I’m telling you, it was a total dry spell as far as shopping went before I reopened my blog. CC must be my lucky charm!

I went out to Garbo with Louisa yesterday and she must have bought a dozen things and yet I walked out empty-handed and hungry for a bargain. The boys’ t-shirts I had bought for running ($1 each, at Big W) and the Schticky my mother insisted I buy (verdict: is highly ineffective against a Vallhund coat-bomb) hadn’t sated my appetite, so I drove down to the St Vinnies “outlet” in Eight Mile Plains.

I am generally loathe to purchase anything from second-hand stores. The patrons always creep me out a little bit and everything smells pretty musty. But like any good frugalista, I didn’t mind getting my hands a bit dirty if it meant a bargain. I’m slowly starting to warm towards thrift-shopping.

First up were these absolute steals: leather shoes. They were having a “50% off the marked price of all shoes” sale and I spotted two pairs that I’ve had on my wishlist for a little while now. Tan leather heels (with broguing, bonus points!!) and leopard print heels with a toe cap. I couldn’t believe that the only two shoes that I liked the look of were right there in front of me, in gently-used condition and my exact size. I got shivers.


I included a picture of the soles to show off their condition. Usually the idea of wearing someone else’s shoes makes my skin crawl but they looked barely used and I couldn’t very well say no to near-new leather shoes. Especially irresistible was the price: $4 for the tan pair (down from $8) and $5 (from $10) for the leopard pair. Total score! I’m thinking of getting rid of the amber rings across the nose of the leopard pair and replacing it with a plain gold chain but we’ll see if I can ever be bothered doing that.


I was lucky enough that day to also come across an Events wrap a-line skirt, %100 wool and 100% gorgeous for only $8. Normally I steer clear of red clothes but this was too sweet to pass up.

Afterwards, I traveled down to Trade Secret (the secret is that they usually don’t sell anything worth the trip down there) and for a change, I came across some Loop Leather Co. genuine leather belts that I actually needed (oh my God, I say this about every belt I buy, I’m like a crazy belt lady..)–A plain, wide black patent belt to replace the free one from Target my mother gave me when it bites the dust (see the belt in my last outfit post) and a dark red hip-belt to match the shoes I bought last week (also featured on my blog!). Both $10, down from approx. $50.

So yep, it seems I only have this sort of luck when I am actively blogging and go shopping by myself–but as for others, they seem to have all the luck instead when they’re shopping with me!


  1. Some amazing finds, D! I love those tan shoes. I’m a sucker for brogue-esque shoes. I never have much luck with thrift shopping but you’ve left me inspired!

    I saw a pair of bedazzled Loubs in the window of Vinnies the other day. Prettttttttttty sure they weren’t real..

    • Demi

      Yeah I’m really warming towards them too! I reckon they’ll look even better with a coat of polish..

      You never know what you’ll find, really, you should give it a shot! I was exactly the same but I seem to have nothing but luck at that particular thrift shop, so I’m definitely going back.

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