I’ve been in a really miserable place recently, and a revelation last night made me realize that I was doing it to myself, and I was the only one who could cure myself of it. This meant getting rid of all negative influences around me, some of those to do on Facebook, but mostly to do with my God-forsaken room.

I have so many clothes in my cupboard that I haven’t worn in years. I tossed it all out, I de-cluttered my room. As you can see, I had clothes up the yin yang and I just needed to get rid of them to make room for new clothing! I arranged my clothes by colour, and kept in mind things that could be worn this season. All my summery clothing has hit the hay for now and retreated to storage, which it will eventually be sold in a garage sale or otherwise thrown out or restored when the season is appropriate again.

I uncovered a wondrous collection of my mother’s cardigans and knitted pieces, all circa 1990-9, and I will be trying to incorporate these pieces into my outfits for this Winter.

For all the frugalistas out there, I highly recommend cleaning out your closet for the cooler months and raiding your parents’ wardrobe for pieces they don’t wear anymore.

Coming up soon: The shopping spree I went on to fill up my now-empty wardrobe. Stay tuned!

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