Spring Blossoms

One of my favorite parts of living in Australia is the various fauna and flora you’ll find, with the warmer climate ensuring that colourful blossoms are as perennial as the grass. I know the Morning Glory flower is known as a rabid weed that most people choose to exterminate, but I still think they make for beautiful photographs.

How cute are these pants, by the way? I’m a monthly regular at the Hamilton Church Jumble now, and every time I go, I seem to find the most wicked bargains. I was worried for a second that these pants wouldn’t fit (they are a size 12 but they’re older than I am so the actual waist size is tiny!) but they slipped on like a dream in the dressing room and I couldn’t not buy them. It’s so hard to find high-waisted pants in this kind of style nowadays. Hipster pants just don’t work for me.

What I wore:

Total: $85.88

These gold flats are basically the embodiment of the phrase “buttery soft”.

On that note, I’m quite annoyed that Mascotte has closed down permanently. I had a few male friends who raved about their selection of gorgeous round-toed leather men’s shoes (much a relief from the usual square/pointy toed hideousness you see in modern-day men’s stores) now they’re all packed up and gone. Ironically, one of the reasons I loved them so much (cheap, high-quality leather shoes) was probably the source of their downfall. You can’t have “70% off everything” sales four times a year and expect to make any kind of profit, really. I have four pairs of Mascotte shoes, and I’m really sad I didn’t go in for more when I had the opportunity.

I basically cherish these ones like they’re actually made of gold.

Summer Bouquet

I know it’s not Summer anymore but whew does it feel like it. Just when I thought Summer was officially over, we had a little bump in temperature which has led to many days at a time spent basking in the air conditioning of my home and car. I’m still favoring the shorter black skirts at work because our air conditioner never seems cold enough. First world problems–seems like just yesterday I was bemoaning the frosty, arctic temperatures/temperaments at the office where I used to work and now I’m complaining that it’s not cold enough.

To be fair, I do a lot of running around in my current job and did a lot of sitting at my previous work.

Speaking of which, I’ll have to show you the kind of outfits I’m wearing to Mascotte at some point–it just seems too hot to be standing around the yard shooting pictures in black clothing.

Anyways, here is the long-awaited appearance of the Mombasa floral shorts! I didn’t wear them very much for a couple of reasons.

  • They were two sizes too big for me because I waited for a sale instead of buying them at $50 and they only had a size 12 pair left.
  • Th’heck am I gonna wear with lavender shorts–my least favorite colour?

That all changed when I bought these simple gold ballet flats from Mascotte. These are my default shoes if I don’t know what I want to wear on my feet. They’re honestly lifesavers. A cushy, buttery-soft, pair of lifesavers. Click on any picture to open up the lightbox for a closer look.

And here I am practicing my “Blue Steel” gaze–Not really, the sun was getting in my eyes.

The particularly observant will notice that my entire outfit is floral-based, from shorts to the leaf-shaped collar clips to the rings from ASOS and the gold-studded blouse from Temt. Once upon a time, I told myself I wouldn’t wear florals because I hated them, but it seems like I’m really becoming drawn to big blooms and patterns that emulate nature nowadays, and I love it.

What I’m wearing:

  • DIY Pink Leaf Earrings as collar clips – Big W, $2
  • Flower Studded Pattern Blouse – Temt, $10
  • Triple Ring Pack – ASOS, $5
  • Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)
  • Gold Bracelet – Graduation gift
  • Patent Leather Lilac BeltAliExpress, $2.30 (Lots of colours, but the “baby pink” is definitely lilac)
  • Floral Shorts – Mombasa, $25
  • Gold Leather Flats – Mascotte, $48

Total: $98.30

Until next time, readers, stay cool and keep a sharp eye out for that box-pleated skirt tutorial. Coming up soon! :)

Pastel Princess


How long has it been since I last made a lookbook post?? Months, probably. As the weather heats up in Brisbane, I’m sure that everyone cannot think of a better thing to do than to stay indoors under the ever-vigilant air conditioner. I can literally feel the perspiration rising up to the surface of my skin the very second I step outside, and I’m always conscious of my hair slowly beginning to flatten and stick to my scalp. Not a good look. But still, that’s hardly an excuse for keeping my readers in the dark. Yes, it’s hot; yes, I’m lazy, but I have a duty to fulfill–a duty towards my readers and their wallets in this economic climate of ours!

Okay, enough ranting and raving.

This is one of my favorite outfits as of late. As you know, I like pastels; they just perfectly mesh with my skintone and hair so I find any excuse I can to wear pastel ensembles while gallivanting around town. Boy, have I bought a lot of pastels for Summer.

Here’s the rundown in front of you:

Chain NecklaceAliExpress, $2

Flower Embroidered Blouse – Valleygirl, $15

Lemon Polka Dot 3/4 Blazer – Chicabooti, $16

Triple Ring PackASOS, $5 (Oh my GOD these rings are to die for, they go with everything)

Pink & Gold Bow Belt – Colette, $5 (I absolutely love this belt, it has a faint sparkle in the sunlight and you know I can’t resist sparkle)

Pink Flower Embroidered Scalloped Shorts – Valleygirl, $15

“Joy” Nude Bow HeelsNovo Shoes, $35 (I call these flats because these are about as flat as I can wear my shoes. These have a squishy soft leather lining!)

Total: $93.

Yeek, I’m cutting it fine with my own rules! It’s the shoes’ fault, they’re too damn expensive. I wouldn’t have even bought them if I wasn’t for the fact that I needed a cute, neutral pair of low-heeled shoes and no matter where I looked, these were the best that fit the bill and didn’t display an obscene amount of toe cleavage. Hate toe cleavage, especially because I have absurdly high arches so it’s bound to happen with most of the “flats” out there…

Anyways, I digress. Throw in a mint bowknot handbag (AliExpress, $15) and you’re styling! I actually have an interesting story about this bag.. I saw suspiciously similar bags on display at Dangerfield and Kitten D’Amour. I was caught off-guard, thinking that I must have bought a cheaper replica of some sort, but no, they’re all made out of the same PU material, have faults in the same places, and even the hardware was the same.

(Pictured: My bags on the left, then Dangerfield on top, followed by Kitten D’Amour)

They’re all from a similar “line” produced in China, except that buying directly from AliExpress, I paid $15, and anyone who buys from those two stores are going to be paying upwards of $60 per bag! Absolute insanity. Oh… and here’s the exact same red Kitten D’Amour bag from AliExpress, if you were interested (it also comes in bright yellow, orange, and black, from the listings I’ve seen floating around). So there, to all the haters who look down their nose at me because I refuse to go to those high end stores and buy the same product for 500% more because it suddenly has a brand name attached to it.

More notes about my purchases: I’ve been looking for a pale yellow blazer for what seems like forever. I found the aforementioned one at Chicabooti for $16, but it was in a very small size 8, and I was so torn! The sleeves were crazy tight on my arms and I couldn’t button it up at the front, but I bought it anyways and chucked it in the DIY pile. Only last night did I get around to letting out the arms and the darts in the back with my sewing machine and it fits perfectly now. If it comes unstitched though, I might just.. die. Because it’s taken me a whole year to find something like this and I don’t wanna let it go! Only now I’m feeling like I should be cautious about how often I wear it because realistically, when is the next time I’ll ever grab a score like this again??

Are there any items you own that are a one-of-a-kind and you’re too scared to wear out? I used to scoff at people who do this with brand name handbags and I feel sort of pathetic that I’m doing it over a $16 blazer, but oh well..

Keep cool and wear sunscreen, frugalistas!