Hi, I’m Demi! I’m just a bit of a kooky, stingy, 22-year-old Croatian living in Brisbane City.

I live a life of calculated, spend-less luxury on the South side with my Swedish Vallhund (Hugo) and the Bargain Queen herself (my mother). This blog was created to document my journey on the way to inheriting that title after she retires. I call myself a frugal fashion blogger, but it would probably be more accurate to describe me as a parsimonious one. However, that involves too many syllables and not enough people know what that word means anyways so we’ll stick to “frugal” for now.

I try to challenge myself for (myself, and) my readers and stretch the boundaries as much as I can to show that you can afford to look good and follow trends on minimum wage. Whether you’re buying on a budget or making your wardrobe from scratch–that’s the kind of intel I want to share with you.

Frugalista–over and out.