There was a lot of sunshine on that day, too. Don’t mind the facial expressions.

Despite the weather heating up, I’m still layering up like we’re living in the arctic. This has been my favorite Winter combination and luckily for me, I had the very talented Laura Seeds to capture me in this gorgeous dress.

I’ve had this dress since last year and it’s been worn too many times to count. It’s weird how some of my most common outfit combinations never make it to the blog for one reason or another, but you’re going to have to take my word on this one.

I’ve always wanted a tapestry dress but everything seemed too “grandma-ish” for my taste and I hate the teeny weeny florals present on most of the fabrics (I’m a big floral girl). Best thing about this one–cheap and cotton!

Paired with a sheer nude blouse underneath and flanked by this big woolen coat from Temt, I’m warm enough to wear this outfit in Winter, and cool enough to ditch the coat during the hotter months. The most versatile combination ever!

For this lineup, I’m unfortunately wearing a lot of old, second-hand and thrifted items, so finding replacements might prove a bit tricky if you’re wanting to imitate this look, but I’ll list the prices anyways!

What I wore:

  • Collette Dinnigan Glasses – c/o Specsavers
  • Bronze Elephant Collar Pins – Target, old
  • Bronze Amber Elephant Necklace – Mum’s, vintage
  • Embroidered Flower Blouse – eBay, $8.50 (Not listed anymore but you can find it on AliExpress)
  • Bronze Leather Waist Belt – Mum’s, vintage
  • Fruity Tapestry Dress – SES, $13
  • Country Road Tan Leather Heels – eBay Auction, $6

Total: Not even worth recounting.

I am totally getting into vintage shopping on eBay, by the way. Just check out my previous post for some really good tips on how to get the most out of eBay–these are all the little tips, tricks, and hacks I’ve learned along the way and put into use every time I find that perfect vintage item. The shoes I’m wearing here were one of those fantastic eBay bargains–the seller lived a mere 10 minutes away so I forwent the postage fees and collected them straight from her house for a crazy $6! Call me ignorant but I didn’t even know that Country Road sold shoes, let alone ones of such good quality. Leather upper, lining, and sole, made in Australia, and a perfect fit.

Sometimes you take the risk to buy second-hand online and it doesn’t pan out, you get that, no use crying over spilled milk, but sometimes you end up with absolute treasures like these that make it all worthwhile.

Frugalistas, have you ever snagged any bargain vintage buys from eBay, expecting the mediocre, only to be very pleasantly surprised when actually receiving the item?


  1. Oh man this tapestry dress and orange jacket combination is the best. They seem like they were made to be paired together! I enjoy tapestry prints when I see them but I don’t own any. I’d love a dress like this though!

    • Demi

      I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to pair the coat with until I brought it home and held it up against the tapestry dress. Instant best friends! You should give tapestry dresses a go sometime–they’re so lovely and structured, something a bit different from the soft flippy dresses you see about. :)

    • Demi

      Thanks Marie! It’s one of my most-treasured dresses in my closet right now :)

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how your facial expressions will come out. You think you look all model-cool and sleek and end up squinting like you’re at the dentist’s and a light is shining right in your eyeballs. Fun stuff, right?

    That dress is an absolutely dream! You look so so ready for fall. It’s still hot as a cow poop outside here but maybe it will get warm one day. ;)

    • Demi

      Haha I wasn’t trying to look like a model, I was trying to look normal! I was facing the bright midday afternoon sunlight when the photos were taken so it was really hard to pull any expression other than, you know, tragic, constipated, disapproving..

      I am so ready for Summer is what I am! Want it to get as hot as cow poop here so I can get my shorts back on and ditch these stockings, ha.

  3. Kiki Chaos Reply

    I would never have thought to buy shoes off eBay because I never imagined you could get them so cheap! I’m off to scour eBay now. Good on you for picking up. Some people don’t like to ask/do pickup but I figure they can only say no. I say no to unecessary postage haha Btw, I am green with envy over your mum’s vintage elephant pendant. Treasure it forever – it’s stunning!

    • Demi

      Vintage shopping on eBay is definitely underrated! Especially on local deals just like that. You should try sorting by distance–nearest first and see if you spot any gems closeby! :)

      And I loooove this pendant so much, never seen anything else like it. Needs a bit of a polish but it still garners a lot of attention nevertheless.

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