If I had a dollar for every time I lusted over some form of animal-themed accessory, I would have enough money to buy this lot.

Told’ya I was lusting after yellow recently! I would have included less yellow things but I had just coincidentally bought all three of these yellow items in my wishlist so I had to give them an honorable mention. To celebrate the ending of the giant AliExpress sale, all the items you’ll find here are from AliExpress! Remember, questions are welcomed, but Tweet them or comment me because my inbox is a barren wasteland of death. Now, without further ado, here’s the rundown!

1. Yellow Printed BlouseAliExpress, $8.36 (down from $16.71!)

2. Genuine Mini Watch (Paris)AliExpress, $11 (Seriously guys, you have to look up Mini Watches on AliExpress, they’re the cutest things ever. Little adorable polymer scenes crafted behind the glass with a genuine leather band. Totes awesome.)

3. Frenchy (Dog) Shoulder BagAliExpress, $19 (Cute but expensive. Waiting for sale price.)

4. Big Black Bow BeltAliExpress, $4 (Comes in all these colours–click and the image will pop up)

5. Chiffon Skeleton ShortsAliExpress, $9.34 (down from $11! Also available in leopard print)

6. Pleated Skirt with PocketsAliExpress, $15.90 (I paid $13.50 during the sale! Comes in black, crimson, marigold, emerald, cobalt, and aqua/light turquoise. Love me a skirt with pockets. Or anything with pockets, really.)

7. Caricature DressAliExpress, $33.30 (Not on sale but I haggled them down to $28 because paying $33 for a dress is crazy, yo. Available in cobalt or marigold. In case you can’t see it, the image is of a flamenco dancer playing matador for a minotaur. I mean, you can’t get any more awesome than that.)

8. Oxford BootiesAliExpress, $25.70 (I paid $22 during the sale. Available in black, white or brown. I’m always really nervous about buying shoes on AliExpress for a number of reasons–quality, sizing, misrepresentation.. So I sized up to a 40 (usually a straight 39) and I’m just hoping for the best.)

There you have it! Already bought half of these items but I’m hoping to collect more before the end of the month, especially that bag. How adorable is that bag?!

Please do share if you’ve snagged anything awesome in the AliExpress sale. Or are y’all too chicken to give them a go??

Just thought I’d mention because it’s almost 3am in the morning–These posts take so long to create, it’s really crazy. So much editing goes into everything, especially if they only have model images and I find myself editing out limbs and hair and it gets a little nuts. And then there are the giant-ass watermarks some sellers put on their images so I have to go around looking for another listing which has the same image without the watermark, and then AliExpress disabled right clicking on the images so I have to drag images into new tabs to get them from there and before I know it, I have 100 tabs open, and I’m trying to juggle watching RE6 walkthroughs on Youtube and looking for nice images and then editing those images and then slotting them all together on the same 600×800 background like a jigsaw puzzle where nothing really fits anywhere together until I give up and I layer the shoes over the dress because the bottom of the dress really isn’t that important anyways. I feel better now I have that off my chest. First world blogging problems, I know.


  1. Love everything! Never heard of AliExpress, would love a post about your experiences and finding good sellers etc one day. Hope your stuff comes soon, waiting for online shopping is like waiting for Christmas!

    • Demi

      AliExpress is so huge and I hardly ever order from the same seller twice–I’m not sure how well I’d go with that post, to be honest! I have a little bit of an FAQ here if you’re interested–https://www.carbonchic.com.au/2013/03/aliexpress-shopping-festival/

      And I’ve received two items from the above list–shipping from China is sooooo slow!

  2. Hi, I love that yellow dress and I was wondering it you have recieved it yet? And is it exactly like the picture! And is the quality good?

    • Demi

      I haven’t received it yet, no. Stuff takes a while when shipped from China, that’s generally the risk you take :P

      As you can see by the linked listing though, it has real-life mannequin pictures of the blue dress, so look to those photos for what the dress will look like in real life! (Except, you know, imagine it to be yellow instead of blue)

  3. I’m too chicken to give them a go. I went on once and got so lost and confused because it sounded like most of the sellers sold in bulk and I didn’t know how to navigate it. :$

    Btw, love your rant at the end there! Hahaha. I too shall look up actions (from Krissy) cos they sound easy! Most of my photos always end up having shitty lighting side-effects and I try adjusting levels but damn it’s difficult and I’m a total novice at photo editing!!

