Hi everyone!

I thought it was about time that I started this blog.

As an avid reader of popular women’s magazines, I feel a bit disheartened by the fashion displayed on those high-gloss pages. No, this blog wasn’t created to whinge about the giraffes with platform shoes (though the jealous side of me feels obligated to say, if you’re 5’10, do you really need another seven inches on you?), but rather the absolutely exorbitant cost of what they’re wearing! You’ve seen it before, in Dolly or Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire or Cleo, “budget” editions where the editors pick up some outfits from their sponsors’ stores and present them to you, the viewer, an entire couture-worthy outfit for under $300!

“This $80 skirt, coupled with this $60 blouse, $130 sandals, and this piece of designer hessian string around your neck for a bargain $25.”

Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m reading.

What about the real bargains? Like the all-leather (and all-purpose) kitten heels I waited in line for since 8:15am to snag from the most surprising of places, before dropping a cool $20 bill onto the counter and waltzing out of there, dinky plastic bag slung over my shoulder, feeling like a million bucks.

Whenever I get depressed, I either go shopping, or eat something. I’m thankful, that for me, shopping is cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist (and also that my mother cooks for me, but that’s for another blog, at another time).

So that is the reason this blog was created; because you, as a stylish, trendy young thing, are on a budget, but you still gotta look fabulous.

Stay tuned, readers, as I take you on a journey of bargain buys and salacious sales in the hopes that you find the inspiration to save some money, and rock modern looks on the cheap.


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