handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top wittner tan maryjane heels

What a year so far! I’m sort of on the road to recovery after a very long and very boring hiatus from sewing.

I wish I could say that there was a good reason that I stopped sewing for all those months, but they’re all the lame, trite excuses of a seasoned procrastinator. Truth is, I had a bit of a sewing block, and watching Netflix in bed with my bebs until the wee hours of the morning seemed way more appealing than dragging out the ol’ sewing machine so I could sit for a few hours in the freezing cold, cramped sewing room. Now that the weather is heating up, so is my sewing machine! The fact that I now have a giant sewing desk in my room somewhat helps too. I have a million vintage patterns, it’s time to get started on them.

Last night, I sewed on the sleeves on my WIP McCall’s 2329 project, which was exciting. AND it now buttons up at the back. Just need to whip up that skirt and I’ll have another me-made dress for the blog! I’m trying to phase my wardrobe into more handmade items, but gosh the lure of AliExpress and eBay is mighty tempting. Especially since AliExpress is having another mega-sale tonight. There goes all my money, oh well.

handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top wittner tan maryjane heels

You’ve already seen this skirt but I wanted to show it off again, because my new resolution is to make lots of these. They’re comfortable, work-appropriate, versatile, and made-for-me-sized, so no gappy waists and saggy hips. Albeit the hips are slightly tight on this one (or has my butt gotten bigger? Again?). Nevermind, the next one will be better.

How good are these heels? I bought them from a jumble sale because they were barely-worn Wittner heels and my size to boot (ha, not my best shoe-related pun) but they were a kind of weird pale yellow brown sort of colour. A bit of tan shoe polish and some time later, hey presto! Perfect shoes to coordinate with my favorite tan belt.

handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top

What I’m wearing:

  • Bronze Amber Elephant Necklace – Mum’s, vintage
  • Navy wool top – Aldi (gift from mum but I think it was $25?)
  • Tan Belt – ASOS, free with a dress
  • Green Pencil Skirt – DIY, $1.80
  • Wittner “Jordy” Tan Cutout MaryJane Heels – Jumble Sale, $8

handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top wittner tan maryjane heels

QUT Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday was legitimately the best day of my life. I had such a blast at my graduation and everything went perfectly. You ever have one of those days where any change you could have wished for whatsoever wouldn’t have improved the day at all? Yesterday was one of those days. I graduated top of the cohort, with a Bachelors in Information Technology, a Bachelors in Visual Arts (Interactive and Visual Design) with distinctions for both degrees! Here’s hoping those two little pieces of paper lead to a long and prosperous life for me. The chancellor who shook my hand at the ceremony certainly seemed to have a very high opinion of these humble degrees!

During the day–Breaking free from my anti-makeup stance, I asked my mother to tint my eyelashes for me and I wore some lip stain to top off my look. I’ve started to dip my toes into a cheap Target makeup brand called “Essence”, and with mostly everything on the shelf there under $5 each.. it’s not a bad find. Also for those who are having trouble finding pink-tinted foundations/concealers (like me), “Essence” is perfect, because their makeup comes in both yellow and pink tints! And they also sell $3 quick-dry nail drops, which is about the most useful invention ever, especially since my Ulta3 collection is 80 bottles strong and steadily growing.. Anyways, blah blah, where was I?

I went to my graduation with my uncle, mother, and Michael. It was good having a strong group behind me, and super fun hearing the “WOOP WOOP WOOP” from them as I walked onto the stage to grab my certificates. I’m glad I brought my camera on that day as well and took hundreds of photos of the whole proceedings, because I seemed a hell of a lot more photogenic yesterday than I usually am (I’m guessing it’s because of the camera-friendly makeup)! I was freaking out a bit the night before with what I could wear,  but my fears were alleviated during the day as I watched girls in butt-skimming tube dresses and hooker heels prancing around in their regalia, so I figured that a pinstripe Summer dress wasn’t a bad choice after all. Actually, here’s the rundown of what I wore:

Freshwater Pearls Necklace – Aldi, $12 (These actually belong to my mother, they also came with earrings but alas, no body modifications for me so far)

Pinstripe Summer Dress – Glassons, $25 (In a 50% off sale last week! I shortened the straps just the night before because the chest was ridiculously loose on me.. talk about last minute modifications!)