    • Demi

      Awww, Joan! Look, when you search for something, click on “1 Piece Only” when you get to the search results page and you can further specify your search from there. It’s really easy, same sort of learning curve as eBay was–you have to start somewhere ;)

      Actions are the best, I’m serious! I have an actions palette from NightFate (http://nightfateactions.com/) called “Yellow Vintage” that I got from several years back (it’s not available anymore) and it goes with every photo–you just need to press a button and instant image magic. I feel like such a sell-out for using actions to edit my images but ain’t nobody got time to do pictures one by one anymore! Don’t go overboard like I do though–Sometimes I go a bit nuts with all these pretty rainbow actions and I look back at the images later on and ask myself what I was thinking..

    • Demi

      Of course, several times, haha. As I said before, it’s exactly like the Chinese version of eBay except with no second hand goods. Some sellers are dodgy, some sellers are great. Most of them are pretty good though, just steer towards those who have good reputations marked on their profile and lots of feedback ;) Thanks for the question, hun!

  4. PS you are awesome! Thank you for sharing your bargain finds! You have great taste too! x

    • Demi

      Thank you for the compliments, too, comments like yours really make me smile :-)

  5. Oh nu! Stingy me is upset because that awesome yellow blouse is back up to $16?? Or am I reading it wrong?? x

    • Demi

      Yep, it’s back up to $16! AliExpress deals are timed, they have expiry dates, sadly, which means they need to be snapped up quickly :( Sometimes you’ll be lucky and the same items will go on sale over and over again, but for very special deals like that (where it was 50% off, that blouse), chances are it won’t go back to $8. I’m sorry!

  6. Great roundup! I love yellow too, it’s perfect for autumn.

    I agree that blogging is time consuming, I spend sooo long editing my photos but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m an OCD perfectionist :p In terms of the “no right clicking” thing, have you tried using the snipper tool (or grab tool on mac)? Then you can just copy and paste it straight into Photoshop.

    • Demi

      Thanks, Rose!

      I’m OCD too, you have no idea how badly it’s bothering me that those shoes are layered over the dress, argh!! In regards to the snipper tool, I hear I have to install Silverlight to use it.. Not really keen on installing more addons on my computer and dragging works okay for me :P I estimate that it would take the same amount of time anyways, though I can see where it would become useful for peeps!

  7. Love your finds!! :) And I appreciate the hard work you put into creating that graphic…it must be time consuming! I find it time consuming just editing photos on photobucket! lol!

    • Demi

      Aw thanks Krissy! It is crazy time consuming and I’m a seasoned Photoshopper, too! Have you tried any freeware image editing programs? Might make the job a tad easier on you; though I think being a blogger is always going to be hard work! ;)

    • Oh I do know how to use photoshop, but only sorta basic things. Maybe in my next post I’ll try it!

    • Demi

      I know this program gets a bit of flack from pro graphic designers, but have you heard of Gimp? It does a pretty good job when I’m on my laptop and need to quickly edit photos before throwing them up on the blog!

      In regards to Photoshop, you should look up these things on DeviantArt called “actions”. Lots of artists release freeware actions that liven up your images and in most cases, it takes merely a click of a button. To edit my images nowadays, I don’t bother trying to work with adjusting levels here and there anymore, I just made actions for myself (or get the freebie ones others make) and apply them to my photos to pretty them up.

    • i have heard of gimp, yeah! i’m not a graphic designer so whatever works, i’m happy with it! haha
      ooooooooh actions…how interesting!! i used to do the adjusting levels etc etc but this action business sounds pretty cool! i’ll look them up now. thanks hun!

  8. Love the skirt and shoes, yellow makes me think of sunshine and sunflowers. :) I’m a bit iffy about buying shoes online too, with the sizing, fit and comfort levels.

    • Demi

      I know, I absolutely adore the color yellow too. It always seems to brighten up my day.

      I’ll have to post up a little review on the shoes when I get them–I really hope they’ll turn out okay.

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