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Hello everyone! Thank you for still reading and “liking” my blog even though I practically took a week-long hiatus without as much as a goodbye or farewell. All those Facebook likes are really quite comforting, despite the humble number, and they are a daily reminder to stop being so lazy and pump out some posts for my readers!

So where was I?, you angrily ask, wagging your fingers at me and showing me the inside of your empty, beaten-up wallets (just kidding). I actually had a party to plan for the entire week!

I turn 21 this week and on Saturday, I celebrated with an Alice in Wonderland themed party for my closest friends and I. Everything took ages to prepare and we went all out! I didn’t want to celebrate my 21st with some ordinary straight-out-of-the-freezer party food and bowls of lollies and sugary drinks, almost everything was made from scratch for this party (with diet drinks to make sure nobody had a sugar-induced stroke). Veggie pasties, ham croissants, cake pops, chocolate cakes baked into ice cream cones and topped with cream, and that was only the beginning. While food of various varieties was pumped out of the kitchen thanks to the talented chef (my mother), the pièce de résistance was the giant strawberries and cream cake that came out afterwards and I think everyone was blown away from the giant portion sizes they received! All in all, it was a fabulous soirée and I’m happy I had most of my friends here to celebrate this occasion with me.

(Images 1-4 + 8 from talented photographer Miriam Lai)

Of course, everything at this party was budget friendly as well. I made giant paper flowers for the garden using this tutorial, and with packets of 10 pieces of tissue paper costing $1.50 per packet, and then 20 bamboo sticks for $5 from Bunnings to hold the flowers on them, it ended up a mere 55c per flower! I also made cardboard “this way, that way” signs from the leftover acrylic paint from the Louboutin makeover (in my DIY’s to the right) and pinched some free boxes from Aldi. Friends loaned me all their teapcups, teapots and extra seating for the day and I have to thank my friend Louisa especially for bringing over a giant boombox and a huge array of different teapots for the table!

I received the most wonderful, thoughtful presents, from boxes of chocolates to tea sets and jewelery, but a special thanks goes to my Michael who really outdid himself on the generosity scale by buying a whole heap of decorations for the party and then rocking up with four presents–A brand new Nikon camera, a professional tripod, camera case and an SD card to boot! He really spoils me, it’s terrible.. But the camera is a whole lot better than the one I had been currently using and he knows how much this blog means to me so it will be so great to be able to shoot better pictures for you all to see in my future posts.

It was an absolutely magical affair.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Everything looks amazing!

    You were very spoilt!

    What sort of Nikon was it? Look forward to seeing pics with it!

    • Demi

      Thank you!! It was just a Nikon Coolpix (nothing really fancy or anything) but from what I can tell, it takes very nice pictures, so yay! I’ll put up an outfit post using the camera hopefully soon, fingers crossed here :D

  2. anastasiastarz Reply

    Happy Birthday :) Sounds like a great party, and I recall you were lucky with the weather (if in Melb). Hope they’re more pictures to come ;) Btw the giant flowers look amazing, I saw some similar ones at Laura Ashley on Liz.

    • Demi

      Thanks! Actually in Brisbane, not Melbourne! It was a pretty beautiful day. The giant flowers are pretty cool–we were pressed for time so we made kinda plain ones out of blue/yellow/purple/pink tissue paper and stuck them to organic bamboo rods but they were still kind of cute in a kitsch-y way.

  3. Wow, what a great party theme! Happy birthday, and I can’t wait to see a photo your costume. Just liked your FB page too :)

    • Demi

      Thank you so much Jennifer! I’ll post up photos of the costume if I can get some from my friends–otherwise I may have to do an outfit post some time this week :P

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