Silver Pearl Ring – Wallace Bishop, $?? (It’s my mothers, again, haha)

Revlon “Oh My Magenta” Nail Polish – GroceryRun, $1 (I bought this for my mother but it matched so perfectly with the magenta regalia! Kudos to the Essence Quick Dry Drops because I put them on at 2am on the day and didn’t wake up with sheet marks on my nails–amazing!!)

Skinny Patent Belt – Target, free with another dress

Jo Mercer “Hooch” Mary Jane HeelsThe Iconic, $60 (Uh-maaazing shoes, so comfortable with a thick chunky heel and soft leather inside and out.. not sure why they got bumped up to $70 recently..)

Total:  $98!

Still fantastically frugal, even on fancy occasions. We’re not going to count how much the regalia hire cost me because that was essentially highway robbery at $75 for the hat and robes! I tried not to cry and think about how many dresses I could have bought with that money as I entered my debit card details on their website..

Are You Old Enough?

Are you old enough for love?

As soon as I took a proper look at the blouse and noticed that the collar was navy and not actually black, I knew what I could pair it with. This blouse is so romantic for me, how it generates sweeping lines down the bust and the sheer material shows off glimpses of some curves underneath. This outfit definitely reminded me of schoolgirl chic, but I don’t mind so much. Skater skirts still compliment my body the nicest out of any cut I have in my closet and the bright pops of colour from the bag and tights really prevent this outfit from looking too corporate, which I didn’t really want for the weekend ahead.

I love this bag! It’s a rip-off from the brand Temporary Secretary and it just adds that extra pinch of girlie to the whole outfit. I never turn down orange; it’s among one of my favorite colours (the others being.. mustard.. navy.. maroon.. okay I probably have too many favorite colours!) and magically seems to go with everything. Don’t you love it when you find an accessory that just works?

The rundown:

Gold Heart NecklaceeBay, $1.30

Gold Crown RingeBay, $1

ASOS Double Collar BlouseeBay, $10 (In a separate auction)

Maroon/Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2 (Seriously loving this piece—it goes with everything)

Genuine Mickey Mouse Watch – Markets, $5

Navy Skater Skirt – Ally, $15

Maroon Tights – Cotton On, $5

Black Patent Heels – Aldi, $20 (Freshly back from their Louboutin DIY Makeover!)

Total: $59.30! Yay! I love it when an outfit doesn’t breach $60. Just makes me feel like I’m doing a good job with the bargain hunting. ;)

Chuck in that Temporary Secretary fox bag for $8 more and everything just screams “cute” on this outfit. All I need is a pair of fake Prada sunnies (not because of the sun, but of course because of the crazy wind hitting Brissie today) and I’m ready to go on vacation! Michael is taking me to the Sunshine Coast—If the weather holds up and it’s not too cold, I may even bring back some shells from my trip! Super excited.

I hope all my readers have a great weekend too!! xo

Christian Louboutin Makeover

Today we’re going to delve into the world of DIY.. There are plenty of tutorials on this particular matter and while I got the idea from SoccerMomStyle, of course I had to do things my way!

Firstly, as you see in the picture above, for this project, you’re going to need some sexy shoes of any description (nude and black works best IMO), and the heel should be as high as possible. This is purely because I found you can barely see my handiwork in these modest heels and it would have had a higher impact on 10cm+ heeled pumps!

I don’t own such pumps, I mean, I can barely walk in thongs.

Secondly, you’re going to need to tape around the edges using a tape that won’t damage your heels so the paint doesn’t get onto parts of the shoe you don’t want paint. This is a pretty important step as I found out later on! I used masking tape but it seems to have gone walkabout as I couldn’t find it for picture purposes.. I probably should have used a stronger tape though, as it started to peel off mid-way through the painting process, resulting in a messy finish. Tape it on FIRMLY!

Thirdly, your paints. You’re going to want to pop into Crazy Clarks and buy some $2 bottles/tubes of a bright red and white acrylic paint. Chuck in a brush with that if you don’t have one. Delicate brushes not needed because of the tape so use whatever you think will be the easiest for you. The amount of coats will depend on what colour the sole already was. My soles were black, which meant that I needed 3 coats of white paint and drying time between each coat to ensure an even finish for the red colour.

This is a very important step; you have to make sure that the white coats dry thoroughly before starting on the red. Wait a day or two if you must but DO NOT START PAINTING WITH RED UNTIL THE WHITE COATS HAVE DRIED. Obviously you can ignore that if you have nude soles. With nude soles, you can start straight away with the red paint.

These shoes needed 4 coats of red paint because I did not let the white paint dry 100% before I started applying it. This meant that it mixed with the white, made it wet again and the white turned pink. It was a mess. I would estimate that you’d need 2-3 coats of red or whatever you need to cover the soles entirely.

Fourthly, and this is only applicable if you’re an idiot like me and didn’t get an even finish, you can break out the nailpolish. I initially used sizzling red, but it was slightly darker than that bright Louboutin look that I wanted so I covered it over again with a more orange-red called “Fire”. These nailpolishes were pretty cheap—$2 at any pharmacy. All my hard work resulted in the perfect colour!

Fifth and last step is removing the tape. Do this only after you’re sure everything is dry and do it carefully so you don’t damage the shoes. Because my tape was weak and flimsy and I didn’t press it on firmly enough, there was a bit of spill over the sides, so if you’re a numpty like me, just take a sharpie and colour over the bits you missed. If you’re doing this with nude pumps, you’re a little bit stuffed and you should have put the tape on more firmly!

DIYing is the ultimate bargain tool, and it’s not always costly to do either—the paints and polishes cost me $2 a pop, I got the brush out of my makeup box (what makeup box??), and the shoes were $20 from Aldi. You can buy similar shoes (but with that all-important higher heel!) from The Iconic for around $25 (after the discount codes I used a few posts ago!), and the nude sole will make it a lot easier for you too.

She’s the Lady in Red

When everybody else is wearing tan..

Points if you know where those lyrics are from!

I figured it was time for another post after the massive success of my last one—thank you all so much who subscribed to my blog!—and decided for a change of tact this week. Though I made it my personal mission to bring you outfits around the $50 mark, I had to go a bit over budget for this week’s outfit. Though in keeping with true frugal style, fear not, all outfits can be compiled under $100 and not a penny more.

This week I attended a VIP business meeting with some clients and thought it was the opportunity to crack out some bright accessories to combat the gloomy weather. Sad to say, it was raining outside and I was unable to shoot in my yard, so I cleaned up my desk and snapped a few pictures there instead.

Here’s the countdown:

Deer necklace – eBay, $2

White men’s shirt – Kmart, $7.50 (came in a 2-pack)

Black patent belt – Temt, free with a dress

Owl ring – eBay, $1

Red watch – eBay, $4

Red clutch – Zelows, $10 (from a sale 5 years ago!)

Black ponti fishtail skirtASOS, $25 (using 15% off code)

Diamond pantyhose – Kmart, $5

DIY red-soled heels – Aldi, $20

Total: $76.50.

With this outfit, as seen in the first photo, you also have the option of adding a blazer on top for colder weather. This particular one is from Target for $29, reduced down from $50, though there are many similar blazers available on eBay for cheap (for example, this one). So potentially, that could up the outfit price to around $90.

I’m compiling another post to come soon to show you guys where you can buy cheapies of my accessories on eBay and beat me at my own price!

This compilation is much more expensive than my usual, but I figure you can blur the lines a bit when it comes to finding classic pieces for a work outfit. The blazer I will be wearing until it’s rubbed raw, since it’s black and in a classic cut, and same goes for the skirt and shoes. Everything else is interchangeable, but sometimes you need some general staples in your wardrobe that you can wear for years to come, and  that’s not a bad investment to me.

Also, if anyone has noticed, you’ll see my shoes have had a very classy makeover!

More details on how to DIY your very own pair of fake Christian Louboutins coming up soon.