Not really. Actually, since I started blogging those few short months ago, I’ve found this hobby has encouraged me to do more shopping, even! Very bad for the wannabe frugal fashionista, but I just look at all those pretty colours in my closet and I sigh with happiness.

From what first started out as an attempt to document sales around Brisbane and share my fabulous bargain buys, I had no idea that Carbon Chic would be as popular as it became. Just five months into my blog and my followers had already surpassed my number of posts! I was thrilled guys, and I thank each and every one of you for your support, your emails, and your “likes”. Carbon Chic is growing, so keep an eye on it!

Blogging has given me a new lease on life—I am no longer obsessed by boys to the degree that I used to be (which naturally means that I’m now being hit on more than a piñata), I am far more attentive towards what walks down the runway than who walks out to that lecture podium at uni, and I’ve been more social than ever. Strangely, my grades actually haven’t suffered because of this. In fact, this semester I was the proud recipient of a Dean’s Letter for Excellent Academic Performance! I’m seriously chuffed.

But I have been looking out for a new job now that all my projects are ending and boy is it hard to get a job in retail when you have no retail experience. I have so much promotional experience that I can sell the socks off your grandmother (and I’m good enough to make people invest in timeshare, TIMESHARE, GUYS!), but I’m not to be trusted with trying to sell $15 t-shirts off your racks?? Mucho confusing.

Still, I have to persist and keep in mind that retail is fun for now, but my eye is on the prize and that prize is to either make a living from my blog (wishful thinking right here) or continue onto that Masters’ next year (or possibly Honors, I haven’t decided). Here’s to the semester ahead—full of reckless choices, maxed out credit cards (just joking), late nights at the library, and plenty of blogging!

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