Trying New Things

I never wear turquoise! Is it my colour? I haven’t quite decided yet.

I’m still experimenting with my office style–trying to keep it somewhat work-appropriate but still unique to me. One of my workmates calls me the “office fashionista”, which is kind of nice, considering that they could be calling me the “office sideshow” with all the crazy-colourful ensembles that I’m trying to incorporate into my everyday workwear.

It’s hard to strike a balance when your office is so cold–I’ve taken to leaving a pink double-breasted tweed woollen coat I bought from the church jumble (for $5!) permanently attached to the back of my chair so I don’t have to carry a big pink coat around me wherever I go. Of course that means no matter how sombre and serious my outfit is, at some point during the day, I will be walking around in a bright pink oversized coat.

That being said, I think this outfit is a pleasant mix of serious and playful–I mean, just check out those heels! I haven’t been able to take them off my feet since I bought them.

As a bonus to today’s post, I decided to include a few pictures of Hugo goofing around with me. He can be such a photogenic dog sometimes. Of course, other times he’s just like his mommy with one eye half-closed and a derpy look on his face, but that’s just his lovable personality right there!

If you ever come to visit, ask him to give you a hi-ten. Stubby as his legs may be, those are his speciality.

What I wore:

  • Gold-Plated Bee BroochAliExpress, $2 (On special–I also bought the silver variety!)
  • Linen Pencil Dress – Kmart, $9
  • White Tassle Belt – Forever New (outlet), $6
  • Retro White Mary-Jane Heels – Salvation Army, $8

Simple, and classic. I didn’t give you an accessories rundown in the previous post so I made up any excuse to wear these shoes again so I could tell you about them! I got them from the Salvos a little while ago but the lining had fallen off so I’m not sure what brand they are. All I know is that they say size 7 on the bottom and yet they fit my size 8.5 feet perfectly and I can walk around in them for hours without getting sore. The most important characteristic in any shoes you own should be comfort factor. If they hurt my feet, I don’t buy them.

If you’ll allow me to rabble on about a different topic here, I am proud and excited to announce that I have officially finished sewing my first dress EVER! This is a pretty big step for me as I’ve been sewing for less than a year and have only recently jumped into using patterns. I’m hoping to feature it in my blog pretty soon, and also start compiling a list of resources for the thrifty seamstress–Places to buy fabric and other sewing-related paraphernalia on the cheap.

I’d love to get your feedback on it first though–For anyone who is looking to take up sewing, what’s something you struggle with most?

Golden Afternoon

I love days like these.

It was the perfect day for a picnic, and that’s just what we did! Me and Robert went to the Frew Park opening in Brisbane to hear his friend singing Christmas Carols, and it was awesome. There were free pony rides, ice cream, hot dogs, rock climbing, and bouncy castles (unfortunately with an age limit in place..).

My favorite part? The petting zoo with the barnyard animals. I’ve always got a soft spot for free roaming poultry. I’ll spare you the photos of me going batshit insane over the fluffy little animals.. there were a lot of those taken that day.

What I’ve been waiting a while to show off is my DIYed skirt! I’m super duper proud of this one, and it seems like the more I make them, the better I get. This skirt is different from the others because I was lazy and used a gathering method instead. I will be posting a tutorial on how to make a fluffy gathered skirt very soon, so stay tuned! I love making skirts and I’m really enjoying focusing on an “all kinds of skirts” series right now, but are there any other tutorials you want to see? I picked up a whole stack of vintage patterns recently and I’ll be working my way through those, figuring out how to make pattern-less tutorials for them.. because patterns scare me.

I kind of want to open up a handmade products business and only sell skirts.. look at them, they look so fun! I feel like the only places you can get skirts like these are from Alannah Hill or Review, and they are not cheap at all, but these skirts are so damned easy to make without a pattern. I tried it on with a petticoat from Kitten D’Amour underneath and it looks amazing! (I’ll be going onto AliEpxress and buying them cheaply though.. $60 petticoats, no thanks!)

Bawk, bawk.

I was lucky enough to be taken vintage shopping in the hours leading up to the event and I managed to snag this straw hat for $4. I say I was lucky because I mean.. Look how pale I am. Melanoma central right there. I was pretty ill-prepared for the park in general. I wore heels, like an idiot, and didn’t bring anything to sit on. There were dogs peeing everywhere. I was so scared of sitting down.

What I wore:

  • Vintage Straw Hat – Salvation Army Superstore, $4
  • Alex Perry Glasses – c/o Specsavers
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • Black Lace Cami Top – Mum’s
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift (similar here)
  • Black and White Leather Bow Belt – Mascotte, $6
  • Handmade Gathered Skirt – Me!
  • Black Kidskin Leather Heels – Mascotte, $40

Total: $53.30

So my question for you today readers is should I stick with skirt DIYs or branch out? What do you really want to see made on this blog?

Hello Sailor!

I’m obnoxiously delighted with my latest purchases. Have you ever bought something on a whim only to later discover how much you love it and consequently wear said item as though it’s going out of fashion? (No, only me?)

A little while ago, I was strolling through the Chandler Markets with Danny and we came across a darling little tent selling some very nice boutique-inspired apparel (for very reasonable prices as well, I only lament the utter lack of changing rooms in the establishment). Before leaving, I had a glance at their jewelry table, and among the usual assortment of Chinese-made wares that make appearances in stores such as Diva, Lovisa and AliExpress, I came across an utterly beautiful brooch. To say I am partial to insect jewelry is a bit of an understatement–I couldn’t bear to leave without it.

