This is request fulfilled for my reader Monica, from Nest Sweet Nest, who asked me to find some cheap neon jewelery (which is very surprisingly hard to track down on eBay!). It’s not just a case of typing in “neon necklace”–Asians seem to have not grasped the name of this trend yet. So I’ve been trawling and searching high and low for eBay for a few of these babies, priced under $5 each (not including the bag)!

1.  Transparent Shoulder Bag, $8.60 (Available in yellow, pink, blue and red)

2.  Neon Choker, $3.80 (Also available in bright orange)

3. Geometric Neon Necklace, $4.30 (black and pink available here)

4. Neon Braided Bracelet, $2.70

5. Spike Bangle, $2.90 (in gold, black, silver, pink, yellow, orange, and green)

6.  Crescent Choker, $2.70 (In pink and green–yellow and orange here)

7. Neon Winged Ear Cuff, $3.70 (in 2 pinks, yellow, and blue)

8. Neon Circle Earrings, $3.50 (in pink, yellow, gold, and silver)

9. Neon Spike Bracelet, $2.50 (available in many different rows and colours)

And for those with richer tastes than mine, here are a few choice picks of items above $5, but under $10 (which will still be cheaper than you’ll find in retail stores)..

As usual, most of these are available in many many other colours (including non-neon for those who don’t dig that trend!), and up on eBay right now, waiting for your credit card details.

1. Chunky Crystal Necklace, $8.00 (in red, green, pink, yellow, blue, and many more)

2. Neon Chain Necklace, $9.60

3. Oil Drop Bib Necklace, $9.60 (for other colours, just search “oil drop bib necklace”)

Phew! That was exhausting. I hope you enjoyed today’s selection on Carbon Copies and that you didn’t spend too much today. Please feel free to leave questions and comments down below, about these pieces, and even suggestions on what you want to see in future Carbon Copies posts! As you can see, I take your requests seriously, so don’t be shy!

I also want to add that there are a couple of changes happening to this site and some of them look rather rough and.. for lack of a better word, ugly. Should you happen across my website while it’s in an ugly stage, do not panic; I have not lost the plot and I am not hiding under my blankets in a world of despair, sobbing into a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s all an effort to try and make my blog more accessible and interactive for joo, my wonderful readers!


    • Demi

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you like my picks!

  1. Hi there,

    The links are not working for me (link back to your page, “not found”)

    Thanks :)

    • Oh I see what that is! Damn, they were working this morning, I wonder what caused them to break? I fixed them up, they should work now :)

  2. I love this! Thank you so much… I can’t wait till I finish work tonight to do some online shopping :)

    • Demi

      You’re welcome Dee! Hope you don’t spend too much on all these pieces :P

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