Raspberry Beret

Brrr, it’s cold in here!

Do you ever get that feeling where you’re just bemoaning the current season and then the next season hits you like a tonne of bricks and you’re suddenly bussing to work under 700 layers of clothing and the large, heavy woolen coats you’ve been wearing in your heavily air-conditioned environment suddenly make sense to people around you?

On the bright side, when I walk into the communal kitchen wearing ugg boots (I swear this is the only time I wear them, I swear!) and an oversized pink wool-blend tweed coat I picked up from a clothing jumble for $5 (woohoo!), people now sympathise with me (“Yes, quite cold outside, isn’t it?”) instead of giving me looks normally reserved for mentally deranged homeless people (all those side-eyes, I tell you what).

And now I have an excuse to dip back into my glorious coat collection!

This may also be the Winter of funky tights. Possibly. I haven’t decided whether these bright pink tights make me feel fabulous or ridiculous, but I’m somewhere in that zone.

How brilliantly do they match this jacket, though? When Kmart was selling a bunch of colour-blocked tights for 20c a pack, I couldn’t resist buying a pair in all three colours, and then I proceeded to shove them into a corner of my cupboard, never to be seen again until a year later, and here they are. My legs won’t be cold today, no sir.

What I wore:

  • Alex Perry Glasses – c/o Specsavers
  • Cream Angora Beret with Black Sequin Bow – Temt, $10
  • White Flocked Polka Dot Blouse – Target, $10
  • Girls’ Black Ponti Dress – Target, $15
  • Black and White Bow Belt – Mascotte, $6
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift (similar here)
  • Pink Woolen Jacket w Leather Trim – Igedo, $15 (Although the last purchase I’ll ever make from them after how rudely they treated me when I tried to return a faulty item)
  • Opaque Magenta Tights – Kmart, 20c
  • Jo Mercer “Hooch” Mary Jane Heels – The Iconic, $60

Total: $116.20


A Perfect Day

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

When it rains, it pours. Just as I was enjoying braving the open world in my short pastel skirts and sleeveless blouses, along comes another reminder from Mother Nature that it’s still Winter in Brisbane. As I’m incredibly susceptible to the cold, I’ve taken to mostly hibernating inside, basking against Hugo’s eternal internal furnace (does that count as alliteration, do you think?). But when I do leave the house, I still like to dress up.

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

I am pretty much smitten with every element in this outfit. It’s something I’ve worn a lot in a few different combinations but never really bothered to document. This coat is pure magic, a lovely deep magenta with a double-breasted feature that hits just the right length. I documented it last year among some of my better purchases in June as a testament to the power of patience when bargain hunting. (I am pretty sure I called up the city ValleyGirl store every couple of days after spotting it to inquire if they were having a coat sale yet, sometimes realising how obsessive that made me look and giving them nothing other than a few panicked gasps of air before hanging up and resolving not to call them again. Sorry, ValleyGirl employees..)

Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

As for the dress, it’s also another steal from ValleyGirl–last one of its kind on the rack, I bought this several years ago and still wear it as a work dress, always with various different collared blouses paired underneath it. The perfect style for layering!

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, eBay Stud Collar Pins, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress. Lovisa Bee Brooch
Vintage Second-Hand Russian Elche Collection Black Patent Leather D'Orsay HeelsMickey Brand Watch with Rainbow Diamantes & Gold Mesh Band

The close-ups I wanted to share mainly revolve around the watch and the heels. They’re both eBay bargains! The watch is simply amazing; I wanted a gold mesh watch with a white face that I wouldn’t be so scared to wear with casual outfits, and I found the perfect one on eBay so decided to splash out (my definition of that phrase, anyways). As for the shoes, I’ve started my foray into second-hand eBay auctions and these shoes are the product of one of my first wins. Classic d’orsay style, stable heel, black patent leather, scalloped design and little gold buckles–these were too cute to pass up.

