Warm Winter Wishlist

I almost couldn’t find a suitable title for this one. Nothing appropriate rhymes with “July” or starts with “J”, so that’s the best I could come up with. Nevertheless, the title seems pretty appropriate as I sit here with my box of tissues, under seventeen layers of clothing wrapped up in a giraffe onesie and topped with fluoro yellow fingerless gloves my mother bought because they were 10c and not because they look good (I can assure you, they look appalling with this classy getup I’ve got on right now). It’s so bloody cold right now that I can’t muster the will to turn the heating on because I’ve just warmed up this patch of air and I feel like if I get up from my chair, the slightly warmer climate I’ve made around myself will dissipate. That, and I have blogging to do. Sick or not sick.

Anyways, here is my recent wishlist–Ever since getting my best friend a kitten tapestry backpack for her birthday, I’ve been longing for this fabric. It’s so naturally thick and heavy and warm, and lends itself perfectly to a cold Winter’s day, while you’re sporting thick opaque leggings and several layers underneath (or else risk freezing to death in this totally harsh Australian climate). I’ve really gotten into shopping for natural materials recently, so this wishlist is mostly comprised of pure wool, cotton, and leather.

  1. Pure Felted Wool BeretAliExpress, $4 (Also frequently on sale! Available in too many different colours to list)
  2. Teddy Bear Tapestry Dress w/ Faux Fur DetailsAliExpress, $20 (Also managed to find a $40 listing with dog and cat print fabric omg)
  3. Teddy Bear Tapestry BackpackAliExpress, $33 (Also available in the same fabric as the dress!!)
  4. Colourful Crystals Mickey Mesh WatcheBay, $18 (Also available in silver with differently-coloured faces)
  5. Full Gold Mirror Waist Belt w/ ChaineBay, from $7 (Depending on which of the 3 thicknesses you choose)
  6. Genuine Patent Leather Ankle Strap HeelsAliExpress, $40 (Available in black, nude, or white)
  7. Wool Cable-Knit Sweater w/ PeplumAliExpress, $15.50 (Available in other colours too)
  8. Tapestry Mini SkirtAliExpress, $15 (Available in cat or dog print!)

Can you just imagine–That teddy tapestry dress with a cream sweater layered underneath, topped with a black beret, gold belt, thick diamond-patterned tights and those shoes?! My idea of a perfect outfit right now.

By the by, frugalistas–I cheated a smidgeon with this wishlist. I just received the Mickey watch in the mail from eBay recently. It’s the most gorgeous thing ever and even though it’s cheaper than some of the other mesh watches in my collection, I reckon it’s just about my favorite one now. I’ll have to show you my little watch collection some day and have a good old rant about the exorbitant prices of watches and how you can avoid the big ticket price-tags.

In the meantime, stay stingy and keep your eyes peeled for my Specsavers review.


  1. I hope you’re feeling better, m’ dear. Oh just reading about winter makes me cold..Its posts like this that remind me I need to appreciate summer while I can. You found some amazing pieces and I can’t wait to see how you’ll continue to dress for your even cooler weeks ahead.

    • Demi

      Feeling much better! Though contemplating going back on antibiotics soon..

      It’s so cold I can’t even. It’s so difficult picking up outfits when you don’t want to get out of your warm pajamas in the morning, but I’m trying! :)

    • Demi

      Woah, Summer, really? Maybe it’s just my neighborhood then..

  2. Oh, Demi, that cat dress is just the cutest! I love cats! Would it be weird to say I’d quite like the cat print as wallpaper! ha, just on one wall, though! It is really cute!

    Thanks for leaving the loveliest comments on my blog, i love popping over to yours to see your updates and having a little catch up on your blog! I’ve not got my satchel bag dirty yet but that will soon change when the uk winter comes back round. Helloooo muddy shoes and mud-stained bags. I’m really worried about getting the inside dirty, it’s that suede side of the leather so once there’s a mark, it’s on there forever. I always carry pens, lipsticks, eyeliner pencils…. it’s going to happen soon! x

    • Demi

      Who doesn’t love a good cat print? (Okay, probably many people, but they’re all WRONG I tell you)

      I would worry less about the inside–mine is suede on the inside too but at least you can’t see any markings on the inside of the bag.. on the outside though, the thought of getting a pen mark or something is terrifying!

  3. OH MAN the teddy bear dress. I kind of hate it but I kind of love it. That cat skirt is totally my kinda thing though.

    Fuck this stupid winter. My hands are freezing. Do I even have hands anymore? Who knows. I can’t feel them, so maybe I don’t. UGH.

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

    • Demi

      The bear dress also comes in a cat print. I think both of those things are right up your alley.. alley cat. AHA. Haha. Me funny.

      I was thinking the same thing about my toes this morning. It’s not normal to wake up and put on 5 layers of clothing before going into the city. THE BRISBANE HEAT HAS MADE ME WEAK :(

    • Demi

      It might be because of the little florals since they’re classically “associated” with the grandma tapestries.

      I looove tapestry dresses though, and I think a cute collared top underneath that dress with tights, a belt to cinch the waist, and killer heels would look totes hawt. Ignore what dem boys say–what do they know about fashion!? :P

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