Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  1. This giveaway is open to international entrants over the age of 18 who are followers of the Twitch account CarbonChic.
  2. The prize includes any (1) sticker pack of your choice from CarbonChic’s Etsy store. Only one prize per person. 
  3. Entrants must join the community Discord because winners who are not present during the live draw will be announced on the Discord and information exchanged via Discord private messages. If you do not claim the prize within 24 hours, a backup winner will be drawn in your place.
  4. Entrants must be comfortable sharing their mailing address for the purpose of posting prizes.
  5. The prize is transferable to any other follower who also entered the giveaway (and who hasn’t already won a prize), so if you don’t want the winnings for yourself, the power is in your hands!
  6. The streamer is not responsible for the prize getting lost in the mail or winners accidentally giving out the wrong address. You will get a shipping confirmation of your prize being sent out and after that, the streamer is absolved of all liability. The streamer is responsible for shipping costs but not any additional fees or taxes incurred specific to the country where the prize is being sent.
  7. Fake, duplicate or troll accounts are ineligible to win any prizes.
  8. For every 25 subs, there will be an additional winner drawn.
  9. Additional individual tickets can be procured via:
          • Every ticket channel point redemption
          • Every 1 gift or self sub