codes or sales that are floating around at the time.

What could be better than that?

Question time! Have any readers used Cash Rewards before? What will you be dropping your dough on this Sunday?

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

Real vs Steal: Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

They’re convincing replicas, aren’t they? Honestly, these are the best damn copies of the Charlotte Olympia kitty cat flats I’ve seen on the Internet. I’ve finally been suckered into one of those tragic “blogger trends” and I’m not even mad, these are freaking adorable, and for a mere $50, they were a bloody bargain.

I bought these a little while ago on AliExpress and I’ve been so blown away that I had to post an “unofficial unboxing” on Carbon Chic (unofficial because I’ve already worn them for a few days.. oops).

Charlotte Olympia shoe box

They arrived in a somewhat smooshed Charlotte Olympia-branded shoe box…

Charlotte Olympia dust bag

Wrapped up in a Charlotte Olympia-branded dust bag. These people have gone to some serious A+ effort here.

And inside that dust bag were the most perfect pair of kitty flats in the world!

Fake Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

If the photos don’t give you enough of a picture, here’s a verbal description: Genuine leather uppers and inners with a gold embroidered cat face on the front and patent leather trimming around the entire shoe. Inside, there’s a scallop-border leather insole resting on top of some lining with the words “Charlotte Olympia” embossed onto the sole.

Fake Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats gold heels

(Not to mention the shiny gold heel that most cheap replicas do not possess.)

Fake Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats gold metal spider web

Bottom of the shoe: A metal Charlotte Olympia gold spider-web logo stuck onto the sole. The writing on the sole says “Vero Cuoio | 40 | Made in Italy”. They came with a thin glad-wrap-covering for protection on the soles that you have to peel off (not pictured).

I was going to write a post about them when I first received them a few weeks ago, but I soon found that the seller I had purchased them from had packed up his virtual tent and moved elsewhere, so I didn’t bother. However, I have gotten so many positive comments about them from friends and strangers alike that I felt like I should share them regardless.

For those who want them now, honestly, I gave it my best shot but I couldn’t find ones exactly like mine. (Ironically, the ones I did find are probably closer to the real thing anyways.) They seem very similar to the ones pictured above and also genuine leather, but none of them seem to have the gold insole and asymmetrical gold spider web on the bottom, and the links keep breaking as sellers move stock around, so I’ve just posted a link to the search results page which has half a dozen or so of the same styles at different price points:

Genuine Leather Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat fakes

And while I’m personally a big sucker for genuine leather shoes and think it’s worth paying the little extra, here are a few low-budget pleather alternatives that I’ve found for those that swing that way:

fake kitty flats

There are heaps of fake designer, yet genuine leather shoes on AliExpress if you look hard enough (i.e. for these shoes, search for “cat shoes”, or in case of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas, just search for “hideous platform clonkers”, etc). You should have no trouble hunting them down from here. These links won’t last forever and I’ve had to amend some already where the listings have ended or been taken down, so if that’s the case with any of the links above, just look for them yourself, it’s not hard, I swear!

As always, exercise caution when buying from anyone online, and keep your measurements in mind. For example, the insoles of most of my flats measure 25cm long, so I know not to choose a number below this, no matter how much wishful thinking goes into my calculations. It is for this reason that the majority of shoes I buy from AliExpress must be a size 40, and not my usual 39–the make of those shoes is just smaller and narrower than the Aussie market. What that means is: long and wide-footed ladies alike, you’re out of luck on this one unfortunately.

Please note: I am NOT responsible if you buy something from AliExpress and you don’t like it when it arrives! The service I am offering today is “search engine”, not style advisor, and I cannot vouch for any of these sellers or shoes since I (unfortunately) have not purchased anything from them. Always use your best judgement when making a purchase from anywhere.


SES Pleather Bomber, Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans, Robert Robert Leather Stirrup Boots

I always feel like I’ve jumped straight out of a neo-country-western film whenever I wear this blouse. Can you blame me?

As the weather starts to decline (although it feels like only yesterday that I was moaning about how hot it was), I find myself neglecting my collection of shorts and skirts and favoring combos that involve long-sleeved blouses with jeans/pants or worn under dresses and coupled with thick opaque tights. This is also to mask the transformation my legs undergo during hibernation periods–right from silken seductress to shag pile carpeting.

I haven’t worn this blouse for a while because it never seems quite cold enough, but it’s still a solid favorite in my wardrobe (I feel like I say this about every patterned blouse I own, no lie).

SES Pleather Bomber, Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans, Robert Robert Leather Stirrup Boots
SES Pleather Bomber, Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans

What I wore:

  • Glasses – Collette Dinnigan c/o Specsavers
  • Tan Pleather Bomber Jacket – SES, $16 (I think.. God, I bought this like 5 years ago or something.)
  • Zara (Replica) Horse Print BlouseAliExpress, $11
  • Tan Belt – ASOS, Came with playsuit
  • Skinny Jeans – Target, $15 (Same ones I bought two years ago as a result of Target’s Size Survey.)
  • Robert Robert Veda Tan Leather & Gold Stirrup Boots – Myer, $38.25

Total: $80.25

Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans, Robert Robert Leather Stirrup Boots

Okay, can we just stop here and admire my boots for a second?? I’ve been waiting for it to become boot-wearing season for what seems like eons after I bought these boots at the start of last Summer from Myer. Originally $290, these dropped down to $169 and then the last pair (conveniently in a size 39) migrated onto a 75% off clearance table, after which they were reduced a further 10% because of light scuffing around the heel from the metal stirrups. Best. Bargain. Ever. (Yes, I’m aware I say this a lot.)

