handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top wittner tan maryjane heels

What a year so far! I’m sort of on the road to recovery after a very long and very boring hiatus from sewing.

I wish I could say that there was a good reason that I stopped sewing for all those months, but they’re all the lame, trite excuses of a seasoned procrastinator. Truth is, I had a bit of a sewing block, and watching Netflix in bed with my bebs until the wee hours of the morning seemed way more appealing than dragging out the ol’ sewing machine so I could sit for a few hours in the freezing cold, cramped sewing room. Now that the weather is heating up, so is my sewing machine! The fact that I now have a giant sewing desk in my room somewhat helps too. I have a million vintage patterns, it’s time to get started on them.

Last night, I sewed on the sleeves on my WIP McCall’s 2329 project, which was exciting. AND it now buttons up at the back. Just need to whip up that skirt and I’ll have another me-made dress for the blog! I’m trying to phase my wardrobe into more handmade items, but gosh the lure of AliExpress and eBay is mighty tempting. Especially since AliExpress is having another mega-sale tonight. There goes all my money, oh well.

handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top wittner tan maryjane heels

You’ve already seen this skirt but I wanted to show it off again, because my new resolution is to make lots of these. They’re comfortable, work-appropriate, versatile, and made-for-me-sized, so no gappy waists and saggy hips. Albeit the hips are slightly tight on this one (or has my butt gotten bigger? Again?). Nevermind, the next one will be better.

How good are these heels? I bought them from a jumble sale because they were barely-worn Wittner heels and my size to boot (ha, not my best shoe-related pun) but they were a kind of weird pale yellow brown sort of colour. A bit of tan shoe polish and some time later, hey presto! Perfect shoes to coordinate with my favorite tan belt.

handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top

What I’m wearing:

  • Bronze Amber Elephant Necklace – Mum’s, vintage
  • Navy wool top – Aldi (gift from mum but I think it was $25?)
  • Tan Belt – ASOS, free with a dress
  • Green Pencil Skirt – DIY, $1.80
  • Wittner “Jordy” Tan Cutout MaryJane Heels – Jumble Sale, $8

handmade green pencil skirt aldi wool top wittner tan maryjane heels

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Repeating that mantra to myself over and over, it’s getting easier and easier to believe in it each time.

Apologies in advance for some of the grainy images, Robert took these shots just after I got home from work and the sun had almost dipped beyond the horizon. These fleeting moments were gathered just before the last light left Brisbane for the day.

If you live in Brisbane, you’ll know all about the devastating thunderstorm that wreaked havoc throughout my city on Thursday night, devastating everything in its path. I have never seen hailstones so big in my entire life, with cricket-ball sized stones pelting the town into submission. Several friends of mine have damaged cars, flooded apartments, and I’m only just coming to terms with my own losses from the storm.

I’m not gonna talk too much about it, but suffice to say that I’ve been very upset about it since Thursday. Everyone’s talk of “Oh you’re safe, that’s all that matters”, as well-intentioned as they were, was truly not comforting at all, and I got quite distressed every time someone blasted off that trite piece of baloney when I told them how upset I was over my loss. Just let me grieve!

I know grieving over material objects is stupid and pointless and possibly even quite vain of me, especially when other people lost so much more, but I can’t help but feel the pain from my own loss too. There being other people in the world who are worse-off than me does not make my pain and suffering any less valid, and I’ve always believed that and tried to explain this to others who felt guilty over being sad about something.

Anyways, we shall not dwell on that for the rest of this post. I had this photoshoot right after work because I wanted to show off the new skirt I made–Considering it’s the first time I’ve ever sewn from a pattern, I think it turned out pretty great! For those curious, I used a heavily modified version of Vogue 5376, with sloping sides, a back vent and additional belt loops. I grabbed the fabric from the remnants bin for a couple of dollars for practice and decided that even though it’s not colour I wear very often, it’s definitely a very wearable piece! It needs a good iron after sitting down for 8 hours, but I still love it.

I’m still desperately trying to cling onto any cool weather that’s left before it gets unbearably hot, so this is probably the last time this year that you’ll see this awesome flag-printed blouse.

What I wore:

  • Collette Dinnigan Glasses – c/o Specsavers
  • Flag-Printed Blouse – eBay, $11.50 (Available on AliExpress for $10)
  • Tan Belt – ASOS, free with a dress
  • Green Pencil Skirt – DIY, $1.80
  • Country Road Tan Leather Heels – eBay Auction, $6

Total: $19.30 – Which is a stupid total because you can only really buy one of the things I’m wearing here currently. Sorry!

Anywho, that’s all from me this week – Keep the people in Brisbane who have lost their homes and cars in your thoughts, and I’ll get back to you soon with another little DIY before you know it!