This is March’s wishlist post and you’ve guessed it, I’m not ready to let go of pastels yet.

In fact, having found that various shades of peach, pink and cream actually suits my Irish complexion (while not actually possessing an Irish background, but I have pink undertones and red hair, so that was the only name I could find that describes it in one word, negated by the fact I just had to explain it to you in a different run-on sentence) quite well, I’ve dug my heels stubbornly in front of the trendwagon because I just don’t want all these pretty colours to go away!

I know there’s a lot to be said for the deep, bold hues coming out in preparation for Winter or the military palette hovering around for the onset of Autumn, but dammit, does every single baby colour have to vacate the stores just yet?!

So my plan for a smooth transition into Autumn is to buy these little numbers and accessorize with pieces that will be able to seamlessly carry over to the new season, with hints of brown leather and gold mixed in.

1. Off Duty Button Through DressDotti, $20

2. 14k Solid Gold Name NecklaceeBay, $122 (This is not a frugal purchase, but in comparison to Goldmark, who wants $300 for the same thing, you betcha it’s good value)

3. Gold Sequin Character ShoesAliExpress, $37 (These are technically dance shoes, but I am currently addicted to the pursuit of that shape of shoe–comes in silver too, btw)

4. Rabbit WatchASOS, $32 (Straight onto my Stalklist for when the price gets reduced! $30 for a non-leather watch, tell ’em they’re dreamin’..)

5. Petite Playsuit w/ Beaded BowsASOS, $26

6. Twin Dogs Leather BeltAliExpress, $8.40

7. 1&20 Blackbirds Contrast SatchelThe Iconic, $32 (sale price–20% off right now)

8. Scissors Double RingeBay, $1

For today’s frugalista lesson, it pays to see potential in items and think outside the box.

With the ASOS playsuit, you’ll see that the shorts are attached separately at the back with a zip, so my plan was to alter (well, divide) the playsuit into a cute pair of shorts and a versatile top. It’s not difficult–just sew in a loose piece of elastic along the bottom of the newly created top and you’ll still have the pleated effect! That scissor double finger ring looks like a bit of a pain to wear and slightly hazardous for the particularly clumsy person, but I plan to break off the rings and attach a brooch back to turn them into an adorable oversized kitschy kinda brooch to wear on my coats or attach to my bags.

Tell me frugalistas, do you ever specifically buy clothing with a mind to re-purpose them into something new, or am I the only one??


  1. I often alter the hemlines of skirts and dresses! I’m quite tall and also conservative with my hem lines which makes it tricky. I like knee length or a few inches above knee.

    However, midi length is really unflattering on me so I buy midi dresses/skirts and cut them shorter! Perfect!

    • Demi

      So smart! I’m always too scared of touching the hems of my dresses because I’m worried I’ll stuff something up D:

  2. Really like that cute playsuit! :) It would be fantastic made into separate pieces too, what a clever idea! :)

    • Demi

      Thanks Mica! It’s definitely too cute to keep to the one outfit, so separating it would allow me to work pieces of it into many different outfits, which would be so awesome.

  3. I once bought a lovely white dress, while the fabric was great the scoop neck wasn’t so I turned it into a summer skirt :)

    Love those dance shoes! Are you planning to get them? I want to though with my big feet I normally wear shoes that don’t have a round/pointed tip. :P

    • Awesome work! Love me some creative Voguettes :)

      On the fence about the shoes.. They’re pretty but the soles are suede and I’m gonna have to ask the seller if they wouldn’t mind making hard soled versions for me instead. The great thing about ordering from AliExpress is that a lot of sellers have access to the factory and could theoretically make you bespoke clothing if you ask nicely!

      Your comment made me giggle–if you avoid pointed and round toes in shoes, does that mean you mostly wear square toed shoes?? :P I thought my feet were big too but then I realized that my size (8.5) is actually the national average, and that made me feel a bit better, although I still hate my long toes and try to buy shoes that shorten the appearance of the foot anyways.

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