Whilst engaging in my weekly romp around the shopping centre with my buddy Michael, we spotted something fun in the Dotti window. Or at least I did, anyways. A remake of the Zara embroidered blouse! Except, you know, more expensive. Since counterfeits should always be more expensive. Wait, did I get that right?

I only saw it for what it was because I have had the above blouse on my eBay wishlist for months now, so I was very surprised to see it in stores!

This is how the food chain goes, apparently:

Zara: $30 > Dotti: $50 (??) > eBay: $10

This isn’t the first, or the last time, Dotti has mimicked other popular designs. Don’t get me wrong, God Bless Dotti and all that—I adore them, but come off those silly, silly prices.

If you recognize these blogger-favourite pair of (budget friendly!) floral pants from H&M, you’re not doing too badly in the blogging world at all. Dotti has helpfully come out with their own version as well.

Oh, how coincidentally similar! Except—

Dotti: $60 | H&M: $15

Please explain.

You can get these pants for a reasonable amount, though, from a new favorite shopping ground of mine, Aliexpress! The site is PayPal-less which is a bit of a pain in the butt, but the savings are so worth it.

Get them here for $22!


  1. I can’t believe the price difference! It’s annoying when we usually pay for more for clothes down under!

    • Demi

      I so agree with you. It’s not at all fair!

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