Plus 6% off the pie-print dress for Carbon Chic readers!

AliExpress wishlist

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..! Here are a few of my biggest birthday wishes for August, a couple of which I’ve already bought for myself and I’m so glad I did.

  1. Pie Printed DressAliexpress, $49.90 (Plus bonus discount for readers of CC)
  2. Tan Waist Belt w/ TasselsAliExpress, $5.30
  3. Pony BagAliExpress, $15 (Three different colour combos!)
  4. Bee Brooch w/ DiamantesAliExpress, $4 (Also available in silver)
  5. Tan Genuine Leather Penny LoafersAliExpress, $51
  6. Embroidered Sailor Collar BlouseAliExpress, $15.50
  7. 18k Gold Plated Rolo ChainAliExpress, $2
  8. Grey and White Sailor Stripe ShortsAliExpress, $11.50

A few of you may recognize the Modcloth “My Kind of Pie” Printed dress, that one that RRPs for $90 (yikes!), that one that dozens of bloggers around the world are seen wearing because of the cute print and flattering silhouette. I’m getting a little more into–I suppose–“vintage” silhouettes, so searches for “vintage” and “rockabilly” come up quite frequently on AliExpress, and that’s how I found this seller, Jenny Living Hall, and an amazing(ly cheap) replica of the pie-printed dress Modcloth sells. Through chatting with the owner, I found out they supplies many rockabilly stores in Australia, so I have a feeling I’ve found a little gem right here. Also, as a gift to Carbon Chic readers, if you mention that you’re a reader, you’ll be entitled to 6% off your purchase of this glorious pie-print dress!

Instructions: Add the dress to cart, click “buy now” and before you get to adding in your payment details, leave a note (something along the lines of “Demi sent me from Carbon Chic and said that you would offer 6% off for her readers?”), and wait for the price to change. When it does, you can continue with your payment.

You can’t be truly twee and not have a pie printed dress, guys.

Anyways–As you can probably tell from the rest of the wishlist, I’m starting to really gravitate towards better-quality items, natural materials, and more timeless cuts of clothing. The dress, the shorts, and the blouse are made from cotton, as I find it makes my skin a little happier, especially in the hot Australian climate. In addition to Jenny Living Hall with their good-quality cotton rockabilly dresses and aprons, the seller that sells that blouse has a whole range of naturally-made clothing fibers, which, for someone who has a wardrobe full of polyester, is a dream come true. I sometimes fantasize about selling all my clothing and buying a whole wardrobe full of natural fibers, but I like how chiffon blouses drape too much to give them up, realistically.

As for the gold-plated chain, I decided to myself that I was going to try living my life in a few higher-quality pieces, and start with stuff that really makes a difference, like jewelry. You have no idea how sick I am of having necklaces that turn black after one use–it’s been driving me nuts. Whether it’s because I don’t drink enough water or I eat too many bags of chips, I have the most acidic skin. If my neck doesn’t turn green, the costume jewelry turns black, or sometimes even both. I’m a danger to my own accessories. So I’m going to build up a small collection of variously-sized gold-plated chains and just mix and match the pendants that I like to wear–hopefully that’ll solve the problem for the meantime, and it’ll help my costume jewelry get more bang for their buck as well.



  1. Apologies for the cheeky question – but I’d love to know how you make these images with the collection of your favourite things. Are you a photoshop pro, or is there a quicker, easier way? :) M

    • Demi

      Sorry it’s all Photoshop and copy and pasting and cutting out, haha. I WISH I knew of a quicker, easier way, this stuff takes ages to do, honestly..

  2. I’ve been wanting the pie dress for so long! If you end up buying it you have to let me know how you like it. I just can’t bring myself to pay so much for it on Modcloth. You’ve got some really lovely items here, such great taste <3

    • Demi

      Oh, me too! You can bet I bought it! I’ll make sure to post photos once it arrives–I expect it’ll be here sometime next week.. (Hopefully, anyways)

      Thank you for the compliment, fellow pastel princess! :D

    • Demi

      Oh man I am way ahead of you, Brittney! I have that clear lacquer gloss spray stuff and it just ended up making my chain jewelry really rigid because it stuck to itself and dried and as for the rest of it, I’m not sure it’s made much of a difference.. I must have SUPER acidic skin or something, don’t know what it is!

      My whole wardrobe is full of polyester. It’s so terrible, but I like how polyester things drape and don’t wrinkle–it’s a magic fabric if not for the fact I sweat like a politician on trial when wearing the stuff. :(

    • Demi

      Technically pie print, but who can tell, right??

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