And that’s not the only thing that’s new!

In case you didn’t notice in my review of my new Alyssa Milano frames or otherwise follow me on Instagram, I’ve cut my hair! Well, not me, personally, but the deed has nonetheless been done.

A change is as good as a holiday, they say, and I tend to agree. Whenever I’m going through any dramatic changes in my life, the hair tends to reap (or suffer?) the brunt of it. It’s not quite as dramatic as when I sheared my precious locks into a pixie crop (not doing that again, thanks), but the hairdresser did snip off a sizeable amount of hair.

I suffered through a little bit of post-traumatic stress from getting rid of the hair that I had been painstakingly growing out for years since my misguided pixie misfortune, but I soon reasoned that enough was enough.

I have fine hair but quite a lot of it, and with long hair, I found the bulk of it was generally amassed at the bottom. This gave my head a mountainous sort of appearance that I was forever trying to compensate for with various fandangled technologies of the lazy fashionista (most embarrassing of which were the “Bump Its”, which I tried once, before I decided to retire them back in the drawer of objects to be used only when I become the wife of a mid-western oil dealer).

I was too lazy to appreciate my long hair, so I’m hoping I’ll appreciate this style a little more. I’ve already taught myself how to pincurl short hair with semi-decent results (tutorial time?), I’m now just scouring the web to see what other interesting things I can do with short hair. Other ladies with shoulder-length or shorter hair, please feel free to share your Pinterest-worthy resources!

Long story short, here I am with short hair! I hope you guys like it, because there’s sort of no way to reverse a hair cut.

Onto other news, I’ve acquired my very own fabulous camera man. My friend Robert is a budding photographer who is trying to fit in lots of practice with his DSLR, so some of the photos may start looking a little fancy around here. Don’t be scared, it’s still me, but with way better photos.

Say hi to Robert. Hi, Robert!

Anyways, that’s just about it for now. Don’t forget that has extended their 15% off promotion (code: CELEBRATE15) to 11:59pm this Tuesday, so make sure you get some mad deals before time runs out. I’ve splurged on dresses and jewelry. It’s almost disgustingly predictable.

What do you think of my new hair cut? Love it, hate it, keep it short, go back to long? I’m still tallying up the votes for and against.


  1. I like it! I love having shorter hair. Especially after having it long for a few years. I think this cut is adorable on you and so are your glasses.

    • Demi

      Thank you, Jamie! Short-haired redheads unite! :P

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