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

What I Wore:

  • Cream Angora Beret with Black Sequin Bow – Temt, $10
  • Stud Collar Clips – eBay, $1
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • Colourful Crystals Mickey Mesh Watch – eBay, $18 (Also available in silver with differently-coloured faces)
  • Double-Breasted Magenta Coat – ValleyGirl, $25
  • Gold Bow Patent Belt – Forever New, $10
  • Heart Print Blouse – eBay, $8
  • Sleeveless Grey Shift Dress – ValleyGirl, $10
  • Black Opaque TightsTarget, $1
  • Elche Collection Black Patent Scalloped D’Orsay Pumps – eBay, $20

Total: $106.30

That’s the first time in a long while I’ve went over my self-imposed limit! Generally I don’t include watches in the outfit total, though. I don’t know why, I guess I see them like I see bags, as superfluous pieces that don’t really impact the look of the outfit that much.

Speaking of bags, among much of the things you haven’t seen that I wear constantly, is this Marc Jacobs-inspired French Bulldog design that you see on his loafers–but in bag form. I don’t know what crafty person thought to themselves, “Hey, the dog flats are a big seller, let’s make a bag version!”, but I am glad that kind of ingenuity exists. They’re cute, roomy as heck, attract compliments like poop attracts flies, and CHEAP!

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, AliExpress Marc Jacobs Replica Dog Bag, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

Anyways, that’s all from me today–I’ll leave you guys with a photo of Hugo basking on our wet grass (thanks, dog) and a clip that inspired the title of today’s post. Does anyone recognize which famous children’s cartoon it belongs to? All you 90’s Australian kids will be hit with a wave of nostalgia, I promise you that!

Swedish Vallhund, Hugo

Jeans for Genes

I actually own three pairs of jeans so the fact that I’m wearing something colloquially referred to as “jeggings” on Jeans for Genes Day is a little weird, I admit.

But I’m running errands today and felt like wearing something in which I can freely lounge and move and, you know, run.

Yes. I run in kitten heels. Albeit, not very fast.

I know there are people out there who harbor this relentless, angry, hatred towards jeggings, the same kind that makes all of us cringe at those poor clueless souls wearing Crocs or Ugg boots in public (If you do that, stop. Stop immediately.), and for me, I agree, to a degree. Also I like rhyming.

Anyways, there’s a big difference between a pair of jeans that contain 3% elastane and the more famously recognized “jeggings” that consist of >70% spandex. These are not those kind of jeggings, and for an extra percentage worth of elastane in comparison to regular jeans, I’ll happily wear these any day and consider them jeans, contrary to what any label says. It would probably make you all equally horrified to know that I bought these from Supre, too.

Did I also mention that the waist fits me perfectly, though? For those with curves at all, these things hug your hips like nothing else will and will prevent all those annoying gapes that you all have on your conventional jeans. (Slight curve, demi curve, and bold curve, my ass, Levi.)

This is another silver-toned outfit if you haven’t noticed, and I’m wearing one of the badges that I bought way back when my friends and I put in a massive collective order together. Still crazy about my little collection of pins and I’ve practically swapped out all my necklaces for cute brooches. I got sick of my acidic skin tarnishing any costume jewelry I dared to wear.

What I wore:

  • Silver Hair CuffeBay, $1 (Available in gold or silver)
  • Giraffe & Gemstone Badges – AliExpress, 80c
  • Boy’s Navy Scarf – Big W, $2
  • Silver and White Striped Top – SES, $2
  • Silver Mesh Band Watch with Sapphire Face – Target, $6
  • Tribal Stitch Belt – Dotti, $6.95
  • “Jeggings” – Supre, $20
  • Corelli Leather Kitten Heels – Mathers, $9

Total: $47.75

I’m pretty happy with that. This Winter has been see-sawing between a tropical temperatures and the sub-arctic, so I’m going outside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

As a final note, my birthday coming up in a week’s time–I’m so excited!–so I’ve postphoned my popular AliExpress wishlist post a little bit. So until then, happy Jeans for Genes Day, and don’t forget to give generously!

Warm Winter Wishes

Warm Winter Wishlist

I almost couldn’t find a suitable title for this one. Nothing appropriate rhymes with “July” or starts with “J”, so that’s the best I could come up with. Nevertheless, the title seems pretty appropriate as I sit here with my box of tissues, under seventeen layers of clothing wrapped up in a giraffe onesie and topped with fluoro yellow fingerless gloves my mother bought because they were 10c and not because they look good (I can assure you, they look appalling with this classy getup I’ve got on right now). It’s so bloody cold right now that I can’t muster the will to turn the heating on because I’ve just warmed up this patch of air and I feel like if I get up from my chair, the slightly warmer climate I’ve made around myself will dissipate. That, and I have blogging to do. Sick or not sick.

Anyways, here is my recent wishlist–Ever since getting my best friend a kitten tapestry backpack for her birthday, I’ve been longing for this fabric. It’s so naturally thick and heavy and warm, and lends itself perfectly to a cold Winter’s day, while you’re sporting thick opaque leggings and several layers underneath (or else risk freezing to death in this totally harsh Australian climate). I’ve really gotten into shopping for natural materials recently, so this wishlist is mostly comprised of pure wool, cotton, and leather.

  1. Pure Felted Wool BeretAliExpress, $4 (Also frequently on sale! Available in too many different colours to list)
  2. Teddy Bear Tapestry Dress w/ Faux Fur DetailsAliExpress, $20 (Also managed to find a $40 listing with dog and cat print fabric omg)
  3. Teddy Bear Tapestry BackpackAliExpress, $33 (Also available in the same fabric as the dress!!)
  4. Colourful Crystals Mickey Mesh WatcheBay, $18 (Also available in silver with differently-coloured faces)
  5. Full Gold Mirror Waist Belt w/ ChaineBay, from $7 (Depending on which of the 3 thicknesses you choose)
  6. Genuine Patent Leather Ankle Strap HeelsAliExpress, $40 (Available in black, nude, or white)
  7. Wool Cable-Knit Sweater w/ PeplumAliExpress, $15.50 (Available in other colours too)
  8. Tapestry Mini SkirtAliExpress, $15 (Available in cat or dog print!)

Can you just imagine–That teddy tapestry dress with a cream sweater layered underneath, topped with a black beret, gold belt, thick diamond-patterned tights and those shoes?! My idea of a perfect outfit right now.

By the by, frugalistas–I cheated a smidgeon with this wishlist. I just received the Mickey watch in the mail from eBay recently. It’s the most gorgeous thing ever and even though it’s cheaper than some of the other mesh watches in my collection, I reckon it’s just about my favorite one now. I’ll have to show you my little watch collection some day and have a good old rant about the exorbitant prices of watches and how you can avoid the big ticket price-tags.

In the meantime, stay stingy and keep your eyes peeled for my Specsavers review.

February Favorites

It’s been ages since I’ve been motivated enough to do one of these posts. But I actually have things on my wishlist now! Mostly Winter items, which is more than a bit unusual (when I wake up in the morning as of late with the ever-looming threat of my face melting into my neck), but nonetheless, here’s what I’m lusting after!

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, let me preface this post by saying that I’ve recently accepted small sponsorship from Sammydress, hoorah! I mulled it over for quite a while before I accepted. I browsed their website, and I’m satisfied that the prices of some of their Winter coats, dresses, and blouses, with some items (shipping included) are cheaper than what I could find on AliExpress. As with everything, it’s always a good idea to check both sources if you see something you like. Compare and contrast! I have been looking for the perfect yellow/mustard coat for some time now and I think I found a great contender on Sammydress, so let’s kick off the list with that one!

  1. Yellow Double-Breasted Woolen Coat – Sammydress, $35 (Also available in pale blue)
  2. Houndstooth Dress w/ peter pan collar – Sammydress, $22
  3. Elf Sack Cat Embroidered Shirt – AliExpress, $17 (Also available in maroon)
  4. White Patent Leather Belt – AliExpress, $2.50 (Many different colours)
  5. Duck Collar Clips – eBay, $4.50
  6. Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)

I’m cheating a little with the watch; I already have this watch but I’ve been looking for a high quality band replacement. The watch is perfect and it’s quickly becoming a true favorite of mine to wear, but the white PU band is getting a little dirty around the edges, try as hard as I may to stop it, so I’m set on finding a 6mm white patent leather band (patent because it’s harder to dirty) with a gold buckle. Let me tell you–it’s not easy, and I’m still looking. Wish me luck!