Hello guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been wallowing around in bed with this something called “the flu”, although as it progressed, my friends have given it the nickname of “mad cow disease”.. I’m sure that’s not a reflection of my behavior during my illness. Anyways, I have been planning to do a review on some of the frames I received but I’ve been in no condition to take photos, so I’ll leave you with this instead!

ebay big sundays deals coupons
Big Sundays is a last ditch attempt by eBay to get some sales circulating in what has seemingly become a stagnant retail environment as of late. For anyone who is unaware, they just recently had 15% off all purchases on eBay Australia (which I should have reported on, I know, but I was at the height of my illness and the last thing my boyfriend saw that night was a second-hand Nintendo 3DS being flung at him when he made such an outrageous suggestion last week) and now they’ve come back a second round with 20% off purchases from certain participating retailers on eBay.

These retailers are:

There is a maximum discount of $200 per transaction & 5 transactions per person, and no minimum spend. Obviously this promotion doesn’t apply to gift cards.

For anyone looking for expensive technology in particular, this is obviously a fantastic deal. All you need to do is find your deal, and wait around until 10:01 am on Sunday morning. I’m assuming that a discount code will be released like last Sunday, but that’s not been confirmed yet so I’m waiting to see what happens.

Now, for the ultra frugalistas, you can save even more than 20% through a free-to-use program called Cash Rewards.

Cash Rewards cash back on online purchases

I’ve only gotten into this recently, and I’m ashamed I didn’t discover it sooner, but the jist is that if you create an account there and access eBay through their affiliate link, you’ll get 2% cash back with any purchase. That’s the very brief outline of that, since I mainly want to be promoting eBay’s Big Sundays here, but for those who are looking at purchasing big-ticket items, it’s definitely worth signing up. It’s only a little reward, but use after use, the return can start piling up. The other obvious benefit to this over things like, say, loyalty cards, is that you immediately get rewards after purchasing rather than having to wait around for loyalty points to stack up or some other such nonsense.

If you’re curious about this at all, I implore you to take a look at their website–they have hundreds of different stores you can profit from, including but not limited to, BooHoo, eBay, Hush Puppies, StrawberryNet, The Iconic, and so on and so forth. This is a very legitimate way to save a little bit on your purchases in addition to any coupon codes or sales that are floating around at the time.

What could be better than that?

Question time! Have any readers used Cash Rewards before? What will you be dropping your dough on this Sunday?

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