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I’ve always been a big lover of yellow. It’s such a warm, happy colour and whether it’s in mustard, canary or citrus tones, it seems to magically brighten up any outfit. I wanted to share with you a few bags on my eBay wishlist at the moment—While looking over it tonight I noticed that there were stacks of yellow bags and thought it a bit amusing that my love for the sunny colour had permeated throughout my eBay wishlist!

So here are a few of my favorite bags—I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more than one or two but I’m stuck between these choices! Strangely enough, I’m really digging the surface on those patent bags, so my choices are somewhat divided between 2 & 3, but not wanting to spend too much on an eBay China bag has me hesitating.

I will be DIYing a replica yellow bag of my own sometime soon though and posting up instructions, so stay tuned; I think you’ll enjoy this one. Here’s a hint of the DIY to come within the following weeks: They’re oh-so-hot-right-now, and every celebrity seems to be sporting one of these bright babies. Can you guess what bag I’ll be making a Carbon Copy out of?

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