Haha! I told you I’d make another one. To be fair, I didn’t know I’d be making one so soon. If you’ve just arrived and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m referencing my last make–a milkshake printed dress with a neck bow. I did say I was going to make more and I wasn’t lying.

The fabric you see here is from Taobao. Gosh some of my favourite prints of all time are from there. It has the weight and feel of almost a rayon, which means it was a wee bit more problematic to sew. This time around, I used the exact same bodice pieces with a few modifications: the front of the bodice is now in two pieces and I rotated the side neck bow around to the front (it wasn’t quite that simple, but you get what I mean).

And what a bow it is! I can’t quite tell which rendition I prefer more, the bow to the front or the side. I am obsessed with both versions. I like the hidden neckline slit too, though next time around I have to remember to end it a little lower to make putting it on a little easier. You can’t really beat how quick it is to put the milkshake dress on.

Did I mention it has POCKETS? Okay I know, you’re all very unimpressed at this point because you know I endeavour to put pockets in every creation already, but I thought it was worth mentioning. This time around, the pockets went TERRIBLY and I forgot half the steps in putting a pocket next to an invisible zip. Considering I was livestreaming every step of this dress, I was so mega embarrassed to have had ripped it out the amount of times I did. I really need to write a tutorial to cement the idea in my head so that doesn’t happen again. I think it really messed with my head to have a zipper that was far too long this time around. Let’s blame the zipper.

Besides the pocket fiasco, this dress went together just as easily as the first one. I had slightly more fabric so I chose a blind hem instead of bias facing and think it worked fairly well. My machine was starting to experience an existential crisis while I made this dress so I was constantly swapping to and fro between the Janome and the Singer. I probably need to replace the tensioner in my Singer, but that sounds like a 2020 project to me right now.

I’m still happy with it, despite the lousy topstitching down the front (thankfully hidden by the oversized bow).

Actually for those who don’t follow me on Instagram, this was not Plan A for my Christmas dress. I had an adorable border print dress in the works which was going to look amazing but somehow despite having used the exact same pattern to create my Dream Dress, it ended up something like 2 inches too small in the upper back. Completely salvageable, thanks to the piping.

Not wanting to waste any more of the fantasy fabric, I tried to find the next closest “Christmas” fabric in m pay closet and came across this print. Red is a Christmas colour. And the white polka dots are actually snow, so shut up, this is still a Christmas dress and I’m wearing it this Christmas, just you try to stop me.

And that’s the story of how I sewed a pattern twice in a row because I liked it so much! (I’m already thinking about how many of these I’ll be making in 2020.)


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