Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted, and I mostly have uni to blame–I’m trying to nudge my GPA to 6, and it’s a lot of tough work!

One thing you may be happy about though, is that I’ve started to embrace social media a bit better and opened Instagram and Pinterest accounts (both under the name CarbonChic). The link to my Pinterest is over to the left amongst my social media buttons and I still have no clue how to link my Instagram account–it being a phone app and all. But while my Pinterest account mainly consists of images I’ve put up on my blog, I’ve really embraced my Instagram account! You can follow me there, or if you follow my blog on Facebook, there’s an Instagram app installed there that’ll let you go through all my images in full-size. I’ll hopefully be making these posts a weekly occurrence and put up 9 of the best images out of my week to share with everyone. It’ll give you a little insight to the girl behind the blog, and sometimes a few snaps of bargain purchases I’ve made in the week!

So without further ado, these are my first set of Instagrams!

CarbonChic’s first Instagram! | Celebrating free shipping by buying a Dotti Gold Peplum Top: $10 | Andrew’s 21st Party, 1940’s Theme | Makeup by Napoleon Perdis @ Target | Westfield Hunger Games Prizepack! | Protest at Parliament House | River Island Metallic Dress: $10 | Happy 29th Birthday to Mikey <3 | River Island Pink Skirt: $10

Are you guys finding an addiction to Instagram or Pinterest as oh-so easy as I am?

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