Robert Robert Tan and Gold Leather Stirrup Boots
Robert Robert Tan and Gold Leather Stirrup Boots

Genuine leather upper, lining, and sole, a sensible heel, and shiny gold detailing–these will definitely be my staple boots for this Winter. I preach about the wonders of the blessed Myer clearance tables more than readers probably like to hear, so here’s another opportunity for you to me to say it–Never miss an opportunity to browse the Myer sales. JUST DO IT.

Specsavers Collette Dinnigan Glasses

Please forgive me the douchey Myspace selfie and ever-popular Blue Steel expression, but how awesome are these glasses? These were the first set of frames I received from Specsavers and I’ve just about fallen in love with myself. Moreso, even! with them. I can’t wait to share my Specsavers review; they were absolutely awesome in what is usually a rather traumatic ordeal for me.

Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans

But of course ever the sucker for public opinion, I wanted to ask you, lovely readers–What do you think of my new glasses?

Vision on a Budget

Must-Have Eyewear Frames for 2014

My Favorite Frames for 2014

You don’t see it much on this blog, but I’m an avid wearer of glasses. Not the kind where I’m only pretending to have a major malfunction with my eyes because I think wearing glasses with the lenses poked out is totally cool, but the kind where I’ve needed them since I was a kid and now I can’t see a foot in front of my face without some optical aid. Why don’t I show it more often here? Because I’m embarrassed about how I look. I come from a day where your only options were rectangle or round, and there wasn’t much variety between stores. So because I opted to feel embarrassed and hadn’t fully embraced the concept of wearing spectacles, I’ve been fairly behind on my eyewear trends. That ends now!

I’ve been contacted by a few companies interested in helping me find some updated frames, and I jumped right down that rabbit hole without hesitation. This is the first of a series of posts where I will talk about where to get affordable yet fashionable frames for everyday wear–for the modern bespectacled. Let’s start off with my wishlist–It will cover frames across all different kinds of budgets, from super-tight generic brands ($) to great value designer frames ($$$).

1. Collette Dinnigan – Specsavers, $299
Tortoiseshell frames are very fashionably on-point for AW 2014. Animal prints are always popular during this season and the baroque cutouts on the sides add a touch of elegance, while the shape of the frames are not too out-there to be worn every day. These are definitely one of my favorite frames here, but are a touch on the pricier side of the spectrum.

2. Savannah – SelectSpecs, $15.50
Fifteen bucks, I kid you not. A cheap-as-chips variety of partially-transparent animal print, these glasses come in a classic wayfarer shape with metallic decorations on the corners. The print kind of reminds me of dalmatians and according to reviews, wearers find them lovely and light, which is important when choosing large frames like these.

3. Carrera – Clearly, $129
These frames are reminiscent of the style I currently wear, complete with black borders and green inner. I love this style and the fact that they’re made from a lightweight plastic–my current frames are metal and the paint is starting to chip off, eek! Definitely a style for those who like to play it safe but want a little something quirky as well.

4. Starlet – Specsavers, $39
What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include a pair of traditional “hipster” glasses? The trend is slowly waning in the fashion world for this shape of glasses but is still a very strong contender because of the classic style that just seems to work on many faces. (It was popular for a reason!)

5. Alex Perry – Specsavers, $299
Another one of my favorites from Specsavers, these come in a gentle cat-eye shape with gold flecks on the outer corners of the frames. They kind of remind me of an owl’s eyebrows (in a good way), so they tie in further to the more organic look that designers are trying to emulate nowadays.

6. Alyssa Milano – Clearly, $79
An acrylic version of a softened cat-eye, these glasses were designed by Alyssa Milano (who would have thought that she possessed the talent to fight demons and design glasses in only one lifetime?). They look great on her and come in three neat shades–purple, brown, and black. The black ones featured here have a really neat tortoiseshell detailing throughout the inside of the glasses, which can’t really be seen from the outside, but definitely add just the right touch to this pair.

7. Savannah – SelectSpecs, $15.50
Another uber-budget style, these frames come in a classic rectangular shape that I am oh-so familiar with wearing and a highly polished acrylic exterior filled with a deep cobalt blue. Semi-transparent coloured glasses are for people who want their frames to stick out and make a statement, but the shape of these frames are not so out-there that you’ll get weird looks from people.

8. Astrid – Specsavers, $149
I’ve been toying with the idea of buying blue glasses, and these could definitely be an option, with the metal feeling a bit more demure and toned-down from an acrylic pair. These would offset a pair of blue eyes beautifully but not detract too much attention away from the face.

9. Love – Clearly, $79
For pastel-loving princesses, these cat-eye frames are the kind I wish I was brave enough to wear. Part of me thinks it will look girly and sweet and epic and all those good things, but another part of me thinks I may end up looking like Hipster Ariel, so I daren’t.. or do I?

10. Ray Ban – Clearly, $159
These glasses remind me of the fabulous extreme cat-eye frames that Forever Amber wears, and that’s possibly why I love them so much. She looks absolutely bangin’ in her purple gradient cat-eyes, but it can’t be an easy style to match with outfits! Ombre is still very much ‘in’ for 2014, and these frames rock the trend.

So there you have it, ten of my favorite styles from three different companies at three different price points suitable for any taste or budget. In the weeks that follow, I will be reviewing these three suppliers, their service, and the quality of the products they sell, so that you can feel 100% confident when shopping for your next pair of glasses.

Even if you intend to poke the lenses out after you get them (you hipster).

I would like to extend my thanks towards Specsavers, Clearly, and SelectSpecs for your support towards this series. Certain styles shown above have been provided to me for purposes of review, but the opinions are my own–always have been, always will be.