It’s a cinch.

I love belts. I’m  a big fan in particular of waist belts. Accessories have the power to make or break and outfit, and in my opinion, belts are the underrated accessory that just puts that extra “oomph” in an ensemble. These are a few of my favorite replicas floating around at the moment–mirror belts are huge at the moment and seemingly popping up everywhere, but they’re usually so expensive that I’ve offered up a few alternatives here that you can invest in instead.

1. Kitten D’Amour Roses Belt, $39 | eBay, $2.10 (many other colours too)

2. Moschino Belt, $280 | AliExpress, $23 (still kinda pricey, but everyone and their grandmother seems to want one of these lately and this is as cheap as it gets)

3. Burberry Prorsum Bow Belt, $364 | eBay, $2.80 (many other colours too)

4. Gold Mirror Belt, $50 | eBay, $6.30 (many other colours too)

5. Wide Red Obi Belt, $22 | eBay, $3.20 (many other colours too)

6. Gucci Python Tassel Belt, $1,200 | eBay, $5.00 (in silver, black and gold)

7. Modcloth Gold Leaf Belt, $17 | eBay, $4

I’ve bought that gorgeous python tassel belt from eBay a few weeks ago and I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival!

Any belts you wish you could find Carbon Copies of, or any ideas for future Carbon Copies posts? Leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to help! :)


  1. Oh believe me, I never have high hopes for things I buy on eBay anymore (from OS). I learnt that after two or three cheapo jewellery purchases back in the day haha. I’m pleasantly surprised sometimes though, and that’s why I can’t stop… those hidden gems!

    Luckily I only need the belts for looks, not functionality. I’m just hoping they’ll look presentable – I’m anticipating frayed, uneven stitching, dull colouring and stiff material, but I’m excited nonetheless! And fingers crossed they’ll each last longer than two days haha! :)

  2. I’ll be buying this belt: just to see how it goes. I often buy cheap stuff like this, as if it’s not quite right.. I don’t feel so bad cutting it up or altering it! I’ve been after a pastel purple skinny belt, so we’ll see how it goes, haha. Can’t go wrong for $1 :)

    Great post; I love your entire blog. SO good!

    • Demi

      Thanks, girl! Sorry for the late reply, it was thrown into the spam pile AGAIN for some reason.. grr, stupid spam filters. I think it must be because “sothisisglamour” is repeated in the name, email and website so they think it’s a bot instead of a person.

      Cute little belt, you can’t go wrong with a dollar belt now, can you! I think it might end up being pink in real life though, the “purpleness” looks a bit iffy, hehe.

      I’m so glad you like reading my blog! Make sure to tell me if there’s anything you’d like to see me post about :)

    • All good! Changed my name, hopefully sothisisglamour x2 won’t be too much haha.

      I didn’t end up buying it, as I thought the exact same thing after I looked at it again! It looked purple on my work monitor, but quite pink on my home one. Instead I bought a pastel blue and then a pink one. Waiting for them to arrive to see how much I’m going to cringe… :)

    • Demi

      Haha much better! Your comment went straight through, thanks for changing your name for me :) I think for a buck you can’t go wrong, though don’t expect that it’ll last you longer than a dozen or so wears! And remember that stuff from China is usually display-only so don’t try to put too much strain on them or they’ll break faster, haha.

      (Learned this the hard way when I bought a belt to hold my jeans up–lasted a grand total of two days! Sometimes it’s a big ol’ hit and miss when it comes to eBay.)

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