I feel like my Feedly is inundated with blogger roundups from the year 2014 so naturally, I’m going to follow suit and post a yearly summary of my own! I figured it would be nice to have a look at the previous year and the things it’s meant for me and my blog..

Kobo and Kindle Custom Cover DIY Box Pleated Skirt
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat Knockoffs Vintage Nautical Sailor Jacket
Forever New Outfit Collette Dinnigan and Alex Perry glasses from Specsavers
Casual Leather Outfit Me and Daniel
Rock Candy Bright Pink XBox Controller Magenta Coat from Valleygirl
Vintage Tapestry Outfit Hugo my Swedish Vallhund
Church Short hair in pincurls
Pie Print Dress and Gold Sandals Mint Teapot Fabric and Hugo
My Vintage Janome MyStyle 24 Me and Kirsten from Kirsten Learns
DIY Knife Pleated Skirt Tutorial DIY Military Green Pencil Skirt
DIY Gathered Skirt Tutorial Photographer Robert Finlayson and his custom Star Wars DIY Camera Strap
Red Cowgirl Dress Refashioning Vintage Buys
Jill Clegg Vintage Dress Meeting Annika from The Pineneedle Collective
Sydney Harbour Bridge DIY Apple Print 60's Shorts
Vintage Patterns Galore Sewing my first dress

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Last year, I really got into crafts and making myself things to wear, as well as altering those beautiful vintage buys that I found at op shops that weren’t quite right! I posted up many basic pattern-less sewing tutorials on my blog and hope this trend continues long into 2015 and beyond.

On that note, I have also become a hardcore, dedicated vintage shopper and now my wardrobe is full of amazing clothing from many different eras in time, from vintage Oscar De La Renta silk skirts to Australian labels that have long since been disbanded, I am filling out my closet pretty quickly with preowned goods!

Brands reached out to me a lot in 2014 and while the appeal of free stuff was pretty tempting, I am glad I stuck to my morals and only received sponsorship from those whom didn’t go against my personal ethics as far as animal cruelty and generally overpriced goods goes. I had an appearance in the Courier Mail too, which was very exciting for me!

With this, I pretty much ditched my contact lenses and became a glasses-wearer full-time. In terms of drastic changes, it was also the year where I chopped off my long locks and I’m now sporting a stylish (and much more Brisbane-weather-friendly) bob. I think I’ve found the hairstyle for me.

As a personal note, boys in my life have come and gone, and my relationship with Daniel ended a few months ago (what you’re not going to read on this blog: a painfully public breakup post). While it’s lovely to be in love, I have realised that friendships are far more valuable than romantic relationships, and this year I am pleased to say that I have made close friendships with people far and wide:

I met Robert through dance and now he is one of my closest friends (and frequently photographer for my blog) and the only person alive who indulges me in all-day vintage shopping and visiting four Spotlights in one day. Kirsten is a crazy awesome fellow Brisbane blogger, and we found each other through Annika‘s blog, and I was able to meet both in person this year, actually travelling down to Sydney a few weeks ago to fangirl all over Annika. I feel so very blessed that blogging has brought me many opportunities to reach out to like-minded people and hope to make many more friends and connections this year.

My goals for 2015? More sewing, crafting, friendships, and–needless to say–shopping!!


  1. Happy happy new year! I enjoyed your roundup of 2014! Your bob haircut looks amazing on you and I’m loving the glasses too. I’m looking forward to reading your blog in the new year!

    • Demi

      You are lovely, Jamie Rose! :) Thank you so much x

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