It’s been exactly one year since the launch of Carbon Chic! So what better way to celebrate than a giveaway?

We have a handful of goodies to give out here, and because all of them were cheaply sourced (and that’s no fun at all for the entrants), there’s also a special gift up for grabs in this giveaway to supplement the small trinkets the winner will be receiving.


The Main Prize Pool

The entire Ulta3 set of Summer 2012 Pastels–these have NOT been used other than the initial colour swatching I did for the review. Value is $12 ($2 each). The colours in this collection are lovely and fresh and go with so many outfits; it was so hard to resist using them!

The Zara gold sequin clutch replica as featured in some of my outfit posts. This clutch is so versatile and great when you just need to carry a couple of items on you and run out the door. It’s surprisingly roomy, though.. (You will be receiving a brand new one, not the one in my outfit posts because it’s starting to show signs of how much I’m obsessed with it!)

A collection of jewelry from my eBay and AliExpress adventures. I’ve been collecting for a few months to ensure a fantastic prize for the winner, so there are quite a few pieces here! These pieces are brand new and never worn.

Last but definitely not least, and the most expensive piece of the bunch–a completed, coloured, bust illustration of a single character of your choosing! If you’re a fellow blogger, I can draw you in one of your fabulous outfits (and you can use it as a header image or whatever you wish); if you write fanfiction, I can illustrate one of your characters; if you’re a romantic, I can draw your partner, or if you’re massively dedicated and not afraid to lay down some cash, you can pay me extra to draw the two of you together. Whatever you’d like, really! Whee! The value of this prize is $50.

Altogether, I have around $80 worth of prizes right there. And…

The Runner Up Prize

Just because I hate people missing out, I’ll also be offering the runner-up the very same aforementioned prize of a personalised illustration.

How to enter? Simple, just enter through the widget below.. Sharing this post, Tweeting this post, and adding a comment counts for additional entries too, which means more chances to win! Isn’t that awesome?

Remember, this giveaway is only for those who have an Australian address! Sorry international followers, maybe next time :(

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I can’t wait to read some comments and see some entries coming in–I’m pretty excited for this giveaway, and I hope you are too!

(To see more of my illustrations, click on “Illustration” under the Categories heading in the sidebar)


  1. I know you prefer to shop online a lot of the time because it’s cheaper but you’re the only blogger I’ve found that shops in a similar area to me so I’d love to hear more about instore bargains you find! (I know that sounds creepy but I’m also the person that said it ages ago on the VF so don’t worry about a gang of stalkers!) I would definitely love to see more DIYs as well!

    • Demi

      That sounds fair enough! For a recent head’s up, in Carindale, SES has some blouses and dresses for $3 (woah!) and Temt has some fitted blazers in different colours for $15 right now. Hope that helps at least a bit ;) And don’t forget those pretty leather flats from Target!

      Man I really have to stop being lazy with DIYs, what with them being requested so often!

    • Ooh I love blazers, thanks for the heads up!

      Haha DIYs definitely look popular, you need the time to do then though!

  2. I can’t wait to get all my bills out of the way (damn car registration haha) so I can using some of your tips myself!

    I would love to see this move into house and homewares stuff. It’s so hard to find good, cheap and nice things for my apartment!

    • Demi

      Oh, tricky! Maybe when I move out and find a place of my own I’ll try to merge some of my home wares purchases into this blog but until then, I don’t do enough purchasing for my room to justify that :( Thank you for your suggestion though!

  3. Loving your blog so much.. perhaps some more craft tutorials, love a diy project!! Thanks for the great giveaway! Fingers crossed!!

    • Demi

      I gotta stop being so lazy first! Your comment is very much appreciated and I’ll keep it in mind ;) Good luck, Lauren!

  4. I love the Carbon Copies – it’s clear how much effort goes into those posts, and they’re so informative and helpful to read! You’re always full of frugal ideas I would never have thought of – that’s what I come to the blog for!

    • Demi

      So sweet of you, Nicola! I’ll try and think of some more topics for the Carbon Copies posts for the future so I can blog more often :)

  5. It’s already been mentioned a few times but more outfit posts! I love seeing your frugal outfits! Also I think it’d be cute if you used your illustrations in your posts. Otherwise, liking the blog as it is already! :)

    • Demi

      Hm, that’s an interesting suggestion, it didn’t even occur to me to use any of my illustrations in day-to-day blogging. What would I even draw?? I suppose I could draw hypothetical outfits made from items I find online, hmm… we’ll see about that ;)

      Thanks Joan!

  6. I’d love to see more carbon copies! In particular a plain white t shirt that sits nicely that doesn’t cost a bomb! Congratulations on one year:)

    • Demi

      Haha I’m not sure how useful I’d be advising others on t-shirts.. I know how picky some girls are on their staples but for me, nothing’s fit me better than a v-necked white tee from Supre that I bought for $2.50 about 4 years ago.

    • Demi

      Everyone’s lovin’ the DIYs, looks like it’s off to Pinterest for me :)

  7. Congrats on one year, love your blog, especially the carbon copies posts! Keep it up!

    • Demi

      Thanks, Anna!! It’s been one fantastic year and I hope that I can continue blogging in the same way throughout the next year :D

  8. Celena Bodensteiner Reply

    I love DIY projects so the more posts like that on Carbon Chic the better :)

    • Demi

      I’ll be throwing a DIY up at you some time next month, so watch out for it! ;)

  9. I would love to see more photos, you always have lovely photos that are great quality and so appealing.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! :) Would absolutely LOVE to win an illustration !!!!!!!!!

    • Demi

      Aw, bless your cotton socks, I don’t even have a DSLR either :)

      You’re welcome and good luck in the draw!!

  10. Congrats on your first year Demi!

    The DIY posts are my favourite, I’m always inspired to jazz up my existing wardrobe (though I haven’t yet but I have a pair of old leather boots just waiting…).

    As for a post on sales etc. Maybe you should just have another tab on the blog? (also forcing people to give you hits and not just read from Google Reader as I mostly do hehe) then you can update it as often as you like without feeling like you’re posting too much or not enough. Just a thought!

    • Demi

      Thanks, Ash! :D

      Another tab on the blog is a little bit tricky–it would involve having to install two blogs into one platform and WordPress really doesn’t like it when you try to do things outside the box, haha! I’ll have to research it further and see the options that I have, thank you for the creative idea :)

    • Demi

      Thanks so much Lauren! :D (Just wondering though, but don’t you live in Ontario? Not stalking, I swear, I just visited your blog, haha!)

  11. Happy Anniversary Carbon Chic!

    I hope you’ll be spreading your love for affordable fashion for many years to come! Congratulations! I always love what outfits you come up with.

    Maybe a “quote of the day” or “fashion tip of the day” category just because there is no one more Carbon Chic than the Carbon Chick herself!

    • Demi

      LOL Larissa, I love you, thank you. I’ll consider the quote/tip of the day stuff for Facebook or Twitter, probably :D I mean I don’t wanna turn this place into my Tumblr haha.

    • Demi

      Duly noted, I’ll find some more things to jazz up! :)

  12. Not to sound repetitive, but I also love your Carbon Copy posts! They are great for ideas. Also love your outfit posts, your outfits always look great and I love to see where you are buying from. Very cool giveaway :)

    • Demi

      Not repetitive at all, in fact it’s really eye-opening to see how much people liked those posts!

      Thank you and thank you for your lovely comments :D

  13. I agree with the Carbon Copies posts – they’re wonderful, and so very helpful especially when trying to save money!

    I think the DIY’s are my favourite posts, more so now that I’ve really gotten into DIY’ing all of a sudden. The clutch always stays in my mind because it was SO good!

    • Demi

      Damn, it sucks that I’m running out of steam with the Carbon Copies posts–the next giveaway the question will have to be “What do you wish you could find carbon copies of?” so I can find topics to blog about lol.

      Definitely gotta get a kick in the butt about the DIYs..

  14. I absolutely LOVE your Carbon Copies posts! Being able to find a cheaper version of something makes me feel happy ^^

    I’m curious as to what your wardrobe looks like, and how you arrange it. Mine is just cluttered and messy :P

    I always look forward to your posts <3

    • Demi

      Aw thank you Jinny! It looks like everyone is totally sold on the Carbon Copies posts, I have to get back into them again, it seems!

      The inside of my wardrobe.. oh dear. Mine is pretty cluttered and messy at the moment too, it needs a good clean-out. I might be opening a blog shop soon to clear up a bit of the clutter and when I do, I’ll finally be brave enough to post photos :P

  15. Courtney Mathew Reply

    I appreciate the carbon copies the most, especially when you compare how much you saved between the real vs. fake. Especially the post where you compared it to the stores that sell the copies themselves.

    I also enjoy the DIY’s, you little crative gal.

    Keep doing your thing !

    • Demi

      Awesome feedback, thanks! I’ll try and snoop out some more stores that are selling copies, the cheeky buggers. I knew that was a popular post, hehe :)

      Ah the DIYs, gotta definitely do more of them. I have a huge list of prospects, but so little time!

  16. I love seeing Carbon Copies! They are probably my favourite. I found the Zara sequin purse rip off that I have been lusting over, through your blog!

    I like outfit posts, they are good too.

    Maybe updates about sales? Like the one you did with the footwear sale on boxing day. That was good. But do them all the time when you see sales.

    And perhaps a weekly post on the bargains that you find online? Like 10 items or so each week with a link.

    Love your blog :)

    • Demi

      Such good suggestions!! :D Thanks for your input, I don’t think people realise how valuable their input is to me, haha. I’m trying to do Carbon Copies posts as often as I can but it’s difficult constantly finding new material, urgghh.

      I was already thinking of doing a bargains post per month (like a monthly wishlist for purchases) but I’ll see how easy it is to find material on that first before I dedicate a weekly post for it. Look out for that one on the first of February, then ;)

      I’ll also try report more on sales that I come across; I always worry about that not being a blog-able kind of subject but more a “tweet” or Facebook kind of thing, but I’m just worrying too much, I reckon.

      Thanks again for your input and kind words!

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