Long story short: you’ll be seeing a lot of this giant insect brooch from now on. Can any budding entomologists hazard a guess to the species? Danny says cicada, but my guess is some kind of wasp–I honestly can’t tell.

Another purchase I’m particularly proud of is this nautical-themed short-sleeved jacket from the Salvation Army. Greedily I snatched it from the sale rack like a bling-starved Smeagol with not a clue on how to style it, but I knew I had to have it.

Here’s the rundown of my outfit:

  • Giant Insect Brooch – Chandler Markets, $5
  • White Pleated Blouse – Target, a gift from MA
  • Brandless Nautical Short-Sleeved Jacket – Salvation Army, $8.50
  • Wine/Gold Pyramid Bangle – Myer, $3.50
  • Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)
  • Wine Patent Waist Belt – Kmart, $3
  • Belted Shorts With Turn UpASOS, $22 (they had a crazy 20% off Christmas special)
  • Patent Wine MaryJane Heels – Zu, $30

Total: $78.00

This may be a bit of a stretch, but styled with matching shorts and a corporate blouse with a belt cinching my waist, I almost feel like I’m wearing a vintage-feel Chanel-inspired Summer suit, and I love it. This would be something I would adore wearing to work, alas, if they only allowed me!

That’s something new, by the way–I’ve recently obtained a job at one of my favorite shoe stores, Mascotte.

Yep, I’m back into retail.

I will go into further detail in a future post, but for now, it’s suffice to say that the design industry was wearing me down to the bone. Work is now an absolute pleasure for me–There’s never a dull moment, and I find the overall experience far more rewarding than being cooped up in frigid office environments with little more to do than stare at a blank screen for hours on end.

I may return to my design roots, I may not–I may one day find a way to combine the two (that would be the best of both worlds), or maybe I’ll be a shop girl for the rest of my life. I know this is not what I’ve been planning for through all those years of studying in uni, but what can I say? I just want to be happy, and I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it.

Mulberry Madness


Just a few days ago I went shopping with my boyfriend Daniel and somehow we both ended up in matching outfits. It was quite a hilarious, albeit embarrassing situation, but I gotta say, the absolute highlight of the day was when the store assistants in Y.D. broke into giggling hysterics about what a “cute couple” we were, with our “coordinating outfits”. I think the next time I go out with Danny, I’m going to have to ask him what he’s wearing so we can avoid this from happening again.

To be fair, since we’re both redheads (he is a natural one, of course), the same colours tend to compliment us quite well (although don’t expect to be seeing Danny in magenta any time soon). This is probably why it’s so fun to go shopping with him; because if it suits me, it’s bound to suit him too.

I couldn’t resist using this opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot under my little mulberry tree. I would do this with more men in my life if they would let me; you’re all very lucky that Danny was quite accommodating regarding having a camera shoved in his face!

So without further ado, here’s our rundowns:


Danny wore:

  • K&L Mirror Aviator Sunglasses – Who knows?
  • Skagen Watch – Who knows?
  • Contrast Raglan Top – Kmart, $8 (I must add that the store assistant at Roger David incorrectly identified the shirt as one of their own, ehehe)
  • Leather Belt – Salvation Army, $7
  • Wine Jeans/ChinosGeneral Pants Co, $40 (Sale only in-store)
  • Navigator Blue Suede ShoesWilliams, $60 (25% off – Sale only in-store)

Total: $115

To be fair, this was all the information I had about the outfit so the actual total would probably be higher, but neither sunglasses nor watch (as much as I love it) are necessary to complete this outfit. I do love the watch he’s wearing though – I have a soft spot for those particular types of bands and there’s nothing classier than a man wearing a low-profile elegant watch.

Hugo loves Danny, by the way, so that’s why he’s photobombing all these photos.


What I wore:

  • Simple Gold ChainAliExpress, $2.10
  • Contrast Breton Striped Top – Big W, $12
  • Wine Bangle – Rubi, $2
  • Gold Croc BeltDotti, $3.50
  • White Pleated SkirtAlly, $20 (One word: POCKETS! With the pockets, structured shape and full lining underneath, this seemed like a great buy to me)
  • Patent Wine MaryJane Heels – Zu, $30

Total: $69.60

Not bad, it took me a while to find all these pieces but I feel like my collection is getting closer to completion! Next step, finding a dark navy skirt exactly like this one. Considering dying the purple one, but that’s probably a bad idea for polyester..

My life has been drama after drama recently and that’s why I’ve been so slow to update this blog. I’ve been very introspective about my journey so far, writing plenty of entries in my diary, creating lists, making new plans. I’ve picked up a new hobby (which I will tell you about later!) and made so many new friends, met plenty of cute guys, and had an absolute blast along the way. I’m also beginning to learn the important lesson that sometimes, other people’s problems have nothing to do with me and I can’t contribute to them any more than I can repair them, and that’s okay. Everyone has their own stuff to deal with, we’re no exception to the rule.

I am doing well at work, about to start jury duty the following week, and I’m smack bang in the middle of figuring out when I will be financially able to move out.

Living here is driving me crazy.  Well, crazier.