Until I can think of a suitably punnerific title to call these posts or I otherwise become obsessed with the creation of wishlists, we shall refer to the name of the month for these posts. So this was one of the requested posts in my competition comments (still on, what are you waiting for?!), and so I decided to give it a crack. Other bloggers do it too, so why not?

There’s definitely something thematic going on in this wishlist.. I know it’s not Winter yet, but I find myself gravitating towards Wintry ensembles and warmer clothing. Word on the streets is that emerald green is going to be a big deal this Winter, but I’m always suspicious that tone of green won’t suit my pale complexion and red hair so this blazer has been doing the rounds for weeks on my wishlist.

For this public wishlist, I’ve compiled items from eBay, AliExpress, and ASOS–I hope you like it!

1. Woollen Navy DressAliExpress, $20.60 (Reviews look good! It’ll be a nice staple.)

2. Mouse Ears WatchASOS, $16.65

3. Pearl Flower Collar BroocheBay, $1.40

4. Red Leather Bow Belt – AliExpress, $5.20 (Real leather? Yes, please! Lots of other colours, too.)

5. Oil Painting Floral Pleated Skirt – AliExpress, $17

6. Soft Emerald Green Blazer AliExpress, $20.10 (H&M replica, from what I can tell. Also in black.)

7. Navy Crown Logo Purse w/ coin poucheBay, $4 (Available in red, pink + navy)

So the current craves (Hey, that would be a good post name! Right?) that I’m on the fence about are the skirt and the blazer.. the skirt moreso because I’m not sure if it’s too “out there” or if I’d never be able to pull off something so multi-coloured, but by gosh, it’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it?

What do you guys reckon, yea or nay on the blazer and/or the skirt?


  1. Great post! But I’m wary of buying anything from AliExpress, just because of the vague return policies… Do you have any experience with returning things that don’t fit or turn out to not be as nice as the pictures look?

    • Yep–you usually can’t return anything. AliExpress is exactly like eBay. You have to take it for what it is, which sometimes mean receiving dud items and putting it down to a small loss in comparison to the treasure trove of other wonderful items you’ll buy. The best way to plan for things like that is to read reviews, learn the difference between fake model photos and genuine product pictures, follow the size chart closely and if in doubt order a size up.

      Also, if you recurve something that doesn’t look anything like the photos, complain, complain, complain. I once bought a bird print blouse on AE thinking I’d get a nice yellow top, but what arrived was a beige blouse and the birds were differently colored too. And I complained to the seller, showed them comparison pictures of my product and the model photos, and yeah I got my money back. Every now and again this same thing happens and I always manage to get my money back.

      But I mean, if something doesn’t fit right or flatter you, write it off as a loss and sell or donate the product–that’s why I don’t spend a lot of money on that website. I have a beige dress I bought a while ago from there that looks awful on me–just not my color. But it still looks like the pictures, and someone with a different complexion will enjoy it, so I’ll be selling it on after I get my blog shop established.

  2. Great post!

    I saw a very similar skirt in SES at Carindale (it was at the front along the left side) and it was either $15 or $16. Felt like decent quality. I didn’t try it on myself but I liked it. Might be worth trying it on to see if it suits you.

    Also, I posted this on VF, but NOVO Carindale are having a renovation sale where everything is at least 50% off (but I think most things are at least 70% off)
    They had leather lined heels and sandals for $10 an $20. Lots of stock and sizes!

    • Demi

      !!! Thank you so much for telling me about it! I’m really on the fence about that skirt so I’m so going to pop in there immediately and give it a try :D

      I looked at Novo a couple of weeks ago but they had mostly tacky stuff up on sale IMO–that and I don’t trust their quality at all. Those “Joy” flats that I wore about three lookbook posts ago? I wore them four times and the heel is absolutely demolished and they give me horrendous blisters because the lining isn’t 100% leather, only really half leather coverage on the foot. So I’m REALLY suss about them. I may be cheap, but I don’t want to wear crap :(

    • I so agree about Novo quality

      I havent bought anything from there in ages so I wasnt sure if the quality had since gotten better. They seem to be moving towards having leather lining (or leather in soles as you say) so I thought maybe they’d be better.

      I have some heels from there which I bought in desperation for a wedding back in 2010 and I wore them to the wedding for 2 hours and had to ditch them before the reception!

      The SES skirt is pretty much the same so fingers crossed it fits!

    • Demi

      Just came back from Carindale and couldn’t find that skirt at all. There were a few polyester floral skirts on the left side as you said but they were vastly different colours–one set had purple florals and another set had orange florals. Even asked the shop attendant and she said that she’s never had anything like the picture I showed her of the AliExpress skirt :(

    • Oh no really?

      Sorry! I could have sworn it was the same. There was only one or two of them though, maybe they sold out.

      So sorry to send you on a wild goose chase!

    • Demi

      That’s totally okay, I had some other stuff to buy as well and I did actually need a firm kick out of the house, I was starting to feel like a hermit crab :P

  3. Nice wishlist! “Current craves” would definitely be a good post name! I’m really obsessed with royal blue at the moment, so glad to see them up there! (I’m actually craving the dress and purse now…thanks)

    Regarding the skirt and blazer…just go for it! They’re lovely, and you can pull it off ^^

    • Demi

      We’ll see about the name, for next month ;) Royal/navy blue is a staple colour for me on a day-to-day basis because black doesn’t suit me that well and I have to have something to replace it. So navy really is the new black for me, haha. You should get the dress and the purse.. they’re so cheeeeaaap!

      I keep looking at the skirt and lusting over it, I suppose I should probably buy it before the sale runs out!

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