Gold jewellery and hair accessories based on nature

Since the big chop, as I like to call it, I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on accessories (hair-related, in particular) to liven up my appearance. I’ve never been one for makeup, so my main vice consists of an insatiable love of accessories, a category which has been recently broadened to include glasses as well. That’s why this month’s wishlist is nothing but gold, gold, gold.

  1. Gold Bee Hair Pins (2pcs)AliExpress, $3.50
  2. Stars Barrette GoldeBay, $2.50 | SilvereBay, $4
  3. Gold Pearl + Leaf ClipeBay, $1
  4. Spider Heart Brooch (1pc)AliExpress, $3.40
  5. Gold Plated Sterling Silver Baby Bee PendantAliExpress, $15 (Also available in plain silver)
  6. Seashell Hair Pins (1pc)AliExpress, 50c (Also available in silver)
  7. Gold Butterfly Hair Clips (2pcs)eBay, $2.60
  8. Gold Pearl + Leaves Head BandAliExpress, $4.60

By the way, if you didn’t notice, I skipped last month’s wishlist. I’m sorry. I’ve changed a fair bit over the last couple of months, I don’t want for much anymore except for more time to sew skirts! Speaking of which, this blog is becoming slightly more sew-orientated.. Is this a welcomed change or not? In either case, I sewed a schoolgirl Halloween costume for myself and I’m eager to share the tutorial, so keep an eye out! I’m also going to release a guide to buying an awesome second-hand machine–and definitely prove that you don’t need to spend hundreds to sew beautiful things.


    • Demi

      Awesome, I’ll make sure to have a steady stream of tutorials here, woo!

  1. I love gold accessories too. I’m just drawn to them! I have to actively look for silver things to balance out my collection. I really like the stars barrette here and that cool leaf headband.

    • Demi

      I mostly just get what suits me! If gold suits your skin tone, then rock it! :) My jewellery collection is massively unbalanced, haha.

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