Needy November

Gold jewellery and hair accessories based on nature

Since the big chop, as I like to call it, I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on accessories (hair-related, in particular) to liven up my appearance. I’ve never been one for makeup, so my main vice consists of an insatiable love of accessories, a category which has been recently broadened to include glasses as well. That’s why this month’s wishlist is nothing but gold, gold, gold.

  1. Gold Bee Hair Pins (2pcs)AliExpress, $3.50
  2. Stars Barrette GoldeBay, $2.50 | SilvereBay, $4
  3. Gold Pearl + Leaf ClipeBay, $1
  4. Spider Heart Brooch (1pc)AliExpress, $3.40
  5. Gold Plated Sterling Silver Baby Bee PendantAliExpress, $15 (Also available in plain silver)
  6. Seashell Hair Pins (1pc)AliExpress, 50c (Also available in silver)
  7. Gold Butterfly Hair Clips (2pcs)eBay, $2.60
  8. Gold Pearl + Leaves Head BandAliExpress, $4.60

By the way, if you didn’t notice, I skipped last month’s wishlist. I’m sorry. I’ve changed a fair bit over the last couple of months, I don’t want for much anymore except for more time to sew skirts! Speaking of which, this blog is becoming slightly more sew-orientated.. Is this a welcomed change or not? In either case, I sewed a schoolgirl Halloween costume for myself and I’m eager to share the tutorial, so keep an eye out! I’m also going to release a guide to buying an awesome second-hand machine–and definitely prove that you don’t need to spend hundreds to sew beautiful things.

August Adorations

Plus 6% off the pie-print dress for Carbon Chic readers!

AliExpress wishlist

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..! Here are a few of my biggest birthday wishes for August, a couple of which I’ve already bought for myself and I’m so glad I did.

  1. Pie Printed DressAliexpress, $49.90 (Plus bonus discount for readers of CC)
  2. Tan Waist Belt w/ TasselsAliExpress, $5.30
  3. Pony BagAliExpress, $15 (Three different colour combos!)
  4. Bee Brooch w/ DiamantesAliExpress, $4 (Also available in silver)
  5. Tan Genuine Leather Penny LoafersAliExpress, $51
  6. Embroidered Sailor Collar BlouseAliExpress, $15.50
  7. 18k Gold Plated Rolo ChainAliExpress, $2
  8. Grey and White Sailor Stripe ShortsAliExpress, $11.50

A few of you may recognize the Modcloth “My Kind of Pie” Printed dress, that one that RRPs for $90 (yikes!), that one that dozens of bloggers around the world are seen wearing because of the cute print and flattering silhouette. I’m getting a little more into–I suppose–“vintage” silhouettes, so searches for “vintage” and “rockabilly” come up quite frequently on AliExpress, and that’s how I found this seller, Jenny Living Hall, and an amazing(ly cheap) replica of the pie-printed dress Modcloth sells. Through chatting with the owner, I found out they supplies many rockabilly stores in Australia, so I have a feeling I’ve found a little gem right here. Also, as a gift to Carbon Chic readers, if you mention that you’re a reader, you’ll be entitled to 6% off your purchase of this glorious pie-print dress!

Instructions: Add the dress to cart, click “buy now” and before you get to adding in your payment details, leave a note (something along the lines of “Demi sent me from Carbon Chic and said that you would offer 6% off for her readers?”), and wait for the price to change. When it does, you can continue with your payment.

You can’t be truly twee and not have a pie printed dress, guys.

Anyways–As you can probably tell from the rest of the wishlist, I’m starting to really gravitate towards better-quality items, natural materials, and more timeless cuts of clothing. The dress, the shorts, and the blouse are made from cotton, as I find it makes my skin a little happier, especially in the hot Australian climate. In addition to Jenny Living Hall with their good-quality cotton rockabilly dresses and aprons, the seller that sells that blouse has a whole range of naturally-made clothing fibers, which, for someone who has a wardrobe full of polyester, is a dream come true. I sometimes fantasize about selling all my clothing and buying a whole wardrobe full of natural fibers, but I like how chiffon blouses drape too much to give them up, realistically.

As for the gold-plated chain, I decided to myself that I was going to try living my life in a few higher-quality pieces, and start with stuff that really makes a difference, like jewelry. You have no idea how sick I am of having necklaces that turn black after one use–it’s been driving me nuts. Whether it’s because I don’t drink enough water or I eat too many bags of chips, I have the most acidic skin. If my neck doesn’t turn green, the costume jewelry turns black, or sometimes even both. I’m a danger to my own accessories. So I’m going to build up a small collection of variously-sized gold-plated chains and just mix and match the pendants that I like to wear–hopefully that’ll solve the problem for the meantime, and it’ll help my costume jewelry get more bang for their buck as well.


