Grand Opening at Sambag

My inactivity on my blog is nowhere near indicative of inactivity in my personal life, just so you know! Only recently was I invited to the grand opening of Sambag in Wintergarten, and it was quite a fun little affair.

This store is semi-new to the market, with owner Sam Wagner waltzing onto the fashion scene with her first store in 2005, located in Sydney. From what started as a modest little collection of bags sold at the local Paddington markets, her brand has now expanded exponentially, with stores across Australia (NSW, VIC, and QLD) and now one in Hong Kong. She currently sells a variety of high-quality goods, from handbags to shoes to clothing, swimwear, and children’s wear.

Of course I have to admit my main interests lie amid the shoes. I simply adore these high-cut structured leather ballet flats (so sick of toe cleavage and side spillage from cheap flats)! However, I’ll spare you the million photos I took of those and instead lead you through the rest of the store, starting with a photo of the lovely owner, Sam Wagner:


A quick rundown of my outfit:

  • Cobalt Scalloped Hem Dress – Boohoo, $19
  • Gold Bow Patent Belt – Forever New, $10
  • Black Patent D’Orsay HeelsAliExpress, $25 (I love these shoes! These are my official dancing shoes, but they go so well with everything I might buy another pair..)

Total: $54

I feel a little naked without my accessories! I was going to dress up better but I was in a huge hurry to get there after work.. next time, I will make sure I plan my outfit in advance. I felt a touch under-dressed in comparison to the other guests and standing next to the beautiful garments that littered the walls at Sambag. Such stunning pieces they were, too.


During this event, I also got to rub elbows with some other Brisbane fashion bloggers, including Melati from and Birdette from Everyone looked pretty fabulous on the night.

Another fabulous person who was seen there was my guest, Daniel, who specially dressed up for this occasion and took some photos with me. Apparently our photo is displayed in the Brisbane Times somewhere..

During the night, Sam took us through the history of her brand and her ring-to-riches story (she sold her engagement ring to start up her first store–now that’s what I call an investment!) and where Sambag is headed next. If you want to find out more, you should stop by her store at Wintergarten or visit her website. The sky is the limit for this Aussie-made designer, and she’ll soon be expanding to other stores around Australia as well.

A little perk of the night that I just had to mention was the take-home gift that was offered to us by Sam–a pair of clear-framed sunglasses that were hand-made in Croatia for Sambag! How’s that for a coincidence (for those who know about my family’s heritage, anyways)? These will definitely be getting some wear over the Summer.

Cold Tea

I didn’t mean to let the tea get so cold. Many new and exciting experiences have hit my life hard and fast, and left me with barely enough time to think about it, let alone put them into words. To prevent this post from becoming the usual vichyssoise of verbiage that I’m so fondly known for (ha, ha), I’ll cut to the chase.

  1. I’m currently ensconced within a newly-budding relationship. (God it’s so time-consuming.) This is probably the most exciting of the news. You’ll probably see him around, he’s both a very fashionable and pliable guy with a penchant for posing in front of the camera. You may even find him behind the camera (he’s very helpful).
  2. I have taken up dancing as a new hobby (when I say new, I mean that it’s new to you, not me). This hobby brought about a much-needed jolt to my once-stagnant social life, and as a result, I’ve added about 20 guys and a couple girls on Facebook. I am literally swimming in testosterone right now. (It’s wonderful.) That, and party invites.
  3. I’m on the hunt again for the perfect career path that is worthy of my time and energy. I thrive in a busy environment, and I won’t rest until I’m bursting to the seams with design work. During the holidays, I’ll be revamping my portfolio website, taking on a few projects from some important clients, and hopefully updating Carbon Chic as well. While I love fun, illustrative designs, I really feel as though this blog could use a more modern look.
  4. I have a new outdoor tea area which will probably start featuring more often in my future blog posts.

I’m also going to stop adding writing etc to my first picture in my blog posts. I feel as though that takes more time than it’s worth and I have a price-check rundown in the post anyways. Speaking of which..

The rundown:

  • Gold Choker – Equip, $5 (this necklace is totally starting to lose its colour from overuse, I am very, very sad)
  • Lace Contrast Skater Dress – Dotti, $20
  • Gold Tassle Belt – Forever New (outlet), $6
  • Bow Metallic (Leather) Sandals – L&J Shoe Gallery, $25 (still my favorite pair of Summer sandals)

Total: $56

As usual, the gold bangle is a graduation present from my mother, the watch is a birthday present from Michael, and my natural red hair is a present from God (oh, how I wish this were true..). I like this outfit because the dress has an open back and I’m able to match it with my mint bow bag that I don’t get enough use out of (seriously considering selling that thing), but it’s definitely a date night dress, so I sadly don’t get to wear it too often! Working in sub-freezing temperatures usually means I resort to bringing Winter coats into the office in Summer, so a short dress with open back is out of the question, no matter how outrageous my everyday office style. If you see any outfits here that are particularly uncharacteristic of the current weather in Brisbane, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyways, that’s enough about my life, what has been going on for you guys recently? I feel like I’m so out of the blogger loop at the moment and it seems as though my favorite Aussie bloggers have all but stopped posting anymore (sad face).