Brrr, it’s cold in here!

Do you ever get that feeling where you’re just bemoaning the current season and then the next season hits you like a tonne of bricks and you’re suddenly bussing to work under 700 layers of clothing and the large, heavy woolen coats you’ve been wearing in your heavily air-conditioned environment suddenly make sense to people around you?

On the bright side, when I walk into the communal kitchen wearing ugg boots (I swear this is the only time I wear them, I swear!) and an oversized pink wool-blend tweed coat I picked up from a clothing jumble for $5 (woohoo!), people now sympathise with me (“Yes, quite cold outside, isn’t it?”) instead of giving me looks normally reserved for mentally deranged homeless people (all those side-eyes, I tell you what).

And now I have an excuse to dip back into my glorious coat collection!

This may also be the Winter of funky tights. Possibly. I haven’t decided whether these bright pink tights make me feel fabulous or ridiculous, but I’m somewhere in that zone.

How brilliantly do they match this jacket, though? When Kmart was selling a bunch of colour-blocked tights for 20c a pack, I couldn’t resist buying a pair in all three colours, and then I proceeded to shove them into a corner of my cupboard, never to be seen again until a year later, and here they are. My legs won’t be cold today, no sir.

What I wore:

  • Alex Perry Glasses – c/o Specsavers
  • Cream Angora Beret with Black Sequin Bow – Temt, $10
  • White Flocked Polka Dot Blouse – Target, $10
  • Girls’ Black Ponti Dress – Target, $15
  • Black and White Bow Belt – Mascotte, $6
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift (similar here)
  • Pink Woolen Jacket w Leather Trim – Igedo, $15 (Although the last purchase I’ll ever make from them after how rudely they treated me when I tried to return a faulty item)
  • Opaque Magenta Tights – Kmart, 20c
  • Jo Mercer “Hooch” Mary Jane Heels – The Iconic, $60

Total: $116.20


    • Demi

      Thank you SaraLily! Such a good colour, isn’t it?

  1. I remember reading a study where people like the temperature in their house to be warmer in the winter than what they would want to be in the summer, and that in the summer they keep their house cooler than what they would feel comfortable with in the winter. I like things to be cool, so I love winter. But I find it funny how people change their temperature preference according to season, and have climate control. I mean, I know I get use to warmer weather and get use to it, but I don’t have central air in my apartment. So I get stumped when people walk from air control environment (perhaps a house) to another air controlled environment (like their air conditioned/heated car) and complain about the heat/cold. What you were too hot/cold for 5 minutes? Why doesn’t this bother you other times of the year? XD

    • Demi

      Ohh I never looked at it that way! But I am seriously cold in air conditioning all year round! I just feel like I’m prepared for it more in Winter (I arrive to work already rugged up as opposed to in a Summer dress) so it bothers me less in Winter! Those winds and torrential rain conditions outside right now though..

  2. Coooooot. Man I love this outfit. Although I lol at you thinking that it is even remotely cold yet. You have a weird temperature gauge.

    • Demi

      It is cold! It was like 6 degrees yesterday morning! There were icicles hanging from my nose!

    • Demi

      Gotta hang around in all the best places if you want 20c tights! (Target, Kmart, they’re both good places ;) )

    • Demi

      Thank you! Other people’s confidence in the combination gives me confidence too, haha :)

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