Christian Louboutin Makeover

Today we’re going to delve into the world of DIY.. There are plenty of tutorials on this particular matter and while I got the idea from SoccerMomStyle, of course I had to do things my way!

Firstly, as you see in the picture above, for this project, you’re going to need some sexy shoes of any description (nude and black works best IMO), and the heel should be as high as possible. This is purely because I found you can barely see my handiwork in these modest heels and it would have had a higher impact on 10cm+ heeled pumps!

I don’t own such pumps, I mean, I can barely walk in thongs.

Secondly, you’re going to need to tape around the edges using a tape that won’t damage your heels so the paint doesn’t get onto parts of the shoe you don’t want paint. This is a pretty important step as I found out later on! I used masking tape but it seems to have gone walkabout as I couldn’t find it for picture purposes.. I probably should have used a stronger tape though, as it started to peel off mid-way through the painting process, resulting in a messy finish. Tape it on FIRMLY!

Thirdly, your paints. You’re going to want to pop into Crazy Clarks and buy some $2 bottles/tubes of a bright red and white acrylic paint. Chuck in a brush with that if you don’t have one. Delicate brushes not needed because of the tape so use whatever you think will be the easiest for you. The amount of coats will depend on what colour the sole already was. My soles were black, which meant that I needed 3 coats of white paint and drying time between each coat to ensure an even finish for the red colour.

This is a very important step; you have to make sure that the white coats dry thoroughly before starting on the red. Wait a day or two if you must but DO NOT START PAINTING WITH RED UNTIL THE WHITE COATS HAVE DRIED. Obviously you can ignore that if you have nude soles. With nude soles, you can start straight away with the red paint.

These shoes needed 4 coats of red paint because I did not let the white paint dry 100% before I started applying it. This meant that it mixed with the white, made it wet again and the white turned pink. It was a mess. I would estimate that you’d need 2-3 coats of red or whatever you need to cover the soles entirely.

Fourthly, and this is only applicable if you’re an idiot like me and didn’t get an even finish, you can break out the nailpolish. I initially used sizzling red, but it was slightly darker than that bright Louboutin look that I wanted so I covered it over again with a more orange-red called “Fire”. These nailpolishes were pretty cheap—$2 at any pharmacy. All my hard work resulted in the perfect colour!

Fifth and last step is removing the tape. Do this only after you’re sure everything is dry and do it carefully so you don’t damage the shoes. Because my tape was weak and flimsy and I didn’t press it on firmly enough, there was a bit of spill over the sides, so if you’re a numpty like me, just take a sharpie and colour over the bits you missed. If you’re doing this with nude pumps, you’re a little bit stuffed and you should have put the tape on more firmly!

DIYing is the ultimate bargain tool, and it’s not always costly to do either—the paints and polishes cost me $2 a pop, I got the brush out of my makeup box (what makeup box??), and the shoes were $20 from Aldi. You can buy similar shoes (but with that all-important higher heel!) from The Iconic for around $25 (after the discount codes I used a few posts ago!), and the nude sole will make it a lot easier for you too.

Pastel Brites

There’s a certain temperature that I will tolerate before my fingers start turning blue and I start turning into a hermit. That temperature was almost breached today. With temperatures in Brisbane plunging to a chilly 15 degrees and my breakfast toast visibly steaming on my plate, I made the decision to try brave the weather and make the perilous journey to Spotlight.

To combat the overcast day, I decided to dress in the brightest colours available to me in my wardrobe—pastels!

Here’s the rundown:

White Knit Cap – Cotton On, $2

Gold Heart NecklaceeBay, $1.30

Cream Trench CoatTarget, $30 (60% off sale—down from $80!)

Pink Sleeveless Blouse – Target, $10.56 (Hand-sewed a white ribbon onto the front)

Gold Cicada RingeBay, $1.20

Mint Jeans – Kmart, $15

Nude Pointed Pumps – $5, Rubi (I love you, DFO!)

Total: $65!

It’s not bad for a complete outfit. With a few DIY touches like the ribbon on the front of the shirt (I actually added that on to alter the “tie front” because I didn’t like it) and the plain pumps soon to be embellished with flowers or ribbons or such for a whole new look.

On another note, I’ve been doing heaps of shopping on eBay recently (see the new heart necklace and cicada ring) but today ASOS launched a huge 50% off sale so I know where my sights are set for the next week! Check it out while you still can!

For full-priced items, just to make it feel like a sale as well, use the code “GRAZIASHOP” on your order to get 20% off!

Have fun this week, rug up well, and remember never to pay full price. ;)

The Iconic

I am officially their biggest fan. You know, unofficially-officially. They have the most amazing incredible service that I cannot rave about them enough! I recently bought two pairs of shoes from them and a packet of Doc Marten shoelaces for $50! (The shoelaces were just to tip the price of an order to over $50 so I could use a $25 off coupon code (yes, yes, I know)).

They arrived the next day, as expected (LOVE!) and they were both really gorgeous shoes and both the same listed size, but one pair was outrageously small for my foot. I’m generally a size 39, but these shoes, even though they were leather ($25 leather shoes, people!!) would have never stretched the required amount to fit over my numb, squashed toes.

So what did I do? I talked to a lovely sales rep called Laura through their fabulous online assistance chat box and she arranged the exchange of the shoes for a bigger size so that when my package reached their warehouse, they would automatically send off the reserved bigger size for me. All this fuss for $25 shoes made me feel like a queen! The only thing I need to do now is to print out the returns docket from Australia Post, stick it to the box I got the shoes in and pop it in the mail box. No interaction with postal employees or money out of my pocket required at all!

Moreover, I’m returning the Doc Marten shoelaces that provided the necessary $6 to bump up the order to $50, and she gave me a choice of refund—either I can get $3 back (since I essentially got 50% off them in the order) bringing my shoes down to a total $22, or I can accept store credit for them at 110% of their value, so $6.60 store credit to use within a year for my next purchase!

And believe you me, there will be several more purchases before the year is out ;)

These were the aforementioned shoes. “Betts” brand, leather lined, and only $25 (that’s the including shoelaces price). Gorgeous, classic red patent heels that I have been dying to buy for years now.

These were the other shoes I bought:

“I Love Billy” leather-lined (gotta be leather!), lace covered peep-toe heels, also roughly about $25 after discount. I won’t lie, the peep-toe area cuts into my toe like some sort of medieval torture device. However, my saving graces come from the fact that leather is a great shoe material and after a few hours wear around the house with thick stocks, it’s stretched very pleasantly and only gives a slight twinge every now and again.

If I could offer one criticism of The Iconic though, it’s that their sizing guide is useless. It offers a rough estimate, but (and I don’t know if this is relevant for other people) sizing between different brands widely varies for me and it would be good to have a brand-specific size chart on the product page. That aside, at least I don’t need to pay for return shipping—that definitely makes shoe buying online worth the risk.

Thank you, The Iconic!

For fellow fans, here are a few discount codes to make your shopping experience all that more pleasant:

$15 off $29 (HOME) – “Living” items [expires 30th june]
$15 off $29 (WORKOUT) – “Sports” items [expires 30th june]
$20 off $49 (SYD6X4) – Anything
$25 off $50 (BACKUP or VOGUE25) – Anything

Happy bargain hunting!

This is Totally Unrelated

This is totally unrelated from anything Carbon Chic but I just had to give a little brag.

I’ve just submitted my last piece of assessment only minutes ago! WOO!!

This was the last piece of assessment—a 3-piece illustration for the Society of Invertebrate Pathology meant to depict their identity. I thought, well, they’re studying infestations within invertebrates, what if they were the ones infested with their subject matters?? So there we are, they’re all in a happy daze as they allow themselves to be infested by butterflies, fungi and cockroaches.

Grizzly, baby.

Acceptable in the Eighties

It was acceptable at the time..

At least this morning, a photoshoot was looking like a good idea. Now, notsomuch. These were the best photos out of 140 over-exposed messes that I took this afternoon. But I have been wearing this outfit to death recently and out of all the pieces in my wardrobe, this deserved a spot on Carbon Chic the most! (For now, anyways)

Here’s the rundown:

Gold Choker – Equip, $5

White Heart SunglasseseBay, $1.50

Cut Out Dress in Colour BlockASOS, $20 (used a coupon code!)

Black Patent Belt – Target, free with another dress

Orange Betty Box Bag – Dotti, gift

Burgundy Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2

Footless Tights – Woolworths, $2

Black Desert Boots – Target, $25 (on special)

Total: $55.50!

Not too shabby, huh? My nails are still painted with Ulta3’s light yellow “Spring Blossom” for $2 a bottle and as usual, I’m wearing the watch Mikey gave me for my last birthday (it goes with everything!). Colour blocking has been lots and lots of fun this season, but with the pastel trend slowly making its way over to Australia with a particular emphasis on mint, it looks like I’ll only have a few more weeks’ wear out of this dress! So sad!

On a positive note, my last assignment is tomorrow, which means more shopping and more outfit posts for you all. YAYY!!