Warm Winter Wishes

Warm Winter Wishlist

I almost couldn’t find a suitable title for this one. Nothing appropriate rhymes with “July” or starts with “J”, so that’s the best I could come up with. Nevertheless, the title seems pretty appropriate as I sit here with my box of tissues, under seventeen layers of clothing wrapped up in a giraffe onesie and topped with fluoro yellow fingerless gloves my mother bought because they were 10c and not because they look good (I can assure you, they look appalling with this classy getup I’ve got on right now). It’s so bloody cold right now that I can’t muster the will to turn the heating on because I’ve just warmed up this patch of air and I feel like if I get up from my chair, the slightly warmer climate I’ve made around myself will dissipate. That, and I have blogging to do. Sick or not sick.

Anyways, here is my recent wishlist–Ever since getting my best friend a kitten tapestry backpack for her birthday, I’ve been longing for this fabric. It’s so naturally thick and heavy and warm, and lends itself perfectly to a cold Winter’s day, while you’re sporting thick opaque leggings and several layers underneath (or else risk freezing to death in this totally harsh Australian climate). I’ve really gotten into shopping for natural materials recently, so this wishlist is mostly comprised of pure wool, cotton, and leather.

  1. Pure Felted Wool BeretAliExpress, $4 (Also frequently on sale! Available in too many different colours to list)
  2. Teddy Bear Tapestry Dress w/ Faux Fur DetailsAliExpress, $20 (Also managed to find a $40 listing with dog and cat print fabric omg)
  3. Teddy Bear Tapestry BackpackAliExpress, $33 (Also available in the same fabric as the dress!!)
  4. Colourful Crystals Mickey Mesh WatcheBay, $18 (Also available in silver with differently-coloured faces)
  5. Full Gold Mirror Waist Belt w/ ChaineBay, from $7 (Depending on which of the 3 thicknesses you choose)
  6. Genuine Patent Leather Ankle Strap HeelsAliExpress, $40 (Available in black, nude, or white)
  7. Wool Cable-Knit Sweater w/ PeplumAliExpress, $15.50 (Available in other colours too)
  8. Tapestry Mini SkirtAliExpress, $15 (Available in cat or dog print!)

Can you just imagine–That teddy tapestry dress with a cream sweater layered underneath, topped with a black beret, gold belt, thick diamond-patterned tights and those shoes?! My idea of a perfect outfit right now.

By the by, frugalistas–I cheated a smidgeon with this wishlist. I just received the Mickey watch in the mail from eBay recently. It’s the most gorgeous thing ever and even though it’s cheaper than some of the other mesh watches in my collection, I reckon it’s just about my favorite one now. I’ll have to show you my little watch collection some day and have a good old rant about the exorbitant prices of watches and how you can avoid the big ticket price-tags.

In the meantime, stay stingy and keep your eyes peeled for my Specsavers review.

Vision on a Budget

Must-Have Eyewear Frames for 2014

My Favorite Frames for 2014

You don’t see it much on this blog, but I’m an avid wearer of glasses. Not the kind where I’m only pretending to have a major malfunction with my eyes because I think wearing glasses with the lenses poked out is totally cool, but the kind where I’ve needed them since I was a kid and now I can’t see a foot in front of my face without some optical aid. Why don’t I show it more often here? Because I’m embarrassed about how I look. I come from a day where your only options were rectangle or round, and there wasn’t much variety between stores. So because I opted to feel embarrassed and hadn’t fully embraced the concept of wearing spectacles, I’ve been fairly behind on my eyewear trends. That ends now!

I’ve been contacted by a few companies interested in helping me find some updated frames, and I jumped right down that rabbit hole without hesitation. This is the first of a series of posts where I will talk about where to get affordable yet fashionable frames for everyday wear–for the modern bespectacled. Let’s start off with my wishlist–It will cover frames across all different kinds of budgets, from super-tight generic brands ($) to great value designer frames ($$$).

1. Collette Dinnigan – Specsavers, $299
Tortoiseshell frames are very fashionably on-point for AW 2014. Animal prints are always popular during this season and the baroque cutouts on the sides add a touch of elegance, while the shape of the frames are not too out-there to be worn every day. These are definitely one of my favorite frames here, but are a touch on the pricier side of the spectrum.

2. Savannah – SelectSpecs, $15.50
Fifteen bucks, I kid you not. A cheap-as-chips variety of partially-transparent animal print, these glasses come in a classic wayfarer shape with metallic decorations on the corners. The print kind of reminds me of dalmatians and according to reviews, wearers find them lovely and light, which is important when choosing large frames like these.

