So that was probably the lamest title I’ve come up with in a while.

I thought I’d post a mini-update about my life and announce that my fabulously awesomely fabulous shipment of badges from AliExpress just arrived earlier this morning. Super duper excited, because for 80c each, I was expecting some really inferior badges. Asides from a very small amount with some pixelation issues due to low resolutions used to print onto the badge, the majority of them are fabulous! For those wondering, the weird jaggedness on the edges of some of the badges are the protective film–you peel that off and they’re perfect underneath. I like how they are all individually packed and also protected with the film–you can tell the seller really cares!

I’m sure you’re curious as to why I ordered this many badges, but the truth is that these aren’t all for me–considering that the seller on AliExpress has a pesky $20 minimum order rule (and I only wanted all of maybe 6 badges), I sent out a call on Facebook to see if any friends wanted to buy badges of their own to help fill the order, and oh boy did they help. I ended up having to order about $40 worth of badges for everyone, and after a few hours of organizing my spreadsheets so that I didn’t get any requests wrong or leave anything out, I was finally done.

That was the day I learned that all my friends are hipsters with borderline unhealthy cat obsessions. No, I’m just kidding, I love my hipster friends.

About a month after ordering, here they are, all shiny and proud! What’s more is the seller gave me a small handful of freebie badges in the order too! That’s where the Hitler in lingerie badge came from. Apparently it’s the cute/”moe” thing in Asia right now, and so there it was, in my order, and I absolutely cracked up when I saw it and promptly claimed it as my own (although I’m not sure if there’ll come a time when I’m brave enough to wear this out in public).

My badges are gorgeous of course, and I absolutely love them–I ordered the giraffe in the tuxedo, the unicorn kitten cupcake, the tiger with floral eyes, a giant pink diamond, the American lightening bolt, and the Bazinga! badge to pay homage to my love of the Big Bang Theory (I know it’s stupid and immature and presents an unrealistic view of nerds and geeks of today, but shut up, it’s funny!). I was so impressed with my order, in fact, that for the briefest of moments I thought about doing what the “cool” thing seems to be in blogging right now and buying a whole shipment of these from China and selling them for extortionate prices, but then I faced my reality–ain’t nobody got time for that.

So yeah–I’ve provided the link to the seller up top, but here it is again. At 80c a pop, they are definitely worth the money, look amazing in real life, and there are hundreds of designs to choose from in their store (many more designs than the ones I’ve shown). There’s something there for everyone, guaranteed! Me personally, I can’t wait for Winter, where I’ll be adorning the lapels of my coats and jackets with these rainbow-coloured goodies.. Maybe even the Hitler badge.


  1. Holy moly those badges are so cute! Lol at the Hitler one. Glad that the majority of the badges were good-quality. Whenever I order something from China, I always worry that I’ll get something with abysmal quality.

    Have you ever had a bad experience with Aliexpress? I’m quite tempted to blow my money there. (Your fault btw, for bringing Aliexpress to my attention haha)

    • Demi

      Sometimes the quality is bad, sometimes it’s good–it’s all pretty much a Russian roulette over there!

      You can have bad experiences with eBay, AliExpress, and anywhere, really.

      Mostly the worst things I’ve ever encountered on AliExpress is a package that took 3 months to get to me, a blouse that had white buttons instead of gold buttons, and a blouse that looked totally different to the picture which I had to argue about to the seller before she’d give me my refund (which she bloody well did!). Pretty negligible stuff. If something arrives broken, sellers are generally more than happy to send you a replacement or give you a refund, so it’s not too risky buying from there if you know what you’re doing and stay away from the sellers with 0 feedback :)

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