I know some people may think that saving money by spending money is completely hypocritical but sometimes, honey, knowing when to spend and when not to spend is the key to success when you want to look good on a budget.

So today I’ll take you a few of my recent purchases of mine that are didn’t cost much, but are nice investments for the future.

First of all was the Geometric necklace (eBay, $2.70) seen on the previous post.

Now I bought this for around $3 on eBay, and it’s a pretty good replica of the House of Harlow necklace that you can buy from anywhere between $80 and $200 depending on where you go. In Australia, replicas of this style range anywhere between $15 and $20, which is still pretty expensive to me. Considering that large, statement jewelery like this is going to continue to be big over Winter, I’m going to wear this necklace several times before I have to put it away. It’s just that fabulous!

The next thing I bought is a little thing, really, but so far it goes with the mustard dress and the 60’s blue/green dress (I should know, I trialled it all weekend). Not only that, but it’s in this season’s hottest color—burgundy!

This burgundy bangle was only $2 from Rubi on sale! I prefer to buy these sorts of large pieces from Australia because it’s rare to find a bangle on eBay for cheaper than what you’ll find here. I find they incorporate shipping costs into the price which is probably the reason why you can’t find a single decent bangle there for under $6. So this was a pretty neat buy for me.

The last buy was also my best buy of the week. Month. Year? I found these beauties at Famous Footwear, and they’ve quickly rocketed up to my favorites list!

Black patent Oxford pumps. Classic, elegant, comfortable, and the heel is thick enough that I don’t start having hallucinations of death whenever I put them on, despite the fact they’re pretty damn high for me.

The best part of all? They’re brand-new, and cost me a cool $10 from Famous Footwear. They also came in ordinary pleather and suede, and there were at least 5 various pairs left on the shelves in Carindale when I bought these, and I kind of regret not buying 2 pairs. Or all of them. It was really the highlight of my day though, and proof that you don’t have to blow your budget on a pair of gorgeous-lookin’ shoes.

If there are any doubts to the accuracy of my data, read the box for yourself:

Famous Footwear, you are my heroes!

I hope this inspired some others to get out there and give bargain hunting a go, because there are amazing deals out there just waiting for you!

What are you waiting for, girls?

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