3. Carrera – Clearly, $129
These frames are reminiscent of the style I currently wear, complete with black borders and green inner. I love this style and the fact that they’re made from a lightweight plastic–my current frames are metal and the paint is starting to chip off, eek! Definitely a style for those who like to play it safe but want a little something quirky as well.

4. Starlet – Specsavers, $39
What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include a pair of traditional “hipster” glasses? The trend is slowly waning in the fashion world for this shape of glasses but is still a very strong contender because of the classic style that just seems to work on many faces. (It was popular for a reason!)

5. Alex Perry – Specsavers, $299
Another one of my favorites from Specsavers, these come in a gentle cat-eye shape with gold flecks on the outer corners of the frames. They kind of remind me of an owl’s eyebrows (in a good way), so they tie in further to the more organic look that designers are trying to emulate nowadays.

6. Alyssa Milano – Clearly, $79
An acrylic version of a softened cat-eye, these glasses were designed by Alyssa Milano (who would have thought that she possessed the talent to fight demons and design glasses in only one lifetime?). They look great on her and come in three neat shades–purple, brown, and black. The black ones featured here have a really neat tortoiseshell detailing throughout the inside of the glasses, which can’t really be seen from the outside, but definitely add just the right touch to this pair.

7. Savannah – SelectSpecs, $15.50
Another uber-budget style, these frames come in a classic rectangular shape that I am oh-so familiar with wearing and a highly polished acrylic exterior filled with a deep cobalt blue. Semi-transparent coloured glasses are for people who want their frames to stick out and make a statement, but the shape of these frames are not so out-there that you’ll get weird looks from people.

8. Astrid – Specsavers, $149
I’ve been toying with the idea of buying blue glasses, and these could definitely be an option, with the metal feeling a bit more demure and toned-down from an acrylic pair. These would offset a pair of blue eyes beautifully but not detract too much attention away from the face.

9. Love – Clearly, $79
For pastel-loving princesses, these cat-eye frames are the kind I wish I was brave enough to wear. Part of me thinks it will look girly and sweet and epic and all those good things, but another part of me thinks I may end up looking like Hipster Ariel, so I daren’t.. or do I?

10. Ray Ban – Clearly, $159
These glasses remind me of the fabulous extreme cat-eye frames that Forever Amber wears, and that’s possibly why I love them so much. She looks absolutely bangin’ in her purple gradient cat-eyes, but it can’t be an easy style to match with outfits! Ombre is still very much ‘in’ for 2014, and these frames rock the trend.

So there you have it, ten of my favorite styles from three different companies at three different price points suitable for any taste or budget. In the weeks that follow, I will be reviewing these three suppliers, their service, and the quality of the products they sell, so that you can feel 100% confident when shopping for your next pair of glasses.

Even if you intend to poke the lenses out after you get them (you hipster).

I would like to extend my thanks towards Specsavers, Clearly, and SelectSpecs for your support towards this series. Certain styles shown above have been provided to me for purposes of review, but the opinions are my own–always have been, always will be.

February Favorites

It’s been ages since I’ve been motivated enough to do one of these posts. But I actually have things on my wishlist now! Mostly Winter items, which is more than a bit unusual (when I wake up in the morning as of late with the ever-looming threat of my face melting into my neck), but nonetheless, here’s what I’m lusting after!

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, let me preface this post by saying that I’ve recently accepted small sponsorship from Sammydress, hoorah! I mulled it over for quite a while before I accepted. I browsed their website, and I’m satisfied that the prices of some of their Winter coats, dresses, and blouses, with some items (shipping included) are cheaper than what I could find on AliExpress. As with everything, it’s always a good idea to check both sources if you see something you like. Compare and contrast! I have been looking for the perfect yellow/mustard coat for some time now and I think I found a great contender on Sammydress, so let’s kick off the list with that one!

  1. Yellow Double-Breasted Woolen Coat – Sammydress, $35 (Also available in pale blue)
  2. Houndstooth Dress w/ peter pan collar – Sammydress, $22
  3. Elf Sack Cat Embroidered Shirt – AliExpress, $17 (Also available in maroon)
  4. White Patent Leather Belt – AliExpress, $2.50 (Many different colours)
  5. Duck Collar Clips – eBay, $4.50
  6. Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)

I’m cheating a little with the watch; I already have this watch but I’ve been looking for a high quality band replacement. The watch is perfect and it’s quickly becoming a true favorite of mine to wear, but the white PU band is getting a little dirty around the edges, try as hard as I may to stop it, so I’m set on finding a 6mm white patent leather band (patent because it’s harder to dirty) with a gold buckle. Let me tell you–it’s not easy, and I’m still looking. Wish me luck!