The Foreigner on my Doorstep

It’s too hot to wear clothes. If I were to wear clothes, though, I imagine that this would be the outfit I’d be wearing. I received this blouse a couple of days ago and golly gosh it’s just about the best thing ever. I really love this blouse. This time, to avoid disaster, I’ve sized up to a large, and I’m pretty glad that I did. For the record, I’ve been having issues with blouses from China recently being too tight around my arms and that’s a super frustrating problem to have!

The blouse was a spur-of-the-moment purchase, and like most of my purchases of that kind, it turns out I’ve uncovered quite the gem. I can imagine wearing this blouse with several different things because of the variety of colours represented here. I can go with army greens, blues, reds, and mustard. I’ll be wearing this top often with jeans during Winter, too (it seems like it would lend itself very well to a nice dark pair of jeans). Today, however, I’ve paired this with a few other special gems in my closet and come out with quite a frugal little outfit here.

The rundown:

  • Flag Printed BlouseeBay, $11.50
  • Brown Belt – ASOS, free with a dress
  • Gold Watch – Present from Mikey
  • Green, Blue, Red and Gold Bird Brooch – Unknown
  • Red Vintage 100% Wool Skirt – Events, $8*
  • Tan Heels with Broguing – Mollini, $4*

Total: $23.50 — Kind of a stupid estimate considering that the starred** items are op shop purchases, the belt and the watch were free/gifts, and the bird brooch I found just recently, nestled in a little metallic drawstring satchel on my back doorstep (WTF?). I’m not even kidding, I just found it sitting there like some kind of belated Christmas present from Santa Claus.

Alternatively, it could just be a migratory bird from one of the countries represented on my blouse. I’d sure like to think so!

My Cheap Kobo Mini

A Kobo Mini for $19? Say what?

I’m a pretty lucky gal when it comes to eReaders. I got my first eReader (a Kindle Touch) from my mother for Christmas, and a few years later, I was blessed with a new Kindle Paperwhite from my wonderful boyfriend. I wouldn’t be without my preciouses (the Kindles, I mean). There’s just something so nice about curling up in bed with this light, lithe little thing that doesn’t compare to the struggle of wrestling open a musty, heavy, thousand-page book and holding it in a comfortable position to read over an extended period of time. Not to mention how often I used to just skip over words I didn’t understand instead of actually looking them up and bothering to expanding my vocabulary like all good little girls should.

Needless to say, eReaders (and inbuilt dictionaries) rock.

My Kindle offers me some of my greatest pleasures in life (no exaggeration), so when I found out that Officeworks was selling the Kobo Mini for $19 a pop, I pressured everyone in my social circle to invest. I finally managed to convince my best friends Ellen (reluctant Paperback Purist) and Danny to buy one from JB Hi Fi (price-matched to Officeworks). At JB Hi Fi, it took a little bit of haggling and cajoling (and the batting of the eyelashes) because their asking price was $59, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. And there was no way I was leaving without a Kobo Mini tucked safely into my purse.

I’ve had a little bit of a play as I was adding and organizing my book collection onto Danny’s Kobo. It’s a great little device from what I can see. Small, responsive, eInk screen, plenty of storage for my books (and compatible with Calibre, woo!), and an inbuilt dictionary. Pretty much exactly what I look for in my eReaders.

For those interested in trying their luck for a $19 Kobo Mini, here’s a receipt that you may be able to use to haggle, and a cached version of the Officeworks listing (if it helps).

For those stubborn paperback purists who turn their noses up at eReaders–The rest of us will be getting free books for the rest of our lives while your collections gets ratty and smelly and covered in weevils. Nyah nyah nyah. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.. Admittedly, the life-changing day when I got a Kindle for the first time has turned me into a bit of an eReader snob. Only other eReader snobs would understand :'( !)

*Please note that cases are hand-made by myself and sadly don’t come with the devices.