Oh My Gosh!

I’m making eyes at me and I don’t mind.. at all.

Okay, maybe a little. I cringe, viewing myself on film, I do. As pallid as somebody on their death bed and only a little more lively, there hasn’t been a single occasion where I haven’t dreaded viewing footage of myself. Not now and not when I was in the 11th grade where I froze like a paddle halfway through a debate speech to stare eerily at the hand-held camera my shellshocked mother was wielding, up and ready to document the “proudest” moments of my childhood. I still have nightmares.

Anyways, that is totally besides the point, where was I going with this..

Fabulous Sophie Baker, photographer extraordinaire, honor student, and photojournalist on Girl With A Satchel (portrayed on the right) has a personality twice as sunny as that photo with 0% of the glare.

It was an absolute pleasure being her interview subject for GWAS (linked at the top), and her witty discourse makes her posts a pleasure to read (as do the other posts on that blog of course!).

You can read about her experience with yours truly on GWAS.

Stay tuned for the day I manage to persuade this lovely Satcheling to go on a stingy shopping trip with me..

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