Today we’re dipping our toe into the world of online lingerie. When you have a boyfriend, you generally dress to impress, but does this mean you need to spend a mint? No, you don’t! There are countless retailers in Australia who sell lingerie, costumes and stocking of all shapes and sizes, but if you’re well-acquainted to the world of eBay, you’ll know most of these places are complete rip offs! The best place to get cheap lingerie that you just want to wear long enough to get ripped off (hur hur) is of course eBay. But don’t be fooled! As I keep telling people all the time (they never listen), it’s not all garbage. I’ve only included a few examples here that I’ve noted are particular targets for overpricedness, and the costume is a bit of a lulz (you know how hard it was to find an inexpensive Alice in Wonderland costume for my party?? I ended up using wardrobe items to make it instead).

(All prices include shipping (because shipping costs can be darn costly!).)

1. Beer Wench Women’s Costume, $70 | eBay,$22

2. Firehosiery Back Seam Tights, $27 | eBay, $10

3. Lace Hold-Up Tights, $37 | eBay, $5.50

4. Diamante Corset, $34 | eBay, $12

5. Sweetheart Corset, $35 | eBay, $10

6. Polka Dot Corset, $36 | eBay, $15

With all of the above corsets, the eBay link is the identical version (and I’m serious when I say identical, not just a replica) and usually available in many different colours and sizes (so convenient!). I’ve bought all of these sort of things from eBay before (not the exact product, but category-wise, I mean) and the quality is usually good enough for something that you’re not really going to be wearing every day. Tights from eBay are fine, though I am very meticulous with my tights and I take care of them really well, though I know people who buy the expensive pairs because they think they’ll snag less easily or something. Not true, I’ve been through them all and they all eventually get ruined one way or another! As for the corsets, I bought a few of them from eBay and was surprised at how good-quality they were. Practically any corset you can find on CorsetsAU for an exorbitant amount you can find on eBay for much, much less. This is especially true for “fashion” corsets and not those genuine waist-trainers and whatnot. For ordinary use for average figures, most people don’t need steel-boned corsets (this may not be true for the well-endowed though, so beware!).

Lingerie and intimates not to buy on eBay mostly include non-brand-name underwear and bras–eBay China makes clothing for their “builds”, so they’re usually XXS or something crazy that won’t fit Western girls. All other things are fair game. Nobody’s worn them, they’re all packed straight from a warehouse and just need a wash before wearing. So don’t be scared of them!


  1. anastasiastarz Reply

    Love ebay for corsets ;) Though you should ask if it’s not pictured how it’s done up. e.g. zip! (LOVE THIS), 40 hooks&eyes (requires 2 to put on) or the metal hook ones (that are done up at the front).

    As for bras I love Bras n Things – they often have sales. Though my size is rare, so my favourite bra shop is La Senza – their DFO near the expo center. The DFO has everything (including my size ;) and it’s cheaper then their normal stores.

    • Demi

      I like Cotton On Body for bras, but then again, I only like paying up to $15 for any one bra, haha. I find it’s rare to find bargains at Bras n Things, sadly. :(

    • Demi

      Haha, beware, that thing will be 100% see through! (Not a problem if you like see-through things I guess, but I was surprised to find how see through all the lingerie on eBay was LOL)

      Myer and Bras & Things are definitely overpriced for what you’ll find. I don’t bother with them anymore, it’s eBay all the way! (Or otherwise hoping le boyfriend picks up hints about the things I like and buys stuff for me :P)

      Btw, you can reply to this “thread” by clicking on the “reply” under your post. (There’s no reply under my post because it ruins the formatting)

    • Demi

      Haha, I must be pretty bad for your wallet then! :P Corsets are hands down the best form of lingerie to buy on eBay. They’re all pretty predictably good quality (so long as you follow the general eBay rules of buying things where you can see the actual “mannequin photos”), and I have several of them!

      Be careful with nighties and slinky things like that though, because they’re all made for Asian bodies so unless you’re a size 6, you may not fit into their stuff! (I’ve discovered this a few times, though it’s lucky I’m handy with a sewing machine and I can adjust and alter as I wish).

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