Hey, I’m Demi! I’m just a vintage-loving, twenty-something-year-old Croatian miser living in Australia.

I live a life of calculated, spend-less luxury with my dogs and my Frugal Mister (Alex, also my photographer).

When I’m not trekking the concrete jungles in search of bargains, you’ll find me at home, browsing eBay and AliExpress, doing a bit of retro-inspired sewing here and there, and plotting how best to rip off vintage or designer looks I find online but don’t want to pay for.

P.S. You may have noticed I’ve removed the contact page. I was getting too much spam by having a contact form, so I decided to do without it. If you really want to get in touch, please slide into my Facebook or Instagram private messages; I check these avenues frequently. Thank you for your understanding!