It’s too hot to wear clothes. If I were to wear clothes, though, I imagine that this would be the outfit I’d be wearing. I received this blouse a couple of days ago and golly gosh it’s just about the best thing ever. I really love this blouse. This time, to avoid disaster, I’ve sized up to a large, and I’m pretty glad that I did. For the record, I’ve been having issues with blouses from China recently being too tight around my arms and that’s a super frustrating problem to have!

The blouse was a spur-of-the-moment purchase, and like most of my purchases of that kind, it turns out I’ve uncovered quite the gem. I can imagine wearing this blouse with several different things because of the variety of colours represented here. I can go with army greens, blues, reds, and mustard. I’ll be wearing this top often with jeans during Winter, too (it seems like it would lend itself very well to a nice dark pair of jeans). Today, however, I’ve paired this with a few other special gems in my closet and come out with quite a frugal little outfit here.

The rundown:

  • Flag Printed BlouseeBay, $11.50
  • Brown Belt – ASOS, free with a dress
  • Gold Watch – Present from Mikey
  • Green, Blue, Red and Gold Bird Brooch – Unknown
  • Red Vintage 100% Wool Skirt – Events, $8*
  • Tan Heels with Broguing – Mollini, $4*

Total: $23.50 — Kind of a stupid estimate considering that the starred** items are op shop purchases, the belt and the watch were free/gifts, and the bird brooch I found just recently, nestled in a little metallic drawstring satchel on my back doorstep (WTF?). I’m not even kidding, I just found it sitting there like some kind of belated Christmas present from Santa Claus.

Alternatively, it could just be a migratory bird from one of the countries represented on my blouse. I’d sure like to think so!


    • Demi

      Well the quality of this one is pretty good from what I could see and feel. I bought the largest size to accommodate my bust so the fit was rather baggy around my waist, but that being said, I can either alter it a little slimmer or for people who aren’t top-heavy, you could size down appropriately and it would of course be less baggy around the middle. It’s very silky and thick in comparison to a lot of chiffon tops I’ve bought online.

      I hope that helps! :)

  1. Can’t go wrong with a good novelty-printed blouse and yours is quite lovely! You’ve thrifted some great items too, branded and oh so cheap!

    • Demi

      I need more novelty-printed blouses, I think.. thrift shop finds are definitely treasures to me, thank you for the compliments! :)

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