Today I went to my local shopping mall and had an absolute blast. Asides the minor drama with forgetting my debit card (always use an EFTPOS or Debit card; frugalistas NEVER buy on credit!), I had a pretty good day. The two purchases above were my bargains of the day.

First we have a pair of beautiful all-leather Mary Jane stilettos in burgundy on sale or $30 down from $130! They’re absolute gorgeous; the pictures on the website don’t do them justice because they’re incredibly beautiful, comfortable, excellent quality, and the red is a lot brighter in real life than they are in the picture on the site (where they look sort of a muddy brown, erugh!). The heel is just the right height for me, too. They were definitely worth the $30.

The second purchase I made which just put the icing on the cake for me was the above choker that I’d been eying up from Colette for possibly the last month or so. I’ve always been a big believer that patience will be rewarded, so when this choker came down from $13 to $6.50, I still held off from buying it! When I checked this week, it was the last one on the rack, and the price had come down to $3. Not a bad score if I do say so myself!

The biggest lesson you’ll learn when living off sales is that patience is a virtue to be absolutely treasured. If you NEED something, buy it while it’s still there, but if you just WANT something, wait a few weeks, and keep an eye on that price tag! It’s sure to come plummeting down as new season stocks arrive.

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