My friends on Facebook are well aware of my spending habits. They’re well aware that I just spent $51 (exaaactly) on the online Cotton On website on.. (if I remember correctly) two pairs of white Cinderella bras, a pair of spotted red shoes, a laptop satchel, and several pairs of socks. I figured to myself, “Hey, Demi. I think you’ve done enough damage to your bank account. No, really!”

But then when I heard news of this sale, I couldn’t very well stay at home this weekend without venturing into a Cotton On store. There were the usual average-quality garments that you find on the sales racks in Cotton On under the pretense of “50% off” (yeah, right), but among the riff-raff were a few diamond discounts just waiting to be snapped up.

Knitted hats, just in time for the cooler weather, sunnies, just in time for a few last trips to the beach before uni starts, and bags, so you can carry around these two items after you figured you’ve been fashionable enough today and it’s time for a break. There were plenty of other items on sale too, like ties (who knew that Cotton On sold ties! Not me!) and sandals, but it probably varies from store-to-store, so pop down to your local Cotton On this weekend and take a look, you might do as well as I did today and save a bundle!

Specifics on my purchases within the next few posts of Carbon Chic!

Or, pretty much, as soon as my Cotton On shipment arrives.

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