Golden Afternoon

I love days like these.

It was the perfect day for a picnic, and that’s just what we did! Me and Robert went to the Frew Park opening in Brisbane to hear his friend singing Christmas Carols, and it was awesome. There were free pony rides, ice cream, hot dogs, rock climbing, and bouncy castles (unfortunately with an age limit in place..).

My favorite part? The petting zoo with the barnyard animals. I’ve always got a soft spot for free roaming poultry. I’ll spare you the photos of me going batshit insane over the fluffy little animals.. there were a lot of those taken that day.

What I’ve been waiting a while to show off is my DIYed skirt! I’m super duper proud of this one, and it seems like the more I make them, the better I get. This skirt is different from the others because I was lazy and used a gathering method instead. I will be posting a tutorial on how to make a fluffy gathered skirt very soon, so stay tuned! I love making skirts and I’m really enjoying focusing on an “all kinds of skirts” series right now, but are there any other tutorials you want to see? I picked up a whole stack of vintage patterns recently and I’ll be working my way through those, figuring out how to make pattern-less tutorials for them.. because patterns scare me.

I kind of want to open up a handmade products business and only sell skirts.. look at them, they look so fun! I feel like the only places you can get skirts like these are from Alannah Hill or Review, and they are not cheap at all, but these skirts are so damned easy to make without a pattern. I tried it on with a petticoat from Kitten D’Amour underneath and it looks amazing! (I’ll be going onto AliEpxress and buying them cheaply though.. $60 petticoats, no thanks!)

Bawk, bawk.

I was lucky enough to be taken vintage shopping in the hours leading up to the event and I managed to snag this straw hat for $4. I say I was lucky because I mean.. Look how pale I am. Melanoma central right there. I was pretty ill-prepared for the park in general. I wore heels, like an idiot, and didn’t bring anything to sit on. There were dogs peeing everywhere. I was so scared of sitting down.

What I wore:

  • Vintage Straw Hat – Salvation Army Superstore, $4
  • Alex Perry Glasses – c/o Specsavers
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • Black Lace Cami Top – Mum’s
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift (similar here)
  • Black and White Leather Bow Belt – Mascotte, $6
  • Handmade Gathered Skirt – Me!
  • Black Kidskin Leather Heels – Mascotte, $40

Total: $53.30

So my question for you today readers is should I stick with skirt DIYs or branch out? What do you really want to see made on this blog?

A Perfect Day

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

When it rains, it pours. Just as I was enjoying braving the open world in my short pastel skirts and sleeveless blouses, along comes another reminder from Mother Nature that it’s still Winter in Brisbane. As I’m incredibly susceptible to the cold, I’ve taken to mostly hibernating inside, basking against Hugo’s eternal internal furnace (does that count as alliteration, do you think?). But when I do leave the house, I still like to dress up.

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

I am pretty much smitten with every element in this outfit. It’s something I’ve worn a lot in a few different combinations but never really bothered to document. This coat is pure magic, a lovely deep magenta with a double-breasted feature that hits just the right length. I documented it last year among some of my better purchases in June as a testament to the power of patience when bargain hunting. (I am pretty sure I called up the city ValleyGirl store every couple of days after spotting it to inquire if they were having a coat sale yet, sometimes realising how obsessive that made me look and giving them nothing other than a few panicked gasps of air before hanging up and resolving not to call them again. Sorry, ValleyGirl employees..)

Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

As for the dress, it’s also another steal from ValleyGirl–last one of its kind on the rack, I bought this several years ago and still wear it as a work dress, always with various different collared blouses paired underneath it. The perfect style for layering!

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, eBay Stud Collar Pins, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress. Lovisa Bee Brooch
Vintage Second-Hand Russian Elche Collection Black Patent Leather D'Orsay HeelsMickey Brand Watch with Rainbow Diamantes & Gold Mesh Band

The close-ups I wanted to share mainly revolve around the watch and the heels. They’re both eBay bargains! The watch is simply amazing; I wanted a gold mesh watch with a white face that I wouldn’t be so scared to wear with casual outfits, and I found the perfect one on eBay so decided to splash out (my definition of that phrase, anyways). As for the shoes, I’ve started my foray into second-hand eBay auctions and these shoes are the product of one of my first wins. Classic d’orsay style, stable heel, black patent leather, scalloped design and little gold buckles–these were too cute to pass up.

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

What I Wore:

  • Cream Angora Beret with Black Sequin Bow – Temt, $10
  • Stud Collar Clips – eBay, $1
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • Colourful Crystals Mickey Mesh Watch – eBay, $18 (Also available in silver with differently-coloured faces)
  • Double-Breasted Magenta Coat – ValleyGirl, $25
  • Gold Bow Patent Belt – Forever New, $10
  • Heart Print Blouse – eBay, $8
  • Sleeveless Grey Shift Dress – ValleyGirl, $10
  • Black Opaque TightsTarget, $1
  • Elche Collection Black Patent Scalloped D’Orsay Pumps – eBay, $20

Total: $106.30

That’s the first time in a long while I’ve went over my self-imposed limit! Generally I don’t include watches in the outfit total, though. I don’t know why, I guess I see them like I see bags, as superfluous pieces that don’t really impact the look of the outfit that much.

Speaking of bags, among much of the things you haven’t seen that I wear constantly, is this Marc Jacobs-inspired French Bulldog design that you see on his loafers–but in bag form. I don’t know what crafty person thought to themselves, “Hey, the dog flats are a big seller, let’s make a bag version!”, but I am glad that kind of ingenuity exists. They’re cute, roomy as heck, attract compliments like poop attracts flies, and CHEAP!

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, AliExpress Marc Jacobs Replica Dog Bag, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

Anyways, that’s all from me today–I’ll leave you guys with a photo of Hugo basking on our wet grass (thanks, dog) and a clip that inspired the title of today’s post. Does anyone recognize which famous children’s cartoon it belongs to? All you 90’s Australian kids will be hit with a wave of nostalgia, I promise you that!

Swedish Vallhund, Hugo

Specsavers Australia Review

Specsavers Store, Service & Glasses Review

Here it is, the long-awaited review of my local Specsavers store! If you’re anything like me, going to see any sort of health professional gives you the heebie-jeebies, but I’m pleased to say that I walked away unscathed from my recent experience with Specsavers.

(Barely. No, I’m just kidding, they were great.)

Specsavers has welcoming one-on-one consultations

From the minute I stepped into the brightly-lit store, I was warmly welcomed by the staff who were only too happy to come to my assistance. The place has a sophisticated, modern decor and everything was thankfully very clean (which is really important to me when it comes to things regarding my health) and the staff are pleasant, well-trained and seemed to have answers to every curve ball I’d throw at them! (How new is the technology that’s being used here today? How does the prescription for my astigmatism work? Can you hold my bag while I take a million selfies? Or actually I think I asked Daniel that last question..)

Specsavers has modern equipment and a clean environment

In fact, the only bad part of the entire process was the dreaded eye-puff test. I had actually been putting off using the voucher for the free glasses that I received from Specsavers (in return for the review) because of the eye puffy thingy. It’s kind of stupid because as an avid wearer of glasses, I get this test done all the time when I eventually get my prescription checked, and it doesn’t ever hurt, but it’s still SCARY and I’m, like, four. This is when the staff’s infinite kindness and patience really won them brownie points as I descended into nervous-giggling hysterics resembling those of a 14-year-old girl seeing Justin Beiber for the first time. We tried about three times before we got it right.

POOF! It was done. That wasn’t so bad! And then I realised that I have two eyes and the machine must have seen the look of despair in my eyes and POOFed me before I had a chance to descend back into hysteria.

Specsavers was very sanitary and organized

The rest of the test was decidedly less scary, though. I had an awesome optometrist who was very friendly and even gave me a giggle or two.

The optometrist at Specsavers was very friendly, funny, and professional

This was my optometrist. He is a seriously lovely guy and sanitized all the equipment before I used it, including his hands, which was simply fantastic! He was even the first optometrist to tell me that my prescription had moved down in one eye instead of up, which was a huge bonus for me; what with my paranoia about going blind by the age of thirty with the rate my prescription has been changing over the last few years.

The best part? The entire session is bulk-billed, which means no out-of-pocket expense.

With all that stuff over and done with and my prescription on file, now came the part I was most looking forwards to–shopping!

Specsavers had so many glasses to choose from, and their own in-house brand

Specsavers has a huge range of in-house designs from $39, and I took many, many selfies of potential frames, despite odd looks from other customers wandering the floors with me. An awesome touch I have to mention–the Specsavers staff offered the use of their iPad for me to take the selfies and email to myself. I had brought my camera with me for this exact purpose but for people who aren’t so prepared, this is a fantastic service and one of which you should definitely take advantage!

Specsavers also has a designer range with labels such as Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan, Country Road, FCUK, Karen Millen, Red or Dead, Roxy, and Tommy Hilfiger

I spent an hour perusing the styles at Specsavers (much to the displeasure of the boy who accompanied me.. thanks, Danny!). There were so many to choose from! The designer section took up most of my time as usually I would never consider designer options for myself because of usually high price tags, but I found their designer options surprisingly affordable. I went home with the photos, reviewed them with family members, loved ones, and the dog, and even visited other stores just in case there were styles I was missing and I finally made a choice a few weeks later.

Specsavers sent me on my way with a whole bag of goodies!

I was so excited to take my pack home and toss out my old frames. (For those who are wondering, the voucher and pamplets were sent to me via mail from Specsavers’ lovely PR manager from the beginning, but I decided to include them in the photo anyways.) After booking my personalized fitting, where they adjusted the glasses to the dimensions of my face and ears, I was finally able to wear my new glasses home (One of the pairs, anyways. I didn’t actually wear two pairs of glasses home).

Included in my Specsavers glasses package were two cases and a bottle of lens cleaner

Anyways, both of my glasses came with their own glasses case and a lens cleaner (which does a much better job of cleaning my glasses than my breath and the corner of my t-shirt does).

I chose Collette Dinnigan 02 and Alex Perry 34 for my glasses from Specsavers

..And here they are!


A close-up of my Alex Perry frames and the gold detailing on the corners

It’s hard to pick a favorite because I wear them both for different occasions and never really one more than the other. The Alex Perry frames are a matte black metal frame with gold detailing that remind me of little flecks of feathers or pebbles, and I often wear them to work and they always make me feel a million bucks. But they’re heavier than the plastic frames, so I wear the Collette Dinnigan ones if I’m going for comfort and a more gentle look.

A close-up of the ornate carving on my Collette Dinnigan frames

I actually had to go to a different store before I found these on the stands, and I’m so pleased that I did! The detailing on the corners and arms is a really lovely, subtle touch that gives me just enough frou frou to still feel fancy when I wear them out. Of course, these tortoiseshell frames are a bit less jarring against my pale skin as well, which is important to me since they’re thicker than the Alex Perrys. The only downside is that as someone who isn’t used to wearing plastic glasses which don’t have nose pads, the plastic bridge keeps getting greased up by my big ol’ nose and sliding down my face.

Does anyone have a solution to that, yet?

Anyways, that was my official review of my time spent at Specsavers–Although the products were provided to me in return for the reviews, I was not paid for my words and all opinions stated here are my own. I was very pleased with the quality and service of the products, and would definitely shop there again. I definitely consider them on the higher-end of budget eyewear, but their continual offers make them a worthwhile shop if you’re on a tight budget but need a new pair of glasses.

Spot On

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch

Hello frugalistas! This is the dress I wanted to show you–the one I bought from St Augustine’s Jumble Sale. I found it tucked onto a little rack on the upper level, where all the international designer brands were held and now it’s safely tucked in my own wardrobe.

From what I could find out, it was made by a French label in the 80’s (that would explain the shoulder pads). It’s well-structured, fully-lined and made from gorgeous, thick, crepe-de-chine fabric that resists wrinkling and keeps you warm in Winter (I am also wearing a thermal t-shirt bodysuit underneath the blouse, so that helps).

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch, Stud Collar Clips

This is also a good opportunity to show off the other glasses I chose from Specsavers (more pictures near the end of the post)! These frames are from designer Alex Perry, and I love the gold flecks around the edges of the glasses–they remind me of feathers, a little bit–and the tortoiseshell arms are endlessly stylish.

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch

You know I love my accessories.

Small Gold Mesh Lorus Watch RTA50AX9

This is another new thing I wanted to show off–my gold mesh Lorus watch is a graduation present of mine and I utterly adore it. It has a really slim profile which means it doesn’t feel too bulky on my wrist but, as you come to expect when you have wrists that disappear when viewed in profile, the band is abnormally long and adjusted to the tightest setting, which leaves an annoying excess of strap wrapped underneath. I’ve been trying to find a place that will cut mesh straps down to size, but I’m starting to feel this is an impossible ask.

Cheap or expensive, I always have this problem with mesh watch bands (this funnily enough gets even worse the more expensive the watch is, e.g. Skagen). Why are they so damn long? Who has wrists big enough to fit the loosest setting anyways? Jabba the Hut?? WHAT KIND OF MONSTERS ARE WE MAKING THESE WATCHES FOR??

Sheer Black Polka Dot Pantyhose, Mascotte Kidskin Heels

On another note, these tights are one of the varieties you can get from the Reject Shop for a couple of dollars. They last a fairly decent time and I only managed to destroy my last ones because I seemingly lose all coordination when I’m around sharp objects. Dammit.

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch, Stud Collar Clips

What I Wore:

  • Alex Perry 34 Frames – c/o Specsavers
  • Stud Collar ClipseBay, $1 (Bought them ages ago, wear them all the time, yet never featured them..)
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • White Flocked Polka Dot Blouse – Target, $10
  • Gold Nautical Knot Belt – Colette, $5
  • Le Zinc Umbrella Pleated Skirt – St Augustine’s Jumble Sale, $5
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift (similar here)
  • Sheer Black Polka Dot Pantyhose – Reject Shop, $2
  • Black Kidskin Leather Heels – Mascotte, $40

Total: $66.30

What’s weird about this outfit is that the collar clips and belt are utter favorites–things I’ve worn a million times over–and yet they’ve scarcely made an appearance on this blog. That’s definitely about to change!

Anyways–watch out for my Specsavers review, coming up after this break.

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch, Stud